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Kuwaiti graphic designer Fahad AlHunaif who’s based in New York struck gold a few days ago when one of his cap designs was worn by the British fashion model Cara Delevingne. She was backstage at the Jeremy Scott Runway Show when fashion photographer Terry Richardson snapped some pictures of her wearing the cap. Sadly I have no idea where you can get one from. You can check out the pictures taken by Terry Richardson [Here]

If you want to check out some of Fahad’s work you can do so on his tumblr [Here] or you can follow him on [Instagram]

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  1. ksalue says:

    Wow I thought she was a dude.

    Non the less is she really a model

  2. Mathai says:

    I heard he will be a releasing those caps in Kuwait will additional captions starting from Cunty, to Cuntier and all the way to Cuntiest.

  3. KSA says:

    The writing on the cap is rather vulgar, is it not?

  4. Nick Diaz says:

    Yea chicks are dying to wear somthing on their head with the word “cunt” on it,excuse me while I find my hat with the word “huge dick” on it. Where you at george?

  5. Alia says:

    That is the most tasteless, crass and cheap hat I have ever seen, and I imagine Cartier is about to slam a lawsuit on it’s maker. Only a dumbass would wear such a thing and think it was cool. My two cents.

  6. Matt says:

    Whether or not you find the hat offensive is irrelevant as that kind of thing is rather subjective, but I guarantee that if you wore that hat into any decent restaurant or shop in the States, you’d be asked to take it off or get out.
    Same with boarding an commercial aircraft.

    • David says:

      It’s pretty obvious why certain young people might buy a t-shirt with cunt written on it, and that reason isn’t because they’re hipster cool.
      Let’s just say that the young Kuwaiti readers of this blog might not be best advised to print out their own version of such a t-shirt for their next trip to London or New York let alone less progressive parts of the US and the UK.

  7. Matt says:

    It’s really not “new” or “clever”. I’ve seen T-Shirts with the same thing in Brooklyn in the 80’s.

  8. RT says:

    I cunt believe he made such an offensive hat… I cunt believe she wore it… i just cunt ….haha now everybody, i hope you think of the word cunt whenever someone says can’t, maybe then you won’t feel it’s so offensive and vulgar…. or maybe you cunt handle it….

  9. Neo says:

    It’s getting the same reactions , the same as when French Connection first came out with T Shirt with the FCUK branding on them.

    Some people thought it was a mis-spelt F**K and found it offensive.

    Some people wanted to wear it, because it seemed cool.

    Bottom Line : It sold like hot cakes.

  10. Talal Al-Ajeel says:

    you can find the beanie here http://www.gramgoods.com/americantwoshot

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