The girl in the red hat

Post by Mark

I posted last week about this Crest competition that’s currently taking place and how all of us together could help a random girl who never had a chance to win this competition actually win it. All that needed to be done was for everyone to visit a link and click on a button and that’s it. No signing up or registering your email or anything like that, just one click and your vote would go through. The response was terrible since the girl has only 800 votes. Not enough to come in first.

So take 5 seconds, click on the link at the end of this post and then click on the button “Like” under the girls picture. You can vote for her on a daily basis even. Together we can make her dream come true (do you have tears running down yet?) Here is the [Link]

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  1. Spiderguy252 says:


    You do realize that the girl in first place has close to two thousand votes? The red hat girl is never going to win.

    Why are you so intent anyway?

  2. Mazen says:

    Unlike your choice Mark, my Lady with the Ray-Ban jumped from 7th place to the 3rd….

    Now lets make her win! she deserve it! 3030 Votes!,popularity,picture_id,752.html

    Vote for Ratroute

  3. Mark says:

    Spider: Because if every person who visited my site voted she would get over 10,000 votes!

  4. NBN says:

    Million dollar question is.. Is she your friend or cousin? :)

  5. razaldo says:

    she just need another 3,000 – 4,000 to be in the lead

  6. signils says:

    I don’t see anything special in her, too much make up and a bit on the chubby side :S

    There were plenty other simple and naturally glowing beauties there?

    Sigh, if this is a bid to make a depressed chick feel like a queen – for a day, I vote.. AYIE!

  7. HS says:

    Remember you can vote once a day, but from multiple devices (phone, laptop, computer etc) or profiles on the same day….

  8. Mark says:

    NBN: If she was my friend or cousin I would have told her to remove the red hat and repost her pic smiling at least lol

  9. Mark says:

    signils: There are wayyyy hotter chicks than her, but its more challenging to make this girl win or get her at least in the top 5 so when people check the list they go wtf is she doing there?

  10. H says:

    Why are you guys taking this so serious ? If you dont like the red hat dont vote easy. I am sure there hotter girls but thats not the point.

  11. Simon says:

    @Mark you’re horrible!!! hehehehe
    even though i think this is funny, and i’ve already voted for her… i now feel guilty for doing so!!!

    u’re purposefully singling her out of the crowd as the ugly one so pple would go “wtf is she doing there?”

    Sorry girl with the red hat! I voted for you! hehehehe.. (shut up simon, stop laughing! ur mean!!!)

  12. HeartBeat says:

    ya 7anoon ya Mark lol

  13. MSM says:

    I don’t think we are getting the full story here. Just tell us why you really want her to win, and maybe then we can decide to vote for her.

  14. Mark says:

    The truth is… I’M THE GIRL IN THE RED HAT!

  15. MSM says:

    I KNEW IT!!!

  16. Nomaddia says:

    Although this post made me sooo angry, but you made me laugh Mark! so this is how you look like then, haaa?

  17. Mr.pedro says:

    @Mark Damn Core didn’t help any bit Bro ;/ !!

  18. MAD says:

    damn, that’s fun.. call it the 248am challenge XD
    i have a good title for this one:

    248am people UNITE ;)

  19. Patrick says:

    People are thinking way too much about this.
    Just vote for her. Its amusing. She’s not necessarily ugly, but she sure sticks out from the rest of the entries.

  20. ahmad says:

    Give us any good reason why would anyone vote for her?
    We know nothing about her, so yeah no one will care.

  21. Patrick says:


    The point isn’t for you to care. This is just for the fun. Think of this as Rickrolling, except for Crest.

    If you don’t know what Rickrolling is, here’s a link:

  22. Kuwait says:

    People here really need to develop a sense of humor!

    Seriously… dumb Q: “Why vote for her? She’s not even hot. She’s not even smiling.”

    NO-ONE is voting for her coz they find her hot… Mark’s requesting votes so that the most unlikeliest person wins.

  23. Zed says:

    if she wins crest are getting screwed and will be forced to post her pictures as the winner LOOOOLLL

    now thats FUNN-NNEEHHH

  24. cajie says:

    BTW, you can also vote multiple times on the same day by using different computers (assuming they have different external IP addresses).

  25. Dina says:

    number 966

  26. s. says:

    guys have a sense of humor !!!

    i would love to see the reaction on crests people when she wins!

  27. Ralph says:

    What the hell with this girl? Why is she so important? She is not beautiful and is applying for a smile contest without even smiling!
    I pass.

  28. bsmsun says:

    give me 1 hour with her and i’ll keep voting day and night ….whats ur secret ?…..she looks weird …..U HAVE A WIFE!

  29. S. says:

    Guys come on haven’t u guessed it yet??? Shes his wife! Nad = Nat ! Now u understand so vote

  30. Mark says:

    lol now you’re going to piss nat off

  31. FYI says:

    i’m 1003, come on people JUST DO IT.

  32. TigerDeutchland says:

    this is cruel !!

  33. khaloody says:

    i guess if she win’s thats gonna b hilarous…i voted for her kikikiki
    and lol @ mark that u kikikikiki

  34. MAD says:

    btw, has any one heard from the girl with the red hat?? i mean she can give a thank you word tshgee3 ya3ni ;)
    unless she’s really Nat :P lol

  35. Mathai says:

    You guys are reading way too much into this. Just shut up and vote :D

  36. Nat says:

    Hell No! That girl is definitely not me MAD, lol, sheesh

  37. Prince Ferydon says:

    Hey ppl just vote. The blog owner says to do it and we enjoy his blog so let’s do it.
    If she wins then we all have done something no one have thought to do. Make a nobody a famous.
    Yeah there are nicer and cuter girls but let say what if a 80 years old grandma wins then what will crest ppl do :). He he he So it’s some thing like that.
    Mark. Is there any old women that we can vote for :) he he he

  38. Mady says:

    just voted !!!
    you go girl ( with the red hat ) !!!

  39. ariston says:

    voted #1125 & counting! =)

  40. mm hmm says:

    lol wow i just noticed how much of a humor clash there is… people really don’t get it ha?

  41. Najib says:

    Some girls in the top 20 or so have a facebook page now loool ..

    People are thinking too much about this and are missing the point ..

    1193 and counting.

  42. khaloody says:


  43. Jack says:

    i hope she losses :D

    “u FAiL” xD

  44. Othman says:


  45. Aziz54 says:

    1. she looks like shit
    2. her teeth are barely showing
    3. she looks like a cow
    4. the picture is horrible
    5. she looks so low class
    6. her pose is terrible
    7. what the fuck r u smoking?

  46. S. says:

    Aziz.. Dont u get the point?? He explained it a dozen times!!

  47. Simon says:

    @Aziz54, mate ur so upper class that ur breaking my heart for gracing us (normal working class men) with ur presence…
    I don’t think u’d get a joke or a prank even if one bit u up the ass… (ooops, sorry not classy enough!)

  48. Maxson says:

    Mark, i think she wont make it with just 1328 votes. We all sure brought her from 9th page to 3rd page, but i dont think she would get anywhere near 4000 votes. Lets hope though, i really want her to win after all this discussion.

  49. Keith says:

    Hey Mark, our girl is ranked 14, lets pick it up a bit and campaign for her a little harder. I am sending the link to a number of colleagues and friends for their contributions.

  50. Othman says:


  51. Othman says:


  52. ahmad says:

    Why are u insisting on this ??

  53. Othman says:


  54. razaldo says:

    you should sticky this

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