Two Rally Fighters headed to Kuwait

Post by Mark


According to the video above, two Rally Righters are headed to Kuwait. The Rally Fighter (pictured below) is a kit car that was chosen as the winning design to build out of 21,000 submissions by internet users around the world. They’re only building 3,000 of these kit cars so it’s pretty cool that two are headed to Kuwait.

If one (or two) of these cars are for you, please let me know once they arrive to Kuwait.

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  1. Ashraf says:


  2. Longhorn In Kuwait says:

    It’s about time somebody here bought one of these. There are several in the UAE already and now Local Motors have a bike project going on now as well. the Rally Fighter will definitely be turning heads here. A friend of mine since childhood worked there when the company frist broke ground with the Rally Fighter. Their facebook page loves pics posted of the car by random people where ever the car is spotted.

  3. Rakan says:

    How much is it though?

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