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Racism at a Yeezy Sneakers Launch

Over the weekend the new Yeezy sneakers launched around the world including in Kuwait. People lined up from early morning for the chance to buy a pair since they’re a limited release and would sell out quickly. I saw some pictures and videos of the lines around Kuwait and they were extremely long and mostly unorganized.

That same morning a reader emailed me about an incident that took place at the Adidas store in Al Hamra and since then I’ve heard the story from one other person who was in line and seen a video that kinda corroborates it. Here is the email I received:

Hey Mark,

I wanted to let you know about this incident that took place at the Adidas outlet this morning.
So today was the launch of this limited edition Yeezy and I was at Hamra mall branch. They said it’ll be first come first serve. There were about 6 Philippine Nationals lined up at like 6am, they were the first ones there. A paper was passed down the line with the name and preferred sizes of people and it seemed completely civilized.

Then at 830am when the doors were supposed to open, a Kuwaiti Adidas representative announced in Arabic that Kuwaitis get priority. And a bunch of Kuwaiti guys rushed in front of the Filipinos and it was utter chaos. Then when one of the Filipino men spoke up and asked “what about us?” The Adidas rep was like “Filipino want to buy shoes?” And everyone started laughing.

And then a bunch of Kuwaiti guys proceeded to walk inside the store.

A woman (Arab) then started shouting at the Adidas representative and was saying that this is straight up racism and unfair. She was ignored. The Filipino group left and some guys just kept mocking them. An overwhelming majority of the Kuwaiti crowd joined in on the mocking. They waited for 2.5 hours to be disgraced like that.

There is a video that was taken that morning which you can watch [Here]

The incident is currently being investigated by the mall as well as the local Adidas dealer so if you were in line that morning and saw what happened, get in touch.

If you’re wondering how people could be so racist in 2019, so was I until I started getting hate on twitter when I posted about this. I actually had to block a bunch of people who were accusing me of hating on Kuwait or who were rationalizing why they were right to sell to the Kuwaitis first. It’s shocking.

Update: I’ve closed the post for commenting, also I’ve been made aware the photo of the Yeezys I posted aren’t the ones people were lining up for.

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This behavior is completely unacceptable!! The Adidas rep should be fired for this foolishness

“An overwhelming majority of the Kuwaiti crowd joined in on the mocking.” I find this part completely unbelievable and exaggerated tbh.

it isn’t unbelievable, people tend to act stupid and go with the flow of the crowd.

My takeaway is that scummy ppl wear Yeezy’s. Half joking. I’m sure there is a correlation between those who are racist towards Filipinos and those who deem it a necessity to show off their shoes on social media

We are a family of expats born and raised here, this isn’t new. They look down on us thinking we can’t afford anything at all, I’m not generalizing anything here but speaking based on experiences up to this very day.

This starts right from the time you are welcomed at the airport. Even now whenever an expat goes through Business Class, the look you get at the security as well as the immigration desk is ‘ WTF you are seriously traveling Business’

Happened to my younger brother. He was travelling business. Racist and unacceptable. Like we can’t afford business class.

I have seen this happen recently with an Indian expat couple. Joke was on the immigration guy because there were NO Kuwaitis in the Business Class line 😉

Me too! Don’t mean to brag, but for various reasons, I only travel Business/First and I travel extensively for work as well. The only time I face this issue is when I’m dealing with Kuwait Airways staff (Kuwaiti staff, not expat staff) and immigration; essentially, what I’m saying is this seems to be a problem only with the local Kuwaiti folk.

It seems too difficult for their minds to fathom that an expat can make more money, live, and, travel better than them. My wife speaks fluent Arabic and one of these Immigration douchebags yelled over (loudly) in Arabic to another colleague: “this one is educated” in a very insulting/demeaning tone. Other times, they have to confirm “are you in business”, to which I usually respond, “yes, that’s why I’m in this line” or “why do you think I’m in this line?”. Another time, on Kuwait Airways, while waiting in the priority line, one of their d’bag staff walked over and told me to move over to the Economy line, without even asking what class I was traveling. I set him straight and he backed-off, but I will never travel with them again.

Bottomline: There are many good, decent, polite and educated Kuwaiti’s that I know and am good friends with; BUT, theres also a truckload of uneducated, lazy ones with a ridiculous sense of entitlement that cannot comprehend an expat being “better” than them in any way. Unfortunately, my experience has been that the latter outnumber the former.

Regardless, I’ve chosen to benefit from this place, so this sort of discrimination is the price to pay; ultimately it’s my gain. Due to such behaviors, I will never consider setting roots here, but will make as much money I can and then leave.

I’ve traveled on business and first class countless times and half the passengers are usually non Kuwaitis… I’m not denying that some Kuwaiti airport employees might be ignorant and racist but a non Kuwaiti traveling on business class is nothing unusual

Avenues is a lot more chaotic. Lines after lines for 4 retail shop.
And most of the people does not respect the essence of falling in line.
Mostly(Arab, can’t tell if Kuwaiti or not) they try to sneak in even if they can see that there are around 200+ people in line waiting patiently. A fight almost happen between 2 Arab guys(wearing dishdsha).
We can also blame the stores at fault here for not establishing a proper and correct manner of conducting such release.
I was there personally so I can attest to the misconduct of most people who doesn’t have respect for others. In fairness to all Arabs who are patiently waiting and falling in line, I can say that they have good moral values, for the others I don’t know how to describe such behaviour.

I was one of those disheartened people who came so early just to get their hands on those new threads only to be outnumbered by those few men who are ahead of the queue who kept on letting their friends skip the line and be added to their group. This happened on multiple stores inside Avenues Mall.

Let’s hope and pray stores and merchandisers should put up a better system to avoid these to happen next time.

This has happened to me as well while buying things in shops in Kuwait. Not even designer, just slightly upscale brands. Often the sales staff is also prejudiced.

Considering all the expats working in Kuwait, it’s baffling to think that no other nationality in Kuwait has money to spend.

I wish someone or one of them send the video with the story to the Adidas headquarter
whereever it is, it could work and they just shout down this store at least,
Even if they are franchised through emirates, it is still possible
to raise the voice. God bless that lady from Kuwait.

They should totally file a complaint against that representative and report it to Adidas, even if it’s not gonna change much or get their time back, but still surely Adidas cares about their customers. The marginalized might be silenced here but in this capitalistic world the customer is always right.

To produce the shoes requires marginalised people. In this particular scenario people became opportunistic. I am sure if the roles were reversed the victims would be no different. The real issue is the distribution chain. The other question is if they are marginalised, how can they afford such a shoe? This is questionable and shows that the real victims are Kuwaitis considering how billions of dollars are leaving the economy with no taxation to protect the future interests of Kuwait. Furthermore, notice how easy it is on such platforms to manipulate the truth and change opinions.

“the real victims are Kuwaitis”

Are you serious?!?! Kuwaitis are surely free to work in McDonald’s, and sweep the streets, and build the buildings, and teach the children! They also do not need to complain about expats sending money out of the economy until they are spending all their holidays IN Kuwait instead of traveling and taking their OWN money out of the country!

A “marginalized” worker might truly save for a special purchase – or they might be from a group that is generally ‘marginalized’ but they themselves are not.

To protect the future interests of Kuwait, they could start by making Kuwait more self-sufficient, without the need to rely on so many expat workers.

I was an expat in the country for 32 years from birth that is and my dad for the last 48 my mother was born in Kuwait. Explain to me in what sense can i call this country home. Just to clarify while soeaking to people i still say back home not India but Kuwait. I have friends who are kuwaities and i live them to death but it’s people like you blaming the expats without actually going to the root of the problem. I would keep my hard earned money in the country if i knew that my future interests were protected but are they no. A government policy change might wipe all of it out. So will i keep my hard earned money in my home country where atelats I have some legal framework to fall back on

you want racism, check out tafteesh’s IG account, especially comments when Safa Hashim is posted

Whys is Safa alHashim even accepted to have an opinion or voice. When she is blatant super racist.

Tafteesh and all these bullsh*t news accounts make tons of money from posting controversial topics otherwise people won’t follow them, it’s an old trick
And another thing, the idiots in the comments are the scum of society so don’t take them seriously

Send this incident to Pee Diddy. If it does actually make it to him, I bet he will make it right for those guys. But how ya gonna reach Pee?

If this was strictly for Kuwaitis only then I wouldn’t say anything else but for them to act like they are better than anyone else who makes a decent living, I am really not surprised with their behavior . They waited in line for hours to buy the shoes. No one in their right mind would wake up early and wait in line for hours just to see the shoes and walk away.

A sense of entitlement is astonishing in this country. May I ask, what is the difference between a Kuwaiti and a Filipino? Do you guys breathe the same air, practice a religion, cry, be happy, love someone, etc etc etc. my point is we’re all human, and if other think they have a right to discriminate against one race, then y’all are gunna regret at some point of your life. Your religion says be kind to others, don’t think of yourself as the higher up, where is the love, where is the humanity in this country?
Just think about it, self reflect and understand, would you want to be discriminated against?

I’m not surprised at all. In fact, I’m so used to the racism here that whenever I travel and people are genuinely warm and friendly, I’m surprised! Sad but true.

So unrelated but related question. How much is this shoes price exactly. They look quite normal if not a bit ugly I mean. Why people paying extra for those.

Correction Mark, the Filipino guys were not disgraced. The Kuwaitis disgraced themselves, yet again.

Chip and DJN, don’t worry, we are as humble as you all are and we do read posts from here! Proud and avid fans of this blog site!

I first read this in the morning when it had zero comments. I am lost for words. Absolutely appalling behavior. I wish I could afford buying them each a pair and apologizing to them but I don’t think it would help. The store needs to do something about this. As do Hamra Mall and Adidas the brand.

That being said, how did we reach the conclusion that the Adidas rep was in fact a Kuwaiti national? I am not saying he’s not, let’s just not pin this on Kuwaitis, we have enough shit to be embarrassed about. We also have some fine Kuwaitis that we are proud of and are as far from racist as can be. I applaud the woman that was complaining and I sure hope she was Kuwaiti. The thing is let’s not get distracted at the issue, the problem is from the store/mall/brand, not the Kuwaiti population. That’s another topic. The issue here is it’s a private company that is doing this, not the government. Which makes it worst in my opinion. With the government, it is driven by politics and public opinion and making voters happy. While I am very much against Kuwaitizing a certain hospital or European license plates, I’m sure there are more people greedy enough to say no I want to be given priority. Here it’s different, you have to make every paying customer happy and treat them fairly. Even if you want to fight gray dealers, this is not the way to do it. There is a lovely Rolex store in Italy that has all the hard to get watches in stock, they only sell to locals. Italians that lives in the same city as they are. Nothing wrong with that I guess but not to publicly humiliate people and discriminating based on nationality. I mean if they said ahead of time priority will be given to Kuwaitis and residents that live here, maybe it would of been better.

As for the crowd that was cheering, they woke up at 6 am in a Friday to buy a pair of shoes to show off. Not the best representation of any population. It’s like interviewing people in a Supreme line and generalizing there opinion. I only ask you all to focus on the issue at hand and not turn this into a competition or hate thread.

As for Safaa and the comments about here and others in Kuwait.

The Adidas rep was supposedly Egyptian according to people who were there. And Adidas is supposedly saying that wasn’t their guy either.

Notice the Adidas rep was highlighted in the story as a Kuwaiti, so were the overwhelming majority crowd that were mocking them, but the lady that was defending them was an “Arab”. I don’t know how that conclusion was reached. Wearing a Ghitra and badge does not make you a Kuwaiti, neither does a snobby attitude. And standing up for what is right doesn’t make you not a Kuwaiti.

Like what I mentioned earlier, I am not generalizing anything and I guess I could speak for majority of the expats as well.

Being born and raised here did teach us a lot of things, from the bad apples to better experiences. We do know a lot of locals who are very humble, who even welcomed us as if we’re blood related, we’ve also been invited to a number of activities, gathering, and events and grateful to be called ‘Brother’, and we even learned to respect what you practice and the culture you’ve got. We eventually learned how to love Kuwait! But sometimes, we too deserve a little bit of respect. After all, we’re here to assist you in any way possible since we do recognize you all as a family after leaving ours back home. Respect is all that we could ask for.

Anyway, this is all about shoes! If you’re handing them out for free then I’d take a Size 9! Hahah.

Trust me it’s not much better on the other side. Those who misuse the system and sees everyone beneath them are hard to deal with regardless whether or not you share the same nationality. Also unfortunate is how the bad apples as you called them are magnified and amplified because of the sheer disgust of there acts. I wish someone starts a poll or something to have only Kuwaitis vote and what they think of this situation, I am certain by far a majority would be against what happened. But ask anyone from the queue whether they want to remove at least 6 competitors from the chance of buying a 300 KD pair of shoes for 80 KD and the outcome will be very different.

As for the gift, I did say “I wish I could afford to” and was hinting that Adidas should do that. But if it will make you happy, I would gladly send you a hypothetical size 9.5 (because Yeezys wear half a size tight),,, brother. 🙂

Trust me it’s not much better on the other side. Those who misuse the system and sees everyone beneath them are hard to deal with regardless whether or not you share the same nationality. Also unfortunate is how the bad apples as you called them are magnified and amplified because of the sheer disgust of there acts. I wish someone starts a poll or something to have only Kuwaitis vote and what they think of this situation, I am certain by far a majority would be against what happened. But ask anyone from the queue whether they want to remove at least 6 competitors from the chance of buying a 300 KD pair of shoes for 80 KD and the outcome will be very different.

As for the gift, I did say “I wish I could afford to” and was hinting that Adidas should do that. But if it will make you happy, I would gladly send you a hypothetical size 9.5 (because Yeezys wear half a size tight),,, brother. 🙂

Oh wait, you were one of the six guys in line? So sorry didn’t realize that! I can’t imagine what you went through. I would happily hunt down a pair for you and get them at a reasonable price (retail), especially at a size 9! If you share your email I would contact you and try to make this a little better. And for everyone that will jump at me for being a “typical Kuwaiti” for throwing money at the problem, that is not what I am offering. I am offering to source 1 pair of size 9 yeezys at retail price.

No, I wasn’t there. I am not one of them, and yes, I do share the same perspective as you that it just is absurd waiting in line for a pair that might make me boastful and brag that I have a pair. Nope, not that kind of guy.

And about the shoes, it’s all good. I’ve got a different kind of privilege where I can have it ordered from the US and shipped to APO. After all, prices in the stores when on sale are the regular prices you could find from online tax free sites.

I’d rather love sitting back and witnessing that there are people like you who shares the same sentiment I have, I’d rather go on with life and do my part for a country I don’t technically belong to but contribute to since I am allowed to stay in, some country I learned to love even if I am not a local. 😀

Much love, brother,

It’s funny how Kuwaitis think Filipino nationals can’t afford or don’t deserve nice shoes when they are always flossing the best brands. I’ve always admired them for that, they always wear nice shoes so it makes sense for them to be in line for new releases. A Kuwaiti works in Adidas? Wow, I would’ve never thought they worked retail and of course they would give wasta to their friends, that’s a sure thing.

From the videos it was a mad house for some ugly shoes that may/may not be authentic, I still question some of the shoes being sold in the famous shoe stores here. Expats will forever be looked down upon and even Kuwaiti kids with expat mothers are not treated the same either, it’s an ugly every day occurrence that will never end. I’ve been told that Kuwaiti children with expats mothers are exempt from joining military and police academies due to security/loyalty concerns so that says a lot about the hate of expats they have.

But of course if we don’t like it we can leave, right?

Generalizing and stereotyping are not much better than being a racist.

“A Kuwaiti works in Adidas? Wow, I would’ve never thought they worked retail and of course they would give wasta to their friends, that’s a sure thing.”

And regarding the children of non Kuwaiti mothers, I think (not sure it’s the other way around. Children with Kuwaiti mothers do not get all the rights, because they are not Kuwaitis if they take after there father’s nationality. Not saying it’s right, just explaining my understanding. I also don’t think it’s only in the army, the Kuwaiti constitution forces the government to give jobs to all Kuwaitis therefore giving them priority over anyone else. Everyone does that though, the sponsorship system in the USA to get a job and work is far more difficult than Kuwait. Same applies in the EU. Not to mention taxes and high cost of living. And if we don’t like it, I’m sure we can pick up and leave as well. 🙂

As an expat married to Kuwaiti with a child, my child is considered 100% Kuwaiti by Kuwait. He is afforded all the priviledges of being Kuwaiti.

HOWEVER, in parks, on the playgrounds, in school – my son is NOT treated as a ‘real’ Kuwaiti by other Kuwaiti boys – he is often ridiculed that he doesn’t “look right” (he looks more like my culture); his Arabic accent is teased (he learned English first); and more often than not, he is completely excluded from play. I am sure this will change as he grows older, but it has resulted in him having the vast majority of his friends are other expats (from all sorts of different countries/cultures) who like him for him, and he likes them for them, no matter where they are from. My son even will be the first to befriend a child with special needs at a playground (Down syndrome, speech delay, autistic) because he says everyone can be a friend. What it has also resulted in is that my son refuses to speak Arabic in public, and openly will say that he will NOT live in Kuwait when he is a grown up – he will live in my country.

I wish that was not the case, so sad to experience xenophobia – ridiculous word to use considering they are Kuwaiti nationals -as a child. Iv e known other half Kuwaiti that relate similar treatment growing up but worse receiving such poor treatment within their extended family. It is a closed society, and something most don’t reflect upon or realize (the non Kuwaiti parent in particular, if they didn’t grow up here) during the courting phase before marriage and family.

Notice the Adidas rep was highlighted in the story as a Kuwaiti, so were the overwhelming majority crowd that were mocking them, but the lady that was defending them was an “Arab”. I don’t know how that conclusion was reached. Wearing a Ghitra and badge does not make you a Kuwaiti, neither does a snobby attitude. And standing up for what is right doesn’t make you not a Kuwaiti.

And regarding Safa in reply to one of the comments I read, she just wants to “make Kuwait great again” :/ I think I highlighted my opinion on the voters that she wants to make happy.

A lot of things are very disturbing about this, adidas will get punished, employees will be let go but that’s on their part, what is horribly disappointing is knowing there are Kuwaitis, a lot of them youth that permitted the abuse and participated in the racist and despicable behavior and actions towards a group. Disgusting I hope you swallow your stupid shoes. And the act of waiting in line for shoes in itself is a waste of time

Apologies if any of you feel that I am giving a religious sermon here, however, and relevantly, most Muslims (myself included) are familiar with the following:

In the Quran, Allah, the Exalted, says:

“O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you.” (49:13)

In his final sermon the Prophet Muhammad, Allah’s Blessings and Peace be upon him, said:

“There is no superiority for an Arab over a non-Arab, nor for a non-Arab over an Arab. Neither is the white superior over the black, nor is the black superior over the white – except by piety.”

It therefore saddens me to witness the constant disregard to each of the above.

The store itself should be responsible for this. Whether it’s Filipino, Italian, Kuwaiti, Brazilian or Indian national on the list, if it’s first come first serve policy, they should follow the rules. This is where equality shows.If they can afford to buy it why not sell it to them? Sell only a pair per person, like LV does in their flagship store. As of mocking a ‚Filipino‘ because they want to buy shoes, shame on those people and to those who added insult to Injury, instead of supporting the ‚Arab lady‘. They may not be Kuwaitis who did the mocking, so let’s not generalize. But why do Kuwaitis have the priority to buy? This is an issue the Adidas rep has to sort out, maybe he is the culprit in starting this ‚discrimination‘. Hats off to the ‚lady’. Karma will do the rest.

It’s much worse in Avenues, fight almost happen between 2 guys wearing dishdsha(not sure if kuwaitis).Around 500+ people of mix nationality. Some people who feel priviledge tries to sneak in between the que, disrecpesting people who patiently and respectfully follow the system. I tip my hats to those Arabs (again not sure if kuwaitis) who shows proper etiquette and class. For those who did not, it’s for themselves to reflect and realize how will things will span for the rest of their life.
My opinion is that the stores are to blame on this situation for not providing a strict and concrete procedure on the scenario.

Frankly, I’m not surprised at what happened at the shoe launch. It should not have gone down that way but this kind of racism exists everywhere. The common thing being hospital visits in the daytime only for Kuwaitis. I have seen old women shoo away expats from seating areas at malls so that they could sit. Nurses have said that the specialist only checks Kuwaitis and not expats at a speciality clinic.
To think you are privileged because you are a local….No fear for God, no respect for humanity.
God bless the mere handful of Kuwaitis are who truly good and decent human beings.
Addidas headquarters should be sent this video and strict action taken on the employees who ushered in those” Ana Kuwaiti boys”.

HI Mark,

I think it’s best to start a petition and get this directly on the radar of their global team:

1- Eva Barrett: Global Head Brand Comms and Sports Marketing at adidas

2- Clara Dooley: Global Retail Marketing Director at adidas –

On behalf of our community, I thank you for supporting us and the expat community as a whole.

Kuwaiti vs non Kuwaiti, nothing new here people.

Let us look at the elephant in the room…The marketing scheme to have a group of any nationality mix crowding up outside like monkeys for a pair of fucking tennis shoes. Regardless of the alleged xenophobia, this retail tactic is a guarantee for something uncivil to happen, pushing shoving, ect.

We should all be working towards improved consumer rights and demand better treatment and prices. Im tired of paying 2 & 3 times for items in Kuwait (compared to EU, US) Im sure those Yeazy shoes were triple the cost of the Mfc. suggested price. Somebody is winning big here, and it is not the consumer in the KWI market.

If they cannot afford a pair of those Yeezy things then why did they stood in line for hours? They would’ve gone to Al-Mohamed instead where they will probably treated like proper human beings.

What’s even funnier is that those Kuwaitis stood in line for a pair of overpriced grandma felt slippers that’s made in China just so they could flex.

Petition to shutdown the Felt Slipper store in Al-Hamra.

Being there and waiting patiently is just a proof of them being able to purchase such shoes.
It’s just shows how demeaning and utterly outrageous how people look down on other nationalities just because they work here.
Just so you know Filipinos are way capable in purchasing such things because they work hard and earned their money for them to be able to enjoy good things in life.

Again Kuwait again. So much hatred towards Filipinos already. From abusing several domestic workers (maids), a Kuwaiti female celebrity insulting Filipinos online and now this?

If you dont like it here, just leave. You’re not being forced to stay here. A country with 0 taxes and free facilities for your exploitation.

As an expat who has grown up in kuwait and knows kuwait as her only home more than her origin country and has faced racism of various degrees out in public and at workplace, i am glad there are a lot of people in kuwait shunning racism, its not about adidas or yeezys, its about who works hard to play their part in their tiny way to build this country and put it out there on the map of the world as a nation with open arms which accepts any community like UAE ( giving the closest example, cant compare to USA and europe, even animals have rights there) peace and love!!!

Not to sound racist, I’ve travelled half the continent on a motorbike, and in europe especially. If you are not a blue eyed blonde dolphin you will never get treated with respect. The more I travel and get mistreated the more I feel entitled to do the same to non citizens here. I don’t know if its a resurgence of populism and right wingery, but it is about time that everyone got the heck back to their own countries and kept their dignities afloat.

I am sick and tired of being stuck in traffic. I am sick and tired of having each governmental institution allocated an afternoon service to expat so that us locals can get our papers served without clenching our fists and shoving it into one another.

Yes I and every kuwaiti must have a sense of entitlement, after all they are citizens of this country and point to me one country in the world where a resident was equal in right as a citizen and ill show you my flag.

You sound racist. Direct that energy on an incompetent government that doesn’t know how to implement laws that already exist (on everyone, Kuwaitis and Expats). You’d solve half the problems the Expats are getting scapegoated with.

Thank God you commented. We have a winner for the biggest ignorant here.

Since you’ve traveled and have felt the same exact feeling that those belittled men did, doesn’t that instill a little bit of sympathy and compassion in you? Anyway, that’s your upbringing.

Stuck in traffic? Go take your bike and get past it. Your entitlement doesn’t mean anything. If you’re looking for a country whose resident is equal to a non-citizen? I believe almost every other country except Kuwait is, with the exception of voting and participating in any government related activity.


Wow just wow…. Straight up being a proud racist! I’ve traveled half the continent myself bro!
and I’m super asian looking dude and only here I felt racism is no jokes! When you treated with no respect in europe are you sure is it because you don’t have that blue eyes? or is it because you have that “attitude” towards them in the first place? I don’t have that blue eyes or whatsoever but I felt I was treated nicely in europe.

So if you said being RACIST is one of your sense of entitlement as a kuwaiti you just made your point so blatantly there so thank you for the confirmation.

One of the few places I have seen people religiously queuing is coffee shops. There must be some correlation between coffee drinkers and good behavior. I feel this can be easily taken up as a thesis by someone.