Give Away

Posted by Mark

Captured in Shuwaikh by a reader.

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  1. Matt says:

    I’m going to buy a trenchcoat just for the photo.

  2. pureorama says:

    if the flasher is given away, who gets to keep him/her?

  3. Blaise says:

    Can’t stop laughing

  4. Wishbone says:

    Another fail from the Arabizi / Arabish culture ….

    Another example of failing at school and joining the police force …

    How many face palms will this need ?

  5. Mathai says:

    Damn! I could never stop at this place long enough to take a picture. Last time at this roundabout my radio was playing RHCP’s Give it away :D

  6. A says:

    How many of you felt the earth quake five minutes ago in Kuwait?

  7. GN says:

    how someone explain i don’t get it :P

    • Ataripixel says:

      A more accurate translation would be “Give way,” not “give away.” It’s close, but not quite there yet. Still, hilarious.

  8. Security Adviser says:

    Taken from a post by our dear on line Lawyer Fajer Al Ahmed from a post she put on Oct 3 , 2013.Indecent Acts: Kuwait Law

    “Any person who makes an indecent sign or an act in a public place in such a manner that he is seen or is heard by whoever is in a public place, or he imitates the other sex in any form of forms, shall be punished with imprisonment for a period that shall not exceed one year and a fine that shall not exceed one thousands Dinars or by either of the penalties”

    So will the guy who made the naughty sign in the picture be fined or arrested for insinuating a lewd naughty sexual act?? After all he is aking asking us to give it away when we are flashed !!! :)

  9. Maz says:

    “In case of flasher” hahaha! The “badliyaat” in this country never cease to amaze me :D This reminds me of the weird “badliya” where they translated “Memorial Museum” into “متححف كي لا ننسى” I wonder who’s the guy (if theres a guy) who approves these signs. Just want to sit down and have a nice chat

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