Cheapest salmon sashimi in Kuwait?

Post by Mark

The cheapest salmon sashimi I am aware of is at Satchi, 5 good sized pieces are for KD1.850. Is there any other place in Kuwait that serves salmon sashimi at a cheaper price?

Update: I stopped going to Satchi since the last few times I went there I noticed the sashimi portions were half the size compared to my photo and they were a very light pink orangish color and didn’t taste as good anymore.

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  1. deviant_art says:

    woah! yumm! look at those salmon!! i cant wait to visit Satchi.

  2. Moody says:

    You can try Sakura open boufet, have sashimi as much as you like. However, they have increased their prices to 14KD i think.

  3. cookie monster says:

    Umm… Mark you do know you could get a whole Salmon fish from Lulu or Sultan, they can cut it for you to fillets. The kilo is around 4 K.D If you do the math im sure it would be cheaper.

  4. ariston says:

    Mark, is this the same Satchi at the back of Sheraton(beside NBK)?

  5. Ibn says:

    None of the salmon here tastes or smells fresh. I haven’t had good salmon since I was in Canada in February.

  6. ahmedd says:

    hi mark where is this place so i can i go and eat some salone ok thx

  7. mobi says:

    Just don’t buy sashimi from Sakura. Twice they’ve given me rotten fish.

  8. mayhem says:

    i still prefer Sakura’s 12.95KD buffet, i can eat as much sashimi till i bloat though i prefer the tuna more than salmon :P

  9. Fajer says:

    you went there without me!!!!!!!!!!!!

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