Big D is Back

Post by Mark

Kuwaiti rapper Big D is back with a new music video and this time it’s a lot tamer than his previous one. My guess is the amount of negative comments from his previous video led him to go with this less fun and safer route. At least the other video was more fun to watch. [YouTube]

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  1. AmmarT says:

    I Seen the guy a few times and i don’t personally know him but i find it pretty cool what hes doing hes following a dream and working towards it …now i didnt really like his first vid it was too mainstream but there’s improvement on this one and potential + the girls voice is pretty nice …I say good-job.

  2. Jasim says:

    Wanna be

  3. I like the old video more :p

  4. Sauce says:

    this guy is a major FAIL, i dont know why you keep posting this garbage..

    • Sunny says: can’t rap and u r just jealous or insecure.
      He is cool and so the video!

      • DM says:

        Lol you call that rap? that shit was incredibly bad. the lyrics was terrible. the beat was fine but ending every verse with an “I” (5alani, nisanii, zira3ni, bachani, nawamni) doesnt make it good rap.

      • Jasim says:

        I disagree. Productive and intelligent people are cool. Not this crap.

        • ameera says:

          jasim, didnt you write a bunch of insults on the last video as well? yeah…..i saw your comments last time im pretty sure its the same jasim if its not eh….your all the same… i mean how many jasims are in kuwait??? ha probably a million.

          you write with the same desperation and hate as the last jasim so it must be the same guy… man your quick to follow dee for being such a non supporter/hater. you are quick to write against him and you seem to follow him more closely than the others that actually like his music. ironic isnt it?

          if you were a man….you would just leave him be and not even look twice at his work. for someone who seems to hate big d so much why do you show so much concern?

          how does this video seem unintelligent? i dont know to me it seems like it took time, and hard work….and there doesnt seem to be anything else quite like it.

          dee your so unintelligent….yada yada yada.

          making a music video completely by himself is not productive? whoa man i would hate to be the one to please you….seems impossible.

          anyhoo…someones always got to rain on the parade. so better to have an umbrella :)

        • joshua mathews says:

          wtf .. you gotta be kiddin me.. this is awesome…

      • bon robert says:

        i agree with you these guys are just jealous we have a cool kuwaiti talent

    • wahab riaz says:

      wtf ,.. how can you call this crap. this is good stuff

  5. dougmacho says:

    I think people should follow their dreams…….so props.

    But i think he needs more BLING! And gold fronts.

  6. oh he’s back alright ! lol

  7. ! says:

    In his last video he wanted to pop people now he he feels awkward at how cruel the world can be and he wants his mommy to forgive him for what he did cause he wanna be a good boy. My question is are you a bad boy or a good boy? =)

  8. Jasim says:

    Anyone know this guys real name? First name Dhari?? He went to one of the american schools.

  9. 50 says:

    he’s doing a good job reaching his dream career! Keep it up and hopefully you’ll be famous one day.

  10. madman says:

    i learned that in each society there are people wth different tastes, passion for something specific and there is no right or wrong but that doesnt mean i agree with everyone. I must respect the things they love to do as long as they are not harming others. So good luck to that guy and wish him the success he’s hoping for.

    • Phiren8 says:

      great comment.

    • Jasim says:

      By the way he is doing harm to others who are ignorant. Ignorant people look at guys like this as role models and their lives just get worse from there.

      • lulz says:

        To be fair, if someone takes this guy as a role mode there wasn’t much hope for them to begin with.

        • Jasim says:

          Yes but that person’s life just got worse.

          So instead people with ambitions should be doing good things, so that if ignorant people want to follow them, they would atleast be on the safe side.

        • john davis says:

          thats not true bro i dont agree with you

      • D. says:

        You’re reaching here. People are responsible for their own ignorance.

        • Jasim says:

          Perhaps, but why show them bad things?

          If there is a retarted person who cant help him self from copying what people do. Why then bring bad people in front of him?

          Hence keep people with bad behavior out of Kuwait…

          • D. says:

            I fail to see how this counts as “bad things”.

            If we kept people with “bad behavior” out of Kuwait, we wouldn’t have anyone left. Shipping off “problems” (I use this loosely because I don’t think you have a clear idea of what those are) is not fixing anything, just moving it around.

    • john davis says:

      exactly big d is a rockstar.. these people don value pure talent…

  11. sooli says:

    just let him be. live and let live, people. he’s doing what he likes, stop judging.

  12. zigan says:

    i feel even more pity for those of who dont realize how pathetic this is..

  13. Dougmacho says:

    forget to say that he needs some more hoes in the videos…….hot ones, like Lebanese and shit.

    • john davis says:

      hehe good joke but you gotta give it to him mahn he has something in him.. that some spark for becoming a superstar

  14. Nasser says:

    The song is actually really good, I don’t know why all the hate. The guy is doing what he loves, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    • Jasim says:

      Its wrong when it serves no purpose to the world and does not improve anything.

      • D. says:

        Really? In that case, blowing bubbles is wrong. What do you think, should we also condemn funny YouTube cat videos? How about people making comments on the internet?

        Not everything has to benefit everyone to be acceptable. This is pretty mediocre stuff, but it’s hardly “wrong”. Come up with some valid criticism, because from what I’ve seen thus far you’re sounding pretty pathetic. “I don’t like it” will suffice; there’s no need to exaggerate and try to paint it as some horrible evil doing serious damage to everyone.

        • Jasim says:

          You know the context of what I was refering to.

          Someone rapping, showing off, demoralizing women, bad behavior, ect ect.

          I repeat: Its wrong when it serves no purpose to the world and does not improve anything.

          • D. says:

            I do know the context, and I’m puzzled as to why you think it makes any difference. You’re being hypocritical by commenting here, and your reasoning in general is unsound.

            “Someone rapping, showing off, demoralizing women, bad behavior, ect ect.”

            Oh no! How dare someone rap and show off? Vanity KILLS! People “show off” all the time. What next, should people not paint? Should they not sing? Are these things acceptable if they provide proof that they actually HAVE benefited someone else? It’s silly to equate these things with “bad behavior” and “demoralizing women”, whatever that means. How is it “demoralizing” them if they’re willing participants here? How does making a cheesy video make it “bad behavior”?

            Do you not see how this is a ridiculous standard to insist upon, seeing as so much of it is a matter of opinion? The question is, “Does it do harm?” and if your answer is “yes”, please explain why and how.

            • Jasim says:

              I think you still dont understand. Tell me this:

              How does a person who raps/sings about how about much money he has, how much women he has, how he’s “riding with his homies”, “packed with guns”, “hanging in da club”, ect ect

              How is this of any relavance to another person? How is it acceptable?

              Also its demoralizing to women, because those women dont know any better, and they are being taken advantage off. And people begin to learn and treat women the way they are protrated in music and music videos. Thats why.

              Bad behavior is bad behavior, no what how cheesy it is.

              • thetuffguy says:

                you dont get it do you.. why dont u shut the f up.. he is talented and respects people more than what you do

  15. TweeZ says:

    hoooo shhheeeee

  16. Scott says:

    I felt the previous video and song was just too much… this second one is better overall… and he raps in arabic which is much better than when he does it in english… keep up the good work… has a nice tune and great camera work….

  17. adjas says:

    That was actually enjoyable to watch & listen to.

    Where as the earlier one was just cringeworthy.

  18. Big k says:

    Wtf is this video face it man your music isn’t going anyware Stop plz

  19. teenum says:

    good work bro. don’t let haters get you. do your thing. and to be honest, you rap better in arabic.

  20. lulz says:

    I’m too old for this shit.

  21. Bu Essa says:

    This guy shouldn’t leave his day job !

  22. Nixon says:

    The old one was plain nasty. This… a slight improvement.
    But I am impressed that he is trying to achieve his dream.

  23. ahmad says:

    actually this song was good to listen to .

  24. Cyc says:

    Allah ewafgek….lol

  25. Kojak says:

    A typical ameture work, but no one started as a pro! RIP 2pac, biggie smalls, and aaliyah

  26. GeorgeCarlin says:

    ‘sup y’all!!

    I say L to the A to the M to the E; such a lame and outdated trend moth’f’er… Yo yo yo bro. ‘sup!

    *does a retarded hand gesture*


  27. Thek5 says:

    im very excited

  28. odawg says:

    haterz gonna hate – keep doing your thing

  29. MAK says:

    we;re not haters, bs khayf 3ala mostaqbala walla.. qadm 3ala diwan el khedma a7sanlek

  30. Nasir s says:

    I dont understand why all the hate , acheive something like he did then hate. Bunch of haters you people are the negative of society you just put people down .

  31. hashem says:

    big D? looool that doesnt sound too good bro.

  32. dougmacho says:

    he needs a tiger or black panther on a chain and he’d be complete, word mother yo.

  33. D. says:

    Meh. It’s an improvement over the last one, but that’s not saying much.

  34. Neoark25 says:

    That’s dhari? he looks like gained weight o.o

  35. b says:

    At least he is doing something that he is enjoying, let him be.

    I have no idea who that kid is, if he is spending his time doing this I’m totally for it.

    I’d rather see him do this than see him doing nothing in Gahwa’s or just being a unmotivated douche.

  36. b says:

    At least he is doing something that he is enjoying, let him be.

    I have no idea who that kid is, if he is spending his time doing this I’m totally for it.

    I’d rather see him do this than see him doing nothing in Gahwa’s or just being a unmotivated douche.

  37. ameera says:

    looks like big d has another video out today….hmmmm looks like all you people who said he doesnt rap in arabic, or he doesnt write songs with meaning should stick their foot in there mouth….

    • Ali zafar says:

      true mahn.. i respect that guy and what he stands for.. if you understand you will get meaning out of his music..

  38. Ali zubair says:

    looking forward to it.. and watever the blog says i still loved his old vid too mahn… go big … BID D

  39. aamir sohil says:

    thats just not fair.. the guy has a reason and he sings from heart

  40. abbas mustan says:

    hey you gotta have respect for that guy..
    i luv him coz he raps in arabic and whats more he stands for what he beleives.. \m/ respect

  41. asif sarki says:

    its good to hear that he is making a comeback.. gud luck

  42. alex mahone says:

    he is a good rapster.. no need to insult him.

  43. joshua mathews says:

    that guy is a serious doctor!!1 lolz.. i just luv his rapo style. and the words he choses.. its amazing

  44. wahab riaz says:

    its good to see more arabic and kuwaiti talent coming out nowadays

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