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Update on Sahel App in English

A couple of days back I posted about the lack of an English option in the Sahel App and clearly a lot of people are frustrated by this. But I bring you good news!

According to a source involved in the project, the app has had the English option available for a while now but are unable to launch it just yet because some of the entities that are in Sahel have not finished adapting to English and English data. That’s why it’s taken longer than expected to roll out the English version, but it will eventually roll out.

That actually makes a lot of sense. For some reason, I thought it was just about translating the text inside the app to English but I didn’t consider the fact that the English data we input would then have to work with the various different ministries that all deal with Arabic paperwork. The fact that the ministries are now working to have English be an option is actually impressive.

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Another option would be to launch the app in English, but disable features which link to ministries that cannot yet interface with English text.

That would cause confusion because you’ll be able to do things in Arabic that you couldn’t do in the English translation. But I guess you could just have a msg saying “Not available in English would you like to proceed in Arabic?”

We hope they will add the English localization for the user interface soon, so that non Arabic users will be able to navigate the app and understand the services available.

They could add as mark mentioned a text on any service available in Arabic with a label saying “The service you are accessing is not available in English would you like to proceed in Arabic?” or “Open the service in web browser to continue in Arabic?”.

It could be that some ministries need data input in Arabic, but for most services the data would already be entered bilingually like names etc. esp what the expats use.

We hope they will add the same to both ios and android app. Or even a web app people could use via the browser.

There is already an ENGLISH version in testing
it is a work in process
how long it will take (no conformation)

I just had a commercial license issued (the old fashioned way) and the license is all in Arabic. I just wanted the company name in English and when I asked I was met with blank stares.

I left Kuwait 3 years ago and now I need Good Conduct Certificate, Sahel does not register me as my residence expired years ago. Can you update the application to accept people lived earlier in Kuwait and have no valid residency in Kuwait, please.

I have been trying lately to obtain police clearance certificate through the sahel app unfortunately I am not able to proceed to the part where you input the country where you’ll be needing the certificate. A red rectangle box appeared that says “Issuing a criminal status certificate The request has been recieved and it is being followed up.” It’s been two weeks now. Please help, anyone has any idea about this. I desperately has to have my pcc.

I went to Dajeej office and told them my situation, so I was asked to do the fingerprint which can also be done on the spot. When the result turned out okay, I was told to go to the main entrance of the same building at the ground floor where they cleared me out of the system only then that I was able to access my police clearance through the app.

Thank you for your reply.
You went to Dajeej fingerprint office, is it?
Do they need documents or ID’s. Im planning to go there.

It is still not available in english, after 2 years of launch, clearly the excuse given is not enough, just that english speakers are not a priority i suppose.

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