Donate a wall and help make Kuwait colorful

Posted by Mark

This is an interesting initiative, instead of illegally spray painting on private property, a bunch of graffiti artists are looking for people who are willing to donate a wall to spray on. The general idea is they want to make Kuwait a more colorful place and graffiti is one way of going about it. The group have only two requirements, one being that the wall has to be outdoor, and two is that they won’t graffiti any sort of advert. If you’re a property owner and are interested in donating a wall contact AbdulRazzaq on

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  1. razzag says:

    Thank you Mark for your support :)

  2. Robz says:

    this is actually a brilliant idea. Wish I owned an outdoor wall now :P

  3. Sauce says:

    can i donate my neighbors wall?

  4. Ray Elbe says:

    Cool Idea!!

    Once our gym gets open I want to do a Graffiti wall as part of the design!!! I’ll hit you guys up then!

  5. Ashraf says:

    That’s one way of doing it… pretty cool initiative.

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