More average speed cameras coming soon

Post by Mark

According to an article in the Kuwait Times it seems they’re going to be installing more average speed cameras on the highways. Average speed cameras measure the time you take from point A to point B and then calculate your average speed between these two points. If your average speed exceeds the speed limit you’ll get fined. Currently the only location they’ve installed an average speed camera is on the First Ring Road (pictured above). Here is a link to the Kuwait Times article. [Link]

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  1. Umtalal says:

    Good. That will slow some people down. However, only on the outer areas,ie: going out of the city.

    The roads are so crowded these days, it is not easy to speed in the city. Unfortunately we need cameras to fine drivers who drive foolishly and have no respect for the other drivers on the roads. Who jump queues and push themselves in at the traffic lights; who play with their phones while on the road…etc…

    The new cameras will do little to solve our traffic problems..

  2. 50 says:

    The last time I drove in Kuwait was in ramadan, (I study abroad). When I drove around yesterday night, the “7awash” are still there, but its much better now. I was really surprised that I saw big improvement on the way people drive in Kuwait.

    Keep up the good work MOI !

  3. N3VER2LATE says:

    I still wish that would could live in a magical world where there were no speed bumps or speed cameras and no traffic. But its only just a dream…

  4. Bahaar says:

    Speeding is not the problem. Too many selfish drivers. Too little respect and knowledge of rules. Can’t count how many times a driver entering the from far right suddenly decides to change the lane and make a u-turn on far left , or push his car between other cars with no flashing. Driving in Kuwait becoming more and more frustrating every day

  5. Faisal says:

    I think kuwait should have a no speed limit lane with the minimum speed starting at 140.. most people here drive very well engineering german cars that were built for driving with these kinds of speeds on the autobahn. The problem is with people that dont speed and want to drive on the left lane. If each lane would have its own speed limit, the drivers would know where to drive and no one would bother each other

  6. Brandon says:

    Whats next ? Acceleration cameras, calculating the 0 to whatever ?

  7. Weddii says:

    There are also 2 more new cameras on King Fahad Rd. One righ next to Adan and one next the the Meshref/Jnob ilSurra bridge. I also spotted a new camera on the Sixth Ring Rd. today right before the King Fahad Exit.

    I personally dont agree with those cameras, I think they cause more problems because people are slowing down just in between point A and B, and they slow down quickly which also causes the drivers behind them to slow down quickly and eventually just turn into a big wreck. If the ministry really wanted to fix the speeding problem, they should install cameras that people wont notice and therefore wont react to thier existence!

  8. There are 4 new cameras on 30 going towards Camp Arifjan as well. I still don’t know if they are speed sensor cameras but they are close together, I will find out when I need to register my car lol After the fourth camera you can hit the gas and head to KSA. Soon there will be no tickets as the population continues to increase and more and more drivers are on the road one day soon we will not be able to go more than 80 at any time of the day.

  9. qeight says:

    Average speed cameras are on the gulf road also, they are in the wardrobe format.

  10. ali wadi says:

    Now we need traffic light timers. So we can at least have fun drag racing from a red light to 100km/h.

  11. Ashraf says:

    No one would have a problem if the drivers had respect for his own life & for the life of others.

  12. Jake says:

    doesn’t matter, kuwaiti’s have so much (WASTA) they just push the fines away in court.

  13. Security Adviser says:

    Oh Joy Joy tis the season to be jolly.. I can just see the party happening over at the grandma drivers are us club over this !!! Not bad enough that we have frustratingly bad traffic jams that just makes you wanna kill some body; but now we are gonna have grandma drivers driving on the fast lane causing a back log. Grrrrrrreaat!!

  14. moe85jr says:

    im still trying to figure out how these cameras will work since our cars are not tagged or identified by anything except for the plate numbers. it doesnt seem feasible for the camera to snap a pic of every single car (since we are always in rush hour now) and i cant imagine a dude sitting there watching a live stream of the cars passing by (im sure he will sleep on the job)

  15. anon says:

    The problem is not those driving fast in the fast lane, the problem is the people who drive 80 on the lane next to the fast one, makes it so hard to switch lanes. And the biggest problem is reckless drivers (not necessarily speedy ones) who go in between cars with small spaces and don’t give signals, those who are on the phone and switch lanes without looking, those who go on the emergency lanes, etc.

    The past few years, even with increased fines and cameras, there has been no indication of people slowing down. Given that, the MOI has failed miserably. Increasing the number of cameras and fines has not made people slow down. Their statistics has already proven that over the past few years.

    • PFunk says:

      yeah cameras don’t do much to help solve any speeding problems, but I guess the MOI needs more money and these cams generate insane amounts of free revenue for them.

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