Kane Mochi – Premium Mochi Ice Cream

Post by Mark

Kane Mochi as you can guess from the name is a mochi ice cream place. They’ve been open for awhile now but since they’re located in what basically is an empty mall, I only found out about it yesterday. Kane is located on the top floor of Dalal Complex in Salmiya, the same mall that has Sky Cinemas. The place is cute and they’ve got 21 flavors of mochi ice cream. I had a chocolate and banana and it was pretty good. Don’t know if I’d go back specifically for it, but if I was a mochi fan I probably would. It costs 750fils per mochi and if you want to find out more, check out their instagram @kanemochi.kw

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  1. Riba says:

    Is that…Audemars Piguet? :)

  2. whizb says:

    I love the Milky Tea and Melon flavors! They deliver through Talabat and it is prompt service.

  3. Ned says:

    They look good! Mark – had a personal question what are you doing these days in terms of diet (Keto / Paleo), etc.? I still remember your post from a few months ago on the Keto diet which was very helpful. Thanks!

  4. Ibn al-jazeera says:

    Mark I’m wondering if you are open to any business opportunities?

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