248PM is now dead

Posted by Mark

248PM was an idea I had where anyone could come in and post whatever they wanted but it just didn’t take off the way I wanted it to. So for now 248PM will redirect everyone to this blog until I can think of another idea for it.

Update: Actually I think I will just turn it into a blog where I post stuff that I don’t think is good enough for this blog. That way I can keep the A-Side / B-Side thing going on just without the community aspect.

Update2: Ok 248PM is back now except it’s no longer a community blog, it’s just a normal blog that’s only mine with random posts that are not related to Kuwait. Check it out [Here]

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  1. Frankom says:

    As for Update 1 and 2 you already mentioned that few months ago! i’d suggest that you keep one blog only and post as much as you want and keep the “PM” for people who wanted to participate and share what they have.

    • Mark says:

      Frankom I wouldn’t do that since I would rather keep 248AM filled with quality posts. Majority of the 248PM posts are not quality posts, they’re just random shit.

      • Frankom says:

        You might think that one little post might not be intrested for you but maybe it does for someone else.

        anyway its your call :)

        • Mark says:

          Frankom you can’t think like that. You can’t post just random stuff without filtering because “someone” might find it interesting. At least that’s not how my blog functions, it’s about what I think is interesting and then I try to show other people what’s interesting about it. If I just start posting random stuff without filtering because one person might find it interesting then it would degrade the quality of the whole blog. Why would I want to do that?

  2. 7amood says:

    i think the mistake you made was not promoting 248pm enough.

    however, the main problem though is that people are not interested enough in the concept itself. there is only so much you can do, but if people do not want to participate then c’est la vie..

    • Mark says:

      That might have been the case but I think there are other mistakes from my end as well

      1) I needed to approve every post before it got posted

      2) People wanted to post stuff but because I was filtering stuff out on what I thought was interesting or not a lot of stuff didn’t get posted and I think that put people off

      3) I was late in approving posts, say you would post something today but your posts would get approved and posted in 2 days time

      • 7amood says:

        since it was your blog.. you know more than anyone else as to why it did not take off. and the points you mentioned do seem highly viable.

        with 248am and baladi (right?) blog..you have too much going on. rest 248pm to peace.

  3. FF says:

    but what is your rating criteria for a post making it to AM or PM? what is the basis?
    what is good enough and what is “not” good enough?
    thanks! :)

    • Mark says:

      FF: there is no criteria since there is no formula, it’s just a feeling I have that will differentiate between something being a A-Side post, or a B-Side post or not get posted at all. It’s basically the same formula I use when it comes to posts on 248AM, my gut feeling :)

  4. Kim says:

    Don’t reinvent another wheel. At least that’s what I think in your case.

    Try to squeeze in another side project (Doesn’t have to be another blog)

  5. spydistrict says:

    Try the idea again, but maintain it as a domain exclusively for guest posters. As in you pick and choose who’s going to post beforehand.

    • Mark says:

      the problem I think is with me, I’m a control freak and as long as I am in control then I will be strict with what I think is interesting and should be posted and what isn’t. This will result in a lot of rejected posts which will result in demoralizing the posters and have them stop trying and end up with a blog that no one is posting on which is what happened to 248PM.

      If I let go and stop filtering then the result will be a blog with posts I don’t think are interesting which in return that blog becomes lame and something I don’t want to be a part of.

  6. Coldman says:

    This blog is enough actually , I need to check both the blogs instead one blog is enough …

    • Mark says:

      Coldman, you don’t need to check the other blog, you can just check this one, the other blog is there just in case people want more.

  7. akbar says:

    Good decision, why divide your blogs n customer base interest into “interesting” and “shit”? Be cool, refreshing just like mornings/AM. Suggest you take a opinion poll on PM too and check the age group n type of crowd that went there, then tweak interesting articles for them on AM and increase your following base on here too. Until then enjoy 248am-ing on here :D

  8. vampire says:

    guys,, the success of this blog is Mark. if it wasn’t what “he thinks” to be posted here or in B-side then this blog wouldn’t make it to the top.

    each blog has its personality and posting everything up will give a mixed personality.

  9. Babble says:

    Honestly, I think I read the 248pm blog once…and that was it.
    I don’t think there is a need for a ‘community blog’, you have the ‘share a link’ section in the forum and really, people can use that to post whatever they want.
    248am is the shizzzz! Don’t take away from it, I agree with a previous commentor, ‘put 248PM to rest’.

  10. Kim says:

    Yes RIP 248pm. The people pass by here to see your posts not the ramblings of the masses.

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