$380,000 Dog House

Post by Mark

Dog House

Some guy just spent over $380,000 on a house for his dog! The dog house has a 52inch plasma, temperature controlled spa, retina scan entry, automated food and water dispensers, two bedrooms and a ton of more stuff. I love dogs but this is extreme, actually, this is beyond extreme! [Link]

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  1. BoOmBaStiC says:

    Stupid :p

  2. Shoxin says:

    So basically that dog has a better life than most of us? >_<

  3. darkwolf80s says:

    Can his dog even flip a switch?

  4. Zorbon says:

    What does capitalism have to do with this Toni?
    Think about it this way, this dog house in our eyes is what most kuwaitis living conditions in the eyes of the indian/bengali labourers working here…

    If you have the money, you spend it anyway you like…

    Heck the amount of money spent between all 248am’s members on GAMES’s alone can probably feed a whole village in zimbabwee ;)

  5. HeartBeat says:

    Can I live there?
    Boow Hoow Hoow

  6. b says:

    i think that paris hilton would buy the house for her chiwawa she’s crazy enough looooooool

  7. Dally says:

    in fact, i think the dog deserves that house bcz of his faithfulness, at least he didn`t know how to hurt, cheat or lie, he`ll stuck to his friend until the day he died and its rare to find in ppl these days!
    so a house is not too much to offer :P

  8. holla says:

    That’s so cool, i hope the dog can operate all this crap though.

  9. Dave says:

    Completely moronic if true.

  10. dmankw says:

    I think it’s ok. I spend 2 KD a day for a tablet to make my old dogs live without pain. Is it wrong because a Bangladeshi earns less a day? This guy makes a lot more money then I do, so for him its nothing, what is wrong there? Better to spend money for a live form then for cars or other stupid stuff like people do in a country in the middle east which has a lot of oil ;-).

  11. Jim Sefton says:

    Any dog owners here?

    Seems a little harsh to me… think about it… dogs are pack animals, either with their own pack, or if they are in a household environment with the humans leading the pack. Putting a dog in it’s own house is just isolating it, am quite sure the dog would much prefer to spend time with it’s owner than be there by itself.

    I am pretty confident this is simply a “look at me… look what i’ve done!” statement from some knobber who doesn’t deserve a dog!

  12. dmankw says:

    …the two dogs will have…..

  13. Jim Sefton says:

    LOL, ok, missed that…. still think humanizing dogs is cruel… the funny thing is it says the TV shows “the dog whisperer”… Everything on that show is dead against this sort of thing LOL!

  14. omg, seriously bringing up capitalism peeps? Fee shay isma PERSONAL CHOICE. the person who bought this is obviously a dimbulb and his/her choice reflects that. see? capitalism shows you people’s true colors! :)

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