An old abandoned building in the city

Posted by Mark

No idea what the building used to be but I found the door open and just walked in. It’s located in the parking lot behind Jashanmal in Kuwait City. Like all old Kuwaiti buildings there’s lot of nice open space inside and someone really should take the building over and renovate it.

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  1. TA says:

    I have heard from people that this used to be a school. Kuwait’s ex emir studied over here.

  2. M.bahrani says:

    هذا كان التوجيه الموسيقي تبع وزارة التربية. وكانت تقام فيه مسابقات العزف على مستوى مدارس الحكومة الثانوية.

    هذا الكلام طبعا قبل الغزو ولحد سنة ١٩٩٠
    كانت الوزارة فعلا تهتم بالموسيقى ومن زملائي اللي طلعوا من هالمسابقات الملحن المعروف مشعل العروج

  3. Def looks like a school, I wish the NCCAL would adopt it and turn it into a museum or something instead of letting it rot.

  4. Noura says:

    Hi Mark,
    Am going to sail away from the topic and thank you for posting pictures of my car and my friends.

  5. mentabolism says:

    not sure, but I remember a board on that building which said it had something to do with music. dont remember exactly.

  6. mentabolism says:

    can anyone read that board on the second pic.. not clear!

  7. Looking around Kuwait city, it is awfully plain to see that very little regard is given towards rescuing or renovating old spaces. All old buildings are torn down and sardine cans of new office blocks are erected in their stead.

    It is sad to see all the history get torn down, and ironic to see how they attempt to build a “heritage village” whilst tearing down their real heritage.

  8. R says:

    Been there too when the sign was readable. It was a music institute.

  9. smoothtony says:

    Hi Mark,
    I used to live in front of that building in the 70′s to mid-80′. Yes, it used to be a school but I don’t remember what was the purpose.
    “”, very true – it is sad to see the wonderful old space that we used to admire as kids are no longer there. Those buildings would have been a wonderful “heritage village”. Specially, the area in front of souk sharq – e.g first bank in kuwait.

  10. Johar says:

    Earlier it was an academic school named “Madrasa Ayesha” after being converted to a music school from 1985-1990

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