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How to Translate the Sahel app to English

A couple of years ago I posted about the issue with getting the Sahel app translated to English. Everyone was assuming it was just about getting the app translated, but in reality that wasn’t the issue.

According to a source back then involved in the project, the app had the English option available for a while now but they couldn’t launch it because some of the entities that are in Sahel had not finished adapting to English and English data. So until they do, the app has to remain in Arabic.

But, someone on Reddit posted a loophole that forces the app to display the English version of the app. Here is how to do it:

– Launch Sahel app then exit and go to the phone settings
– Under settings go to Keyboard and add Arabic. If you already have the Arabic keyboard, remove it
– Go back to the app, it should now be in English

– Same as the iPhone version except instead of getting to keyboard settings, go to language settings and change your default language to any other form of English (for example UK or US)

You’re going to be limited with what you can do in the App and what you can read, but at least it could help you navigate around and learn where everything is.

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TEC Ticketing App

Earlier today, TEC opened their Blajat project, and just a few moments ago, they also launched their TEC booking app.

It’s a one stop app for all their projects including Blajat, Winter Wonderland, as well as their second entertainment park, the South Subahiya Park which is opening right after Winter Wonderland.

Currently, this app is only available for iOS devices but the Android version is coming soon. To download the app, head to the app store and search for TEC Kuwait.

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Q8Seha App Officially Launched

Yesterday the Ministry of Health officially launched the app Q8Seha. Although the app came out last year I guess they considered it a soft launch since it really didn’t allow you to do much more than just book an appointment at your local government clinic. But, as of yesterday the app now allows you to access your laboratory results, radiology reports, and medical reports. This only works if you use one of the MOH facilities and not private hospitals or clinics. You can now also view your sick leaves through the app.

According to the MOH more features will be added soon. If you want to download it here is the link to the iPhone version. It’s supposed to be also available for Android devices but I couldn’t find the link anywhere.

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Droob – On demand Transportation, Moving and Delivery App

This is a pretty useful local app that just got launched. Ever needed a pickup truck to move a large item or maybe a moving truck to shift your furniture to your new apartment? Droob is a new app that allows you to order a vehicle for just that.

I played around with the app a bit and the way it works is you first choose the kind of vehicle you want to order which depends on what you’re moving. You then let the app know where the items are and where you want them dropped off. After scheduling a pick-up time you’ll be presented with the cost. I got quotted 9KD for a pickup truck from Ikea at Avenues to an office in Kuwait City which isn’t bad at all. Payment can be made either by cash, k-net or credit card.

If you want to check out the app yourself, it’s available for both iPhones and Android devices. Here is a link to their website.

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Park My Car Avenues App Feature

I downloaded the Avenues app years ago but then deleted it from my phone since it was pretty much useless, but turns out a year ago, the app got a major update with some cool features. One useful feature I found out about is called “Park My Car”. Say you want to go to a specific store in Avenues and you want to park as close as possible to it, in the app look for the store you want and once you get to the brand page you’ll find the “Park My Car” option at the bottom. If you click on it, the app will tell you which is the closest parking entrance and you can even have it take you to that entrance with Google Maps. Pretty nifty.

If you want to download the app it’s available on the Apple Store and Google Play.

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Valuate Your Car Using an App

Oogoo is an app that was recently launched that allows you to calculate the value of your car with just a few clicks. It could be a very useful tool when trying to figure out how much you should sell your car for. Depending on your car Oogoo will give you the option to either sell your right away or to list it for sale. I valuated a Lexus and got the option to sell the car on the spot, then I valuated an Audi and it only gave the option to place an ad for it so I guess it depends on if it’s a fast-moving car or not.

Oogoo also has a number of other features including a used car section and a section for checking out prices of new cars at the dealerships. The app is still new but shows potential. I used to like exploring used cars on Q8car but with their last redesign, the site has become a navigation disaster so really hoping a good alternative pops up. If you want to download and try oogoo, click here.

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Vaccination Data Now Part of Civil ID

Over the weekend PACI updated the Kuwait Mobile ID app and added vaccination data to it. This means the vaccination data is now part of your Civil ID information alongside other important info like nationality, birth of date, and sponsor. Clicking on the vaccine status pops up a window revealing details on the first and second dose.

If you’re anti-vax this isn’t good news because it’s starting to look like vaccination will eventually be required for things like residency renewal, traveling, and maybe even accessing gyms or other indoor public spaces. So if you’ve been holding out on signing up for the vaccine you’re just delaying the inevitable.

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New MOH Immune App

Over the weekend the MOH launched an app called “Immune” which is a way for vaccinated people to view their vaccine certificate. They don’t mention where or when you would be required to use the app but it’s safe to assume it would most likely be used while traveling in and out of Kuwait. Also, cinemas are supposedly going to open after Eid but only for those who’ve been vaccinated, this app will probably be used to verify your vaccination status.

It’s a very simple app that does just one thing and you can download it for both iOS and Android devices.


Baladia 139 App

The Kuwait Municipality recently launched the Baladia 139 mobile application to report issues. Currently, the issues you can report are waste removal related but hopefully, they’ll add more categories soon or at least an “Other” section. This is what they have to say about the app:

Baladia 139 application is developed by Kuwait Municipality offering mobile users one more way to report selected issues to Kuwait Municipality.

With Baladia 139, reporting an issue is as easy as snapping a photo with your smartphone, adding detailed information and hitting submit. The location of your request will be automatically detected and sent to Kuwait Municipality, so a team can go and handle your request at the earliest.

The app offers the following service request categories:

• Garbage Removal
• Abandon Cars Removal
• Building Waste Removal
• Furniture Waste Removal

Feel free to submit and track the progress of your requests via Baladia 139 application.

If you’re on iOS you can download it here.
If you’re an Android user you can download it here.

Thanks Fahad

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V-Thru: The Virtual Drive-thru App

V-Thru is an app similar to Carriage and Deliveroo but instead of it being a food delivery service, it’s a virtual drive-thru service that allows you to pick up food from restaurants that don’t have a drive-thru. I originally refused to use the app since it required me to sign up and register before I could explore it and I HATE apps that force me to sign up and hand over my personal information without letting me explore first. But eventually I had to cave in since I needed to experience the app for work purposes and now I kinda like it.

Before the pandemic anytime I wanted to pick up food I’d just go down to a restaurant, order my food and then pick it up and head back to my car. Some places even allowed me to call ahead of time so they could prepare my food that way I wouldn’t have to wait for long at the restaurant. But now with the pandemic, I prefer not leaving my car, touching restaurant door handles or using Knet machines which is why I’m liking V-Thru.

The way V-Thru works is you find a restaurant you want to order from and then once you place an order the app will let you know how long your food needs to be ready and navigates you to the restaurant. You also have to describe your car type and color because once you get to the restaurant the app recognizes you’re there and informs the restaurant that you’re outside. If your food is ready the restaurant will then come outside and find your car to deliver the food. All payments are done digitally through the app and you can even communicate with the restaurant via a chat box.

It’s actually a very practical service and the app fees are minimal at just 200fils. The app also isn’t packed with thousands of restaurants either so if you just want to randomly browse through the options its actually doable. They also regularly have virtual drive-thru events like one taking place this weekend called Street Crafters. So if you want to try it out and download the app, here is a link to their website. They also have a cute Instagram account you can check out which is @vthru.

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Apple Watch ECG Feature Now Works in Kuwait

If you have an Apple Watch Series 4 or newer, you can now finally use the ECG feature on your watch. I’m not sure why this feature was previously disabled for Apple users in Kuwait but over the weekend Apple released watchOS 7 that enabled the feature for a few countries and Kuwait was one of them.

Apple Watch‌ Series 4, 5, and 6 users can generate an ECG waveform in just 30 seconds by placing their finger on the Digital Crown. The idea is that you can take this information to your doctor, if the results are abnormal, and use it as a basis to discover if you have any larger issues at hand.

The irregular rhythm notification feature also intermittently checks heart rhythms in the background and sends a notification if an irregular heart rhythm is identified that could potentially be atrial fibrillation (AFib).

Atrial fibrillation is a health condition that often goes undiagnosed, so ECG app and heart rhythm alerts on Apple Watch will be highly useful for detecting early signs of disease. ECG readings also normally require a full ECG machine and a visit to the doctor, which is far less convenient than a reading taken with the Apple Watch. source

So if you have an Apple Watch download the latest update and try it out.


Kuwait Mobile ID Doesn’t Work with iOS14

If you’re using the Kuwait Mobile ID app as an alternative to the physical Civil ID card, don’t upgrade your iPhone to iOS14. The app currently crashes on launch with iOS14 and even though there was an update to the Mobile ID app yesterday, it didn’t fix the crashing issue.

Thanks Andrew

Update: They just published an update for the app and it now no longer crashes. So if you’re having issues with the app, check the App store for an update.

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Ministry of Public Works Complaints App

The Ministry of Public Works have updated their complaints app with a brand new interface. The new app looks much nicer but also makes it easier to submit a complaint. The app is called “MPW Emergency 150” and it allows you to submit complaints related to public infrastructure like street or sewage issues. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Now if only the Ministry of Interior can release a similar app…

Thanks Zaydoun


Kuwait Mobile ID App

The Public Authority for Civil Information recently updated their app with some new interesting features. The app is now a phone-based Civil ID for identity verification. It will also be used for authenticating government and non-government eservices and serve as a trusted digital signature for electronic documents and transactions. That’s basically how it’s described in the app store but I don’t think you can use it yet for anything, at least not that I’m aware of.

I think we will start using it soon for online services as a means to authenticate ourselves as we are moving everything to a digital platform which is why I installed it and set it up. Set up is a fairly straight forward process if you have the newer smart Civil ID’s with the chips). Once you input your Civil ID number and serial number (from the back of your Civil ID) into the app, it will automatically pull all your information including address, photo, nationality, and other details. I’m actually looking forward to seeing what I can eventually use it for.

If you want to download it here are the links:
Apple iOS Version
Google Android Version

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Carriage Gets a Major Upgrade

Last week Carriage and Talabat announced they were joining forces and that there were major improvements coming soon. Yesterday the first change arrived.

If you update your Carriage app to the latest version you’ll now see a bunch of major changes from a new updated interface, to the fact there are now over 2,000 restaurants listed. My first impression isn’t that great but only because it’s a pretty big change to an app I use on a daily basis. One of the first things I did after launching the updated app was going into my account settings and shutting off the options to receive Newsletter and SMS subscriptions. With this new update, the settings are turned on by default so if you don’t want to get spam, turn them off.

With this new update, Talabat has killed off some sections like Electronics and Flowers but left the Grocery section. The biggest change though is the increase in the number of restaurants available through the app since they’ve now added all the Talabat restaurants to the Carriage app. The new total is around 2,200 restaurants which is pretty crazy and means Carriage users now have access to some previously Talabat exclusive restaurants like PICK. Another major change is the fact there are restaurant ratings now so once your order is completed, you can now rate the restaurant you ordered from. Carriage Black still works since I see the discount being applied when I’m checking out, but other than on the checkout page, I can’t seem to find any info on it anywhere in the app which leads me to believe this might be something Talabat will be killing very soon (I hope not).

There are also changes happening behind the scenes. Talabat’s drivers will now start handling all the Carriage deliveries and Talabat will also be handling all the Carriage payments and customer support. The delivery radius has also decreased so some places that used to deliver to my place no longer deliver.

I’m curious to see how this new Carriage and Talabat partnership continues to develop. Hopefully, it means better overall service and experience since that was one of the major complaints people had about Carriage. Right now I care more about Carriage Black than better customer service so hopefully, they don’t phase it out.