Don’t miss the Shakshooka Market tonight

Posted by Mark

Shakshooka, the nomadic farmers market is taking place tonight from 6PM to 8PM at the new SIRBB Circuit in Shuwaikh. Due to more venders participating this week the market will be open for 2 hours instead of the usual 1. Also as an added bonus the GulfRun karting practice sessions will be taking place at the same time (more info here). Here is the location for the circuit on [Google Maps]

Don’t forget to bring cash and a carrying bag if you will be buying stuff.

Photo above by @faisalthef

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  1. Yousef says:

    Can anyone tell me how or contact Shakshooka market organizers. Thx

  2. sad jay says:

    Marc is it open for all to participate and have a booth ??
    Of course after agreement from the organizers …

  3. Shak-shak-shakshooka says:

    I am hoping it doesn’t turninto one big flea market, a Friday market re- visited.
    Also what Kuwait could use right now is a decent car boot sale.

  4. Super Yacht Mania says:

    A car boot sale@ the SIRBB circuit would be fantastic.

    Imagine finding pirated DVDs, poppy, pot and Penthouse among items for sale! Wouldn’t that be something?!

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