9 06, 2019

Racism at a Yeezy Sneakers Launch

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Over the weekend the new Yeezy sneakers launched around the world including in Kuwait. People lined up from early morning for the chance to buy a pair since they’re a limited release and would sell out quickly. I saw some pictures and videos of the lines around Kuwait and they were extremely long and mostly unorganized.

That same morning a reader emailed me about an incident that took place at the Adidas store in Al Hamra and since then I’ve heard the story from one other person who was in line and seen a video that kinda corroborates it. Here is the email I received:

Hey Mark,

I wanted to let you know about this incident that took place at the Adidas outlet this morning.
So today was the launch of this limited edition Yeezy and I was at Hamra mall branch. They said it’ll be first come first serve. There were about 6 Philippine Nationals lined up at like 6am, they were the first ones there. A paper was passed down the line with the name and preferred sizes of people and it seemed completely civilized.

Then at 830am when the doors were supposed to open, a Kuwaiti Adidas representative announced in Arabic that Kuwaitis get priority. And a bunch of Kuwaiti guys rushed in front of the Filipinos and it was utter chaos. Then when one of the Filipino men spoke up and asked “what about us?” The Adidas rep was like “Filipino want to buy shoes?” And everyone started laughing.

And then a bunch of Kuwaiti guys proceeded to walk inside the store.

A woman (Arab) then started shouting at the Adidas representative and was saying that this is straight up racism and unfair. She was ignored. The Filipino group left and some guys just kept mocking them. An overwhelming majority of the Kuwaiti crowd joined in on the mocking. They waited for 2.5 hours to be disgraced like that.

There is a video that was taken that morning which you can watch [Here]

The incident is currently being investigated by the mall as well as the local Adidas dealer so if you were in line that morning and saw what happened, get in touch.

If you’re wondering how people could be so racist in 2019, so was I until I started getting hate on twitter when I posted about this. I actually had to block a bunch of people who were accusing me of hating on Kuwait or who were rationalizing why they were right to sell to the Kuwaitis first. It’s shocking.

Update: I’ve closed the post for commenting, also I’ve been made aware the photo of the Yeezys I posted aren’t the ones people were lining up for.

15 08, 2017

Sole Lab Sneaker Store

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Sole Lab is a new sneaker store that opened up a couple of months ago. It’s a small shop that is aiming to make unique and limited sneakers more accessible in the local market. I dropped by yesterday to check the place out and although I didn’t pick up anything, they did have a few good looking sneakers especially the women ones.

The shop is located in Tilal Complex in Shuwaikh and they’re currently in a soft opening phase so open from 2PM to 10PM. Whenever they get new sneakers they post them on their instagram account so follow them @solelabkw to stay updated on their collection.

8 02, 2017

Walk This Way Tonight

2017-02-09T08:42:55+03:00Feb 8, 2017|13 Comments

A video posted by TQ (@kickstq) on

For the sneakerheads in Kuwait, there is an interactive exhibition showcasing some of the most iconic sneakers to be referenced in hip-hop music taking place tonight at the Visual Therapy Gallery. The exhibit is called “Walk This Way” and features local sneakerhead @KicksTQ and music by DJ Bonita.

The exhibition is from 6 to 9PM and it’s only taking place today, after that its gone. I’ll probably be there the whole three hours as well so drop by, check it out and say hi. For more info including a map of the location, click [Here]

Update: Turns out the event is till Saturday.

23 01, 2017

Unique Hype Lifestyle Boutique

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Unique Hype is a lifestyle instagram account that sells and trades in deadstock sneakers and streetwear. The account belongs to Mohsen, a Kuwaiti student currently residing in LA who wants to remain anonymous which is why I’m only sharing his first name. I found out about him around a year ago when he first started, back then he had less than 2,000 followers and today its over 20,000. Mohsen is a sneakerhead who is in the business of deadstock sneakers and streetwear, which basically means sold out items that you can no longer find in retail (like Yeezys). I personally source my own sneakers but sometimes I get stuck and thats when I contact Mohsen who usually can source them for me, like I’m currently looking for size US11 SoleBox UltraBOOST and he’s trying to find me a pair.

I asked Mohsen how he started and turns out it was out of necessity. Growing up he was always into sneakers and when he moved to the States to study, he started lining up outside shops whenever there were any big releases. But with big releases and limited quantity, once its your turn and they don’t have your size, you end up picking up any size available. And thats what Mohsen ended up doing, he’d line up for hours and then end up with a pair that weren’t his size, so he set up @uniquehypekw to start selling those pairs. Overtime the more he lined up the more connections he made and the more he bought, sold or traded. He started meeting people in line, like other resellers or kids who just stood in line to make a quick $30 or $40 selling the pairs. So Mohsen started making deals with these kids, instead of standing in line himself, he’d get in touch with these kids, offer to give them their cut if they’d buy the sneakers for him. He also started dealing with the other resellers and every now and then one would call him up whenever they needed to unload on a large batch of items. So one guy would call him up and be like hey, I’ve got 10 pairs of Yeezy 350’s if you want them, and Mohsen would have to agree to buy all 10 at an agreed price. The more he did it, the more popular he became as a seller and the more connections he made.

I personally find all this really fascinating obviously since I’m into sneakers but Mohsen has also saved me a lot of headache. Friends and strangers contact me all the time asking me how they could get a pair Yeezys and instead of me trying to find a pair for them or show them how to go about finding stuff, I just send them over to him. I’m actually waiting on my pair of OG NMD’s which he’ll be delivering to me later tonight. So if you’re ever looking to grab a pair of difficult to find sneakers or even sold out clothing like Supreme, Anti Social Social Club or whatever, try him out. He’s also willing to buy or trade with you in case you’ve got something he wants. [@uniquehypekw]

5 10, 2016

Filling Pieces Available in Kuwait

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Filling Pieces is a cool Amsterdam based footwear label and there is now a small store in Kuwait that sells the brand. The shop is called “Sneaky” and although they don’t have a large collection from Filling Pieces, it’s a start. The shop also sells sneakers but that collection is also quite small. If you’re interested, the shop is located behind Starbucks next to the church in Kuwait City and heir instagram account is @sosneakyq8

31 08, 2016

Take a Look Inside the Closet of Streetwear Influencer KicksTQ

2016-08-31T09:03:33+03:00Aug 31, 2016|2 Comments


Local sneaker-head KicksTQ was featured yesterday on the online lifestyle website Highsnobiety. It’s a quick Q&A but I can’t believe they didn’t ask him how many pairs of sneakers he owns. I know he reads my blog so maybe he’ll let us know in the comments. Check out the feature [Here]

17 08, 2016

Order NMD’s from the Adidas Kuwait Online Store

2016-08-18T10:48:19+03:00Aug 17, 2016|15 Comments


Adidas is releasing new NMD’s tomorrow (August 18th) at their Adidas Originals stores worldwide. We don’t have an Adidas Original store in Kuwait so we’re not getting an in-store release. But, we do have an alternative option.


The NMD’s will be getting released on the Adidas Kuwait online store. They currently have countdown clocks on all the pairs that will be available and once the clocks hit zero they’ll be available to purchase. So if you’re hoping to cop a pair before they sell out, head to the Adidas website and search for NMD or just click this [Link]

Update: They went on sale and all got sold out right away.

15 06, 2016

Have you seen this anywhere?

2016-06-17T01:11:19+03:00Jun 15, 2016|18 Comments


I used to go through at least three of these sneaker cleaners a month but for some reason Sultan Center stopped getting them. I’ve gone through my emergency supply and I’m now down to my very last bottle. So if anyone has seen this specific sneaker cleaner anywhere in Kuwait please let me know. I gifted a bottle to a friend of mine and I’m now thinking to ask for it back, thats how desperate I am.

Update: Thanks to a reader found a few of these cleaners left at Sultan Center in Promenade Mall so ended up buying the whole bunch.