Movies to iPod Video

Posted by Mark

Been doing allot of looking around trying to find a software on the Mac that will convert my DivX and Xvid movies and tv shows which I’ve downloaded via torrents to a format that the iPod Video would read. I found the following software that will convert from anything to anything, its called ffmpegX and its only $15. [Link]

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  1. 3baid says:

    I wish that video playback on ipod would go easy on the batteries :/

  2. […] A while back I posted about ffmpegx on the Mac and how you could use it to convert movies you download to a format the iPod could play. Well many people haven’t been able to setup ffmpegx correctly and the videos are coming out messed up. So here is my preset file with the right settings. [ipodvideo.ffx] […]

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