Slider Station Dubai

Posted by Mark

Slider Station, the locally created sliders and American tapas bar is opening up in Dubai next year at a new development 5 minutes away from Dubai Mall. They’re already open in Oman so this will be their second international location albeit the most competitive. The rendering above is a first draft look on how the place might end up looking like.

I’m interested to see how a local favorite will perform in a market like Dubai. I think it should do really well but with food you never know. There’s a Lebanese burger chain for example that recently opened up in London and even though they’re not that great in Lebanon, they’re doing really well in London.

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  1. Marcopolo says:

    I think it will be there as a top spot competing with Caramel and Zuma, it also depends if they’re going to serve booze, which I think is unlikely.

  2. X says:

    What Lebanese burger chain?

  3. hamad says:

    Basil actually has two chains in Oman and has a branch in Saudi as well, about time his exploits reach Dubai

  4. Would like to get the contact details of their office in Dubai, UAE. Please keep me posted.

    Best regards

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