98 stores on sale at The Avenues

Post by Mark

The blog 965malls went around The Avenues yesterday and took a picture of every store front that had a sale. In total they counted 98 stores on sale! They then took the 98 pictures of the store fronts and put them together in a collage which you can see a part of in the image above. Check out their blog for the full image and more [Here]

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  1. What confuses me is that I thought all companies were obliged to take part in this years Hala Febrayer festivities since National day and Liberation day are a big deal this year. I doubt they’d be on sale for 2 months. Any info in that?

  2. cajie says:

    I don’t believe in “ON SALE” anymore as I feel it is just a gimmick used by stores to get customers inside the store. They will put a few non-moving items on the advertised discount while most of the goods are sold at normal prices.

  3. Kuwait says:

    Font size 6: UP TO
    Font size 120: 80% OFF!!

  4. Hash says:

    true dat @Kuwait

  5. ariston says:

    wow! lots stores wants to get rid of their old stocks… =)

    btw, I salute the person who took all those images.. :)

  6. noel says:

    hi mark!so youre the one who took picture from avenues last 2 days ago?i think..now I know you.hehehe.nice post!!!

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