Kuwait University caught fire… again

Post by Mark

The new Kuwait University building under construction caught fire again earlier today for the second time this month. Pretty weird.

Thanks Mohsin

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  1. ahmad says:

    probably so they can make a fire related contract and make a lot of money

  2. Mohammad says:

    Not weird at all!!
    Someone does not want the construction to finish on time . Its definitely not an accident .

    • 3azeez says:

      “Not weird at all!!”

      I came here to type that exact statement.

      Its no secret that the new University building will ruin the business plans of couple business families in Kuwait.

      حرقوا جيل من الشباب امنعوهم من انهم يكملون تعليمهم، مو كثيرة عليهم يحرقون كونكريت. الله لا يوفقكم

  3. neoark25 says:

    there will be a 3rd time, hope they catch the culprit

    • 3azeez says:

      judging by the pattern… the fire might be at the cafeteria and library!!

      anyway, what is interesting is that classy building where the committee overseeing the project stay has been intact and will remain like so. interesting.

  4. Sauce says:

    insurance claim didnt go through the first time :P

  5. Nand says:

    The prospective students and professors will all be “FIRED” up now…

  6. Khalid says:


  7. hellppp says:

    I wish i live to see this project completed

  8. Nathan says:


  9. Q8D says:

    Some guy on twitter claimed to be person who set it on fire the first time.

    • Matt says:

      I wasn’t thinking arson, more like incompetent welders or something like that. Pretty scary if someone is burning schools.

  10. 3azeez says:

    Mark, do you know what the news report don’t say? That the previous fire took place at buildings related to business and social sciences faculties I believe… and this fire is not at the same buildings, but at the engineering faculty building. So basically, thats the whole university burnt.

  11. Wishbone says:

    If Austin Powers was quoting:
    Future students are burning for an education …
    The teachers are fired !
    They must have HOT chicks …
    Student councillors hot on your trail.
    KU is opening a class for Satan :p

  12. Spikz says:

    The place is haunted. This isn’t a good Omen !!!

  13. Hadi Saab says:

    My dad is the main contractor of this site
    personally i believe that someone did it on purpose

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