5 Jars of Cookies for Me

Posted by Mark

I just got a phone call from the Choowy Goowy delivery guy. I am getting 5 jars of cookies delivered to me before 5:30 courtesy of the Choowy Goowy owner. I will try all five flavors and then write a mini review of each and post them here on the blog. Could the readers who ordered some cookies after I posted about them last time leave some comments below on how they found them. Thanks.

Read the Choowy Goowy Review

Update: The cookies are here! They look nice and colorful in their packaging. Can’t touch them though until I go home and take a picture of them.

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  1. KuwaiTi Mal Awal says:

    Can we get Nats feedback also. I dont trust you. :P

  2. Marzouq says:

    lol… Im probably gonna order a bunch and send em as gifts!! lol!

  3. Nonaw says:

    i did, although it was a little to sugary but they still ROCK … i want to try other flavors what kind you recommand?

  4. nibaq says:

    20% of that is mine.

  5. iDip says:

    Last wed. I ordered two jars: chocolate chips + peanut butter.
    delivered on thursday.

    I’m in love with choowy goowy. :)

    I liked both tastes, but the peanut butter cookies tastes better.

    Tasty & heavenly to the point of ‘denial’.
    Kuwaiti 100%

    fattening (it tastes so), I want to know the nutrition facts!!
    -no more cons for now

    Refill iDip Refill!

  6. WindWalker says:

    Mark ask them if they can ship internationally!

  7. Kleio says:

    Mark, can you please post your pictures of them – I’d like to check out the packaging (unless they’re all done the same as the picture you posted before, then no need). I love the jar idea and thought it was all very well done and am curious to see if there’s more! Can’t wait to get back to Kuwait to taste them myself to see if they beat the Tesco’s cookies I’m addicted to here (sounds cheap but they’re heavenly)!

  8. Pearls says:

    I tried choco-chip & they’re so great. I want to have free cookies too!

    And I agree with iDip, we want to see the ingredients and nutrition facts.

  9. onlyme says:

    hii mark ..
    i ordered the regular choco cookie and
    the peanut butter ..
    i liked the peanut alot ..
    i am gonna order from them again just the peanut ..

    thanks mark .. ;)

  10. […] Last week I received five jars of Choowy Goowy cookies each a different flavor. The flavors are Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Cinnamon, Macadamia and Double Chocolate. I decided to share the cookies with friends and family and post about which flavor is better. Well I did share the cookies but I am not gonna review each flavor and the reason being no one had anything negative to say about the cookies! Everyone who tried the cookies automatically fell in love with a flavor. What is even cooler is everyone who tries one cookie automatically becomes a customer and starts ordering jars themselves. Everyone who finds out about the service is amazed such a thing exists in Kuwait. […]

  11. shopa says:

    I am so ordering some soon.

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