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Post by Mark

This is my attempt at a fashion post. I spotted the sneakers above at Harvey Nichols last night and I think they look super cool. I would have gotten them myself if I didn’t already have three pairs of sneakers that look exactly the same. They’re Jimmy Choo and they cost around KD90 after their 50% discount.

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  1. Ahm says:

    هارفي مال كويت زبالة

  2. M says:

    Love them .. they look superb… attempt at fashion post successful!

  3. teenum says:

    bring your old neon coloured nike sneaker posts back. :p

  4. Pink lady says:

    Those are some sexy sneakers! A guy would totally increase on the shag-worthy scale if he was rockin’ those shoes … especially in a size 11 + ;)

  5. Nixon says:

    Not bad but I’d prefer smooth black without the grid. But not sure if its worth spending 90 on sneakers.

  6. Paul says:

    Do anyone know where I can get these in Kuwait?
    I remember seeing these in Kuwait, but can’t remember where.

  7. goker says:

    90KD is half price…

  8. jomblolo says:

    damn thats one ugly shoes

  9. Yousuf M says:

    Anyone know where I can get foamposites here in Kuwait?

  10. Quentin says:

    These were 70% off ages ago at Mr Porter, and were sold for 55 KD there. Typical Harvey Kuwait, selling it for almost full price, yet they say it’s on sale.

  11. QT says:

    @Yousef M – Only place in Kuwait with Foamposites is Foot Locker.

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