Child getting abused by a maid

Post by Mark

Faisal sent me a link to this video showing a young child getting beaten and abused by his maid here in Kuwait. According to the person who originally posted the video this is the story:

“Recently a family in Abbasiya employed a female servant at their house to look after their kid. After a couple of days the kid turned gloomy and was always tired. With some doubts, the family put a hidden cam in their sitting room when they left to work. When they returned, they saw the video and they were shocked to see how the servant mistreating the kid.”

To view the video [click here]

Here are a few tips by Knick on how to prevent incidents like this:

1. Get a telephone recorder which is avaliable in Hawally for KD 8-12 which records all incoming and outgoing conversations. A normal cassette is used to record.
2. Keep rooms that are not required by the maid locked.
3. Almost every houshold has a PC attach a webcam and place it in such a place that it monitors the entire room.
4. Dowload windows media encoder and install it to start monitering your house daily. (8 Hrs movie approx is 300 mb)
5. Spend quality time with your children, buy them small gifts every day in return for a report on what happenned during the day at home.
6. Love your kids, show them that you do and let them understand that you are always there to love and protect them.
7. In most of these cases the children are silenced by the maids who threaten them to tell the parents that he/she did this or that and they will be punished. Parents tend to go with the maids who are a different personality in their presence and punish the children. Children loose faith and confidence in the parents. Do not let this happen.
8. Children who undergo such traumatic experiences in their childhood tent to grow up with more complicated personalities, lack confidence and are effected mentally.

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  1. q8Sultana says:

    Oh my God, this is really bad…

  2. tj says:

    maybe you should spare a thought for the maids being abused rather than this bullshit. many Kuwaitis treat their maids like crap. couldnt you think of something better to put on your blog??

  3. tj says:

    #9 on how to prevent this. Look after your own kids and dont be so f@#$ing lazy!!

  4. Mark says:

    i didn’t notice the maid getting abused in this video

  5. tj says:

    what??- pls read the post. Look after your own families! Youre blog is great, I just disagree with your perspective- im sure you could have posted something about those who are REALLY abused in Kuwait- the maids and other third country nationals. Oh well.

  6. k says:

    This video made me feel a mix of emotions. On the one hand, it is shocking and sad. At the same time, it does make you think about how Kuwaitis aren’t raising their children anymore. And it’s not just because both parents work – a lot of times the mother won’t work but won’t be bothered to raise (including discipline) their kids. I believe that if you’re not ready to raise kids yourself, don’t have them. Having said that, this video did also make me think of the abuse that happens both ways. Domestic workers are terribly abused in Kuwait (that of course in no way gives this lady or anyone else the right to turn against a child). I have been witness to two South Asian women, both very young (maybe 20 at best) being viciously beaten by police. It is illegal for police to beat anyone (Kuwaiti or non-Kuwaiti) but you know it’s happening. Until domestic workers start getting treated with respect (by the parents and by the kids) we can expect tragedies of all sorts like the one displayed in this video to keep happening. No, the maid wasn’t being abused in this video, and I am in no way condoning what I saw. All I’m saying is that I would also like to see people out there posting about the abuse that domestic workers suffer (usually without anyone batting an eye).

  7. holla says:

    man it sucks to grow up in kuwait. when kids aren’t being raised by complete strangers, they are raped and abused by family members. now the strangers are abusing them too. no wonder kuwaiti kids are so fucked up.

  8. Stinni says:

    Most people I know in Kuwait (Kuwaiti and otherwise) treat their maids well. I’m glad the video was posted here because we hardly hear about what children suffer at the hands of hired help.

  9. Hriday says:

    This incident took place in Abbasiya. AFAIK, there
    are not too many affluent Kuwaitis living there.
    Besides, the little they show of the apartment
    doesn’t betray any affluence. This maid was a
    south Indian, employed by south Indians. In fact
    she’s speaking Malayalam to the child. Now, the child’s parents can probably only make ends meet by both having to work. And all this is so that they can save for the child’s future. Maids have always functioned as a stop gap arrangement for parenthood, and this abuse has, more often than not, happened before as well. This is an evil that will not go away easily. And punishing the maid is not going to be a deterrent for the other maids because they come from broken homes too, and have been abused themselves. They do not know better. I pity the child. He is a victim of the circumstances.

  10. moe says:

    i dont want to sound racist.. indians aren’t on my fav list.. god bless philippinos

  11. WTF? says:

    Interesting reply Moe.. really shows what sort of person you are.

  12. Pearls says:

    That’s so disturbing! It makes me feel so sick!

    Anyways, this is nothing new to Kuwait or any other country around the world.

    But sometimes parents need a break too & not everyone is so lucky to have an option to stay-at-home & raise their own kids!

    So we’ve heard all about the child & housemaid abuse issues, but have you heard the real stories …

  13. 3abboud of rak says:

    i agree with tj who wrote a few things above..

    when i first saw the post i immediately thought, Why not give a few tips to the servants who come and work in this country. OK, this woman beat up a kid. I have two things to say, why dont more people try and raise their own kids, 2) many many more woman and men who work for the not so few assholes in kuwait have been unpaid, raped or abused some other way, it makes me not feel anything when i see this.

  14. 3abboud of rak says:

    just to be clear! the woman is sick, no doubt it, but what would u think if you saw videos of how servants are treated, is what i am trying to say.
    oh and by the way to the person above who mentioned filipina’s. in the uae we had a video of a filipina abuse some kids. .

    point is u import servants like cattle, out of every 100,000 one will turn out to be bad.


  15. Jewaira says:

    Just for the record, this video was of an Indian child being abused by the maid in Abbassiya.

    I don’t think people should generalize and avoid the issue by saying “Look at the situation of maids in the Gulf- no wonder they abuse children”

    The issue here is of child abuse regardless of nationality. It is a crime and not justifiable by any means.

    Go to the Indians in Kuwait site and read all the feedback from the Indian community on this issue.

    Childcare is a very important issue. An abused child turns into an abusive adult. Protect your children.

  16. Puppylove says:

    I totally disagree blaming the “Kuwaiti” parents, we had an indian maid when my 19 yr old bro was 3 yrs old, when we used 2 go to school and my dad used 2 go 2 work (my mother had just passed away 2yrs b4), he used 2 cry sooooooo much but we thought that he was gonna miss us, but his crying wasnt normal, his crying was 4 help but was afraid 2 tell us, after a while he spoke one morning, i was soooooo mad, but i had 2 go 2 school, so called my dad on his mobile and told 2 come back, and since that day i havent seen her F***ING face, we were so good with her, she even stoled my underwear, till i ran out of them!!!

    we were so good with her, we r good with all of them, infact we have 2 phillipinos working with us now, one’s been here for 4 yrs, the other 15 YEARS!! and we always give them clothes and stuff and buy them stuff, joke with them, buy them presents every christmas, they respect us and love living with us cuz we in return respect them and know that they cant have this life back at home, i always joke 2 the older one telling her that she should get a kuwaitis nationality, she speaks good kuwaiti, lol

    and my brother always jokes and say that she’s our auntie (khalti …….)

  17. Alanoud says:

    Sorry BUT THERE IS NO justification for what this maid is doing, the poor child is terrorized and she goes on and on. I don’t care if she is treated bad she should not take it out on the poor baby. SHE SHOULD BE KILLED FOR THAT!!! I wish there was another video of her being beaten up, as a mother I couldn’t bear that video. She is an animal I would like to know what happened to her.

  18. JAM says:

    This is criminal- sadistic approach. I hate to see some comments supporting this lunatic lady bashing a child.
    Lets hope this clipping be a eye opener to the families who leave their child behind with caretaker.
    There is another case in the same locality which didnot get much attention due to lack of evidence. She use to have sex in front of the kids. Elder kid naratted to his mother in broken language. Her punishement – she was asked to stop working – but she will be working else where – maybe wathing x rated movies or anything else.
    Take care parents.
    Kids are our future. For the sake of money – see that they get a chance in your life.

  19. human says:

    Dear tj and all who agree with him or her. Well, any form of abuse is not tolerated. However now what is the concern is this child, truly a victim of circumstances. The maid in no way is justified. It is very easy to take out your anger on someone who you know in no way can retaliate. Someone who is weaker than you, in size, in thought and definetly someone who is so innocent. If one takes revenge or frustration out on a child, either he or she needs to be psycologically treated after being slapped once atleast. A note to the parents, sometimes it is necessary for both to work. But remember no amount of saving can take away what the child is put through. The mother hug the child tight to make the child feel secure. And definetely take action against the maid and tell her that slapping the child and then again slapping the child because the child cried is stupid. If I would get a chance I want to slap this maid just once and I guess that slap would be enough for her to remember for the rest of her life. God will never pardon her and some where down the line the maid will have to pay. This goes to all those who abuse someone, be it a child or a maid.

  20. Lata says:

    No amount of justification on behalf of the ugly lady can straiten this out. This is very bad on the part of this lady to have beaten an innocent little kid like him. The stories of servants being ill treated in gulf countries is no consolation for this act of sheer cruelty. These servants go for these jobs knowing the risk factor involved. They work for money and at any point of time they can opt for help from fellow workers. But this kid is hardly a year old and the saddest part is that he cannot narrate the cruelty meted to him. The lady cannot take her revenge out on this poor kid. I could not stand the scene and completely went out of mood the whole day after witnessing the video. I request the parents to put up another video of the now- pleasant kid- just to relieve our depression. Please…..and please also let us know what happened to the lady afterwards……

  21. Lata says:

    This also should serve as an eye-opener to parents who leave their precious children in the control and mercy of such strangers. Money can never equal the lack of care that should be given to kids from parents. Such money is not going to bring a child’s life back. Please parents… be more considerate and allow your children some time of yours. The kid shown in the video is very young and I cant imagine how this mother could leave such a young child at the mercy of another strange woman. Grand parents make wonderful caretakers for those few parents who have to work full time. It is also very important to monitor the activities happening at home when we are not present. Hidden cameras and other monitoring gadgets should be made mandatory at such households for the betterment of the innocent and unfortunate children. I would like to request the mother of this child to resign her job and take care of her traumatised child and relieve him of any bitter memories.

  22. photoflow says:

    they’re not showing the video anymore.. I NEED TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS. Do you have on your computer could you upload it?

  23. Cherry says:

    Could you please forward the clipping to our id?

  24. at says:

    This link not active now..

    Give correct url / or video to see and for prevention…

  25. jo says:

    hi, there is a fine line in kuwait especially when it comes to caring for kids. being a fact that a large number of people here have maid doing majority of household work and childcare may actually leave the mothers with a lack of tolerance towards thier children, for example instead of sticking through the rough parts of bringing children into the world ie feeding through the night, tantrums, feeding habits, toliet traning and nurturing when it becomes too hard, well lets say the maid is always at hand so it seems. what is forgotten about is these children who are being forced to be looked after by maids (and lets be honest here they are not educated and cant really teach our children much.) are the face of our future and that is to be thought about very wisely.
    irrelevant wheather a maid is being beaten or abused this is about children being forced to be looked after by an abuser. you know there is a saying the abused become abusers.
    i have 2 very young kids age 1 and 2 and i do it on my own i have a maid yes and i respect her like anyother human, but as far as my kids are concerned i never leave them in care with her she would either watch them while im in the shower or changing one of their dipers, but other than that im always there and always available to my kids at ALL times beacuse im their mother. i know when they grow up they can remember me a a mother not someone who gave them away to be abused.
    mothers and fathers alike think about what you are doing for your kids is it enough? tell them you love them each and everyday because one day you will look into their eyes and they wont be children anyomore and you will either have to answer them for your actions you have taken or they will look at you with so much admiration for doing it on your own and sucessfully.

  26. nora says:

    This problem has been happening ever since we have ‘imported’ maids here .. yes notice i said imported .. servants here – no matter what nationalities they are, are treated like shit here in kuwait .. atleast most of them !! its true .. there are some parents who are being so irresponsible and ignorant .. but there are others who dont exactly have a choice .. they work to put food on the table and pay for their children’s tuition and all that .. but why throw all your anger and resentmant on those poor servants? they have come all the way from the other side of the world and left their families to work for u ppl .. and this is the way u treat them ? like garbage ? im only seventeen .. and i am kuwaiti .. but i have witnessed so many incidents here with ppl who have beat the shit out of their maids .. they got so fucked up they cant even stand up straight .. thats only the physical abuse and its results .. dont get me started with the emotoinal part !! coz i wont be done .. u can blame the maids if u wanted to but point most of the accusations to the parents who dont give a shit about how their children are being treated at home .. theyre your kids .. not the maid’s !!

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