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colorful donuts

I passed by Dunkin Donuts earlier tonight. I wasn’t planning to since I imagined the place to be extremely packed as it was the opening night but as I was on my way to Sultan Center I decided to pass by and check it out. As I was walking towards Dunkin I was expecting to find a long queue outside the place of people wanting to get in. Surprisingly there was no queue, in fact, there was no queue inside even. I guess not many people care about it here in Kuwait which isn’t a good sign considering Dunkin Donuts opened up in the most jinxed place on that street. Tons of places ranging from restaurants to a music shop opened and closed in that location numerous times giving it the jinxed title.

First the good news, the donuts taste great, they taste exactly like Dunkin Donuts anywhere else. Thats the only thing positive I could think of, so lets get started with the negatives. I go to Dunkin Donuts not for their donuts but for their amazing sandwiches, my favorite being the egg, cheese and ham in croissant heated up in the microwave. They don’t have it here! Its probably not a big deal for like 99% of their customers but I was really disappointed, its the only thing I used to have there. Other then that the Pepsi comes in cans which sucks, not only that but its the small 250ml cans even! They also had a DJ for some odd reason and he was playing Arabic music! Finally probably the worst thing is that they are not open 24 hours! They open from 7AM to 1AM meaning no passing by at 2:48AM for late night munchies.

So for first impression it wasn’t very positive but they did just open today so I am sure they are still working on stuff like buying a regular coke machine. Price for a donut is 350fils. For 1KD you get 2 donuts and a coffee. I am definitely going back there again and I hope in the future they do start making the egg cheese and ham sandwich.

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  1. Mo Hat says:

    mark you want too god damn much. you’re whining like a baby. grow up man….

  2. Mark says:

    what the fuck is your problem? now i can’t give my personal impression of a place on my own fucking personal blog?

  3. Patrick says:

    Well, that’s what I dislike about McDonalds in Lebanon, they don’t have breakfast! Not even Burger King has breakfast in Lebanon. Which really sucks

    Mo Hat, if you go to any blog anywhere, all they do is complain about something, it’s not a new thing. There’s nothing bad about it, Mark’s giving us his first impressions, ofcourse he’s going to complain about something, there isn’t one place that has everything right.

    So you don’t have to be so rude.

  4. holla says:

    “I hope in the future they do start making the egg cheese and ham sandwich.” LOL, yeah they are going to start when alcohol becomes legal in kuwait.

  5. Nonawz says:

    Ham ….
    here .. in kuwait? ….
    hmm .. the “dudes” you know whom im talking about .. they gonna close DD and all the “americanish” restaurants .. LOL! .. “yabon elshara” which means they want anything to go wrong to close those kinda shops .. oh well .. it sucks, eh? ..

    btw, check out this menu ..

    in Gourmet Sandwiches section … “BEEF HAM PANINI” LOL! .. do they really serve it .. or a mistake?


  6. holla says:

    WTF nonawz of course they serve it. it’s beef, that’s why it’s called BEEF HAM instead of just ham.

  7. Eddy says:

    hey mo hat dont mess with mark, hes the most powerful man in kuwait…………….blog wise :)

  8. Patrick says:

    Close down all American food chains? haha. I could never imagine Kuwait minus Fridays, Chilis, Starbucks, Casper, McDonalds, Burger King, etc. That’d be the day, Kuwaiti’s without their Starbucks.

  9. Eddy says:

    by the way were the donuts better than the chewy gooey donuts…… what were they called?? go nuts donuts???

  10. holla says:

    chewy gooey makes doughnuts? wtf is wrong with ppl tonight?

  11. Mo Hat says:

    erm mark…i was being the cynic’s cynic, nothing serious :P

  12. Patrick says:

    it’s Kuwait weather. Blame it on the weather.

  13. kuwaity says:

    Hey Mark, whats wrong with arabic songs, so now you resent anything arabic, wow what wrong with you ppl, secondly, please be thankfull to God (if you believe in God) for Kuwait, I guess if kuwait wasn’t better where you come from, you wouldnt be staying here regardless of your motive (am sure it’s about the money, you ppl are so hypocrites, yet you depend on our country to live and you resent it, and its ppl and show an extremely wrong ideas about it. like if you hailed from heaven, am sure lebanon isn’t the perefect country, otherwise why are here. no effense, but am sick with ppl sucking the money of our country and yet treat us like shit, like if there from heaven or if there the sons of kings or queens. I love ppl from everywhere, but please (and this goes to ppl who read your blog since its renowned. plesae show some respect to kuwait, am sure if you lived else where in the gulf you will be crying, am not saying kuwait is the perfect place, but still its much better than many places including where most of you come from. am sure as a kuwaiti I want be so welcomed to work in your countries. thanks

  14. Thamer says:

    A DJ in Dunkin Donuts? Ahaha, that’s pretty lame. Their prices are decent, though. I’ll drop by in a few months.

  15. Dlooms says:

    Kuwaity please shut the fuck up, I’ve been frequenting 2:48AM for quite awhile, and Mark never once disrespected Kuwait. He has his own personal taste, and it is HIS blog. You really need to grow up, and that self defense mechanism just shows how you lack confidence in yourself and your country.

  16. im3vil says:

    ” no effense, but am sick with ppl sucking the money of our country and yet treat us like shit,”
    this has to be the single most repeated like in most kuwaiti blogs…
    Its called exchange of goods and services for monetary or non monetary rewards and not sucking resources/money.
    hope u get the drift.

  17. moryarti says:

    Once a month, from the gas station near my house (yeah yeah … we get Dunkin Dounts in petrol stations here in Dubai) – I treat myself with 2 only: A Bavarian Cream and a Choco Glazed… try them. Really good stuff.

  18. Fonzy says:

    did they have that drink like the Starbucks Frappucino? i forgot the name, i used to go for it only. and ur right, the donuts look great!

  19. CyberRowdy says:

    I love their bagels

  20. unknown says:

    “he was playing Arabic music!”

    Mark i don’t know if you complain about arabic music or about the DJ but kuwait is arabic country so what do you expect?

  21. iDip says:

    “no passing by at 2:48AM” hehe, that was nice :)

  22. Mark says:

    so wait a second here, not liking Arabic music is an insult to Kuwait and I should leave the country? what the fuck?!

  23. moocherx says:

    I get so pissed off when anyone says “if you don’t like Kuwait, get out”. Personally I hate the place, mostly because of the rudeness and arrogance of the locals – demonstrated FULLY on my recent flight back here from BKK. But I am happy to be working here and repatriating my money somewhere else, and I thank God that there’s a place on earth I can come and earn money and when I’m done will never have to set foot in the place again.
    What could change to make me like the place? In order of importance:
    1. Respect by locals to visitors from ALL nationalities
    2. Manners and general civility in all aspects of life
    3. Law-abidance (i.e. relying on self-respect instead of Wasta)

  24. moocherx says:

    before anyone bitches about my last post remember
    On a recent flight to Kuwait from London, I was sat next to 2 Kuwaiti girls. They were complaining about not liking the British (they were speaking in Arabic, thinking I wouldn’t understand) so I said, nicely, “I understand a lot of people don’t like the British and it’s ok because I don’t care for Kuwait very much. But tell me – if you don’t like us, why did you just visit?” They replied – slightly embarrassed that I’d overheard them, “We like the shopping, and the multicultural feel of the place, the weather, and the pleasant towns to walk around and relax”.

    So don’t bitch if someone says they don’t like some aspects of life in Kuwait. Just accept it and don’t let it bother you. I wasn’t bothered by these girls saying they didn’t like Brits, I was genuinely happy to hear another side to a story.

  25. moocherx says:

    incidentally… buy a box of 6 donuts at DD in Bangkok, 99 baht (760fils). Now THAT would make me fatter…

  26. .ysf says:

    me too visited their during my lunch break and took a party pack, it costed 2.450 KD for 12 pieces of assorted doughnuts of our choice.

    but speaking frankly they all looked gud until i placed them in my mouth… they were too much sweet aarrrgghhh…. n i don’t think they were fresh too….

  27. zaydoun says:

    Here we go with the “if you dont like Kuwait, get the f–k out” nonsense. Totally uncalled for and unprovoked this time which is just baffling.

    moocherx… I long ago came to the conclusion that people are prone to mass generalizations based on ignorant stereotypes or a couple of miserable experiences. You know.. French are rude, Brits are cold, Americans are ignorant, Egyptians are liars, Kuwaitis are arrogant, Lebanese are crooks… and so on. I stopped getting agitated over these statements long ago because they dont mean anything; I know who I like and their nationality has nothing to do with it!

    Anyway Mark, that location is just doomed. And wait till Krispy Kreme doughnuts come to Kuwait. A small piece of heaven!

  28. Fonzy says:

    I also hate arabic music!! i hated it when i was in lebanon too. So i should leave kuwait? Keep in mind kuwaity that lebanon is where kuwaities go for vacation and believe me, they all complain when they go there. Every country has its pros and cons and everyone has the right to complain.

  29. Fatality says:

    Yeah man, wtf is wrong with that place ? they should introduce voodo magic or some shit so that jinx goes away.


  30. albandry says:

    they will add the egg and cheez am sure
    oooh its so delicious especially for breakfast yaaaaaaaaaay
    stop am on adiet

  31. moocherx says:

    just having the variety of a donut shop on the same small area that has sandwiches, arabic food, johnny rockets, should give it a fighting chance to survive. I know when I go to Subway, while I’m waiting I’ll drop in to pick up either a bavarian cream or… if they do them… those 4 pink balls on a stick.

  32. albandry says:

    . Nonawz
    the ham doesnt mean pork it means away of drieng the meat sometimes turkey or beef or pork ur choice so its fine to have it in kuwait they serve it all the time try macdonalds breakfast

  33. ahmed says:

    Its Gonuts Donuts that makes the Donuts. They are located at Marina Mall, Souk Sharq and Theater Store in Al Bahar Mall. Mark, which ones are better??

  34. moocherx says:

    Technically, ham is the thigh and buttock of any animal that is slaughtered for meat.

    Yum! (except for the words “slaughtered” and “buttock”)

  35. Mark says:

    Yeah by Ham I didn’t mean had to be pork. Turkey ham would be fine with me.

    They actually do have sandwiches but they are like cold sandwiches like the ones at starbucks. They don’t have any heated sandwiches and the cold ones are the generic halloum sandwich or turkey sandwich etc..

    between go nuts and dunkin which one is better? Well my favorite donut period is the Choco Mallow Frost from Go Nuts but thats also the ONLY donut I have there. I haven’t tried any other donut at Go Nuts although people told me the other donuts are good. I prefer Dunkin when it comes to variety. There isn’t a donut at Dunkin I wouldn’t have.

  36. Nat says:

    Well i prefer Dunkin Donuts wayyyy over Go nuts donuts. You cant even compare. The later has what like 3 types of donuts and thats it? Give me a break. Anyway those sandwiches u saw are meant to be heated like paninis cuz i noticed a seb in there..

  37. rv says:

    because i grew up in Dubai, I know DD has been there for a long time. I’m suprised it just got to Kuwait. But have you tried Krispey Kremes? I’m not sure whether they have them in dubai yet, but they opened one here in melbourne a couple of months ago. its in one of the suburbs quiet a distance away. i went there a few days after they opened with a few friends. the drive in counter operates 24hrs and at 1AM it didn’t look like they we were gonna make it because the queue was massive. we had to drive back at 5AM to get in. They are much better than DD but still over hyped I feel. Try them if u havent and if u get the chance.

  38. evolution says:


  39. Nonawz says:

    thanks alot for making things clear ..

    i think i need some donuts!

  40. fractal00 says:

    Dunkin Donut Frenzy …
    Where are you all DD’ers :S .. i didn’t see any of you yesterday which was like bad and stuff …

  41. moryarti says:

    Krispy Kreme is over rated..

  42. Entrepreneur says:

    Hmmm never new donuts could evoke such emotion.

    To clarify,

    1)Ham is the cut and preparation of the meat, not the animal it comes from.

    2) Patrick, Caspers is a Lebanese franchise, no american.

    3) Go nut Donuts is a philipino franchise, owned and operated by the same guy who runs Caspers here in Kuwait.

    Mark, ok so you whine, but who cares, judging by the number of comments already on this post people keep comming back for more ;)

  43. KtheKuwaiti says:

    Wait .. Mark didn’t come down from the heavens .. Time to stop reading this blog.

  44. Mo Hat says:

    chuck norris came down from the heavens ;)

  45. rv says:

    its now that i noticed a few posts in this thread. my goodness people. you come to another man’s blog and object to what he says. get a blog.

  46. Moey says:

    Wtf is going on here?
    arabic musics sucks ass nowadays, Mark doesn’t like it.. it’s his own freakin fucking opinion! i think rap music was made for black people, that’s my own opinion.. and it’s up to me, and again this is his personal blog Mr i-call-myself-kuwaiti and you’re attitude is not nice because your people do not get kicked out in our country so either shut it up and stuff it with a sweet donut from DD which in my opinion is nothing compared to dubai’s or lebanon (achraifeh where i lived), or “el bab byousa3 jamal” there are like 5685685685 websites on the internet check a porn site a7sanlik

  47. El Arabe says:

    FYI- 70% of DD’s sale come from the coffee, this is reflected on how in the states DD’s are always packed w ppl drinking their coffee as opposed as to really going there for the donuts. I know since I am an avid donut lover and coffee aficionado, also DD started in New England, which is were I studied (Boston) On the other hand KK is truly a donut chain that only offers donuts, which are good, but after comparing them to Go Nnts Donuts and their wide array of flavors, I must admit, KK has lost its cup..In a nutshell, comepetition and awareness are good for the three brands, each have their own competitive edge, so lets see…

  48. Toxy says:

    I’m Kuwaiti, I don’t like Arabic music, shall I leave Kuwait too? There are so many ignorant pricks it makes me sad.

    The guy is giving a review of his opinions, if you don’t like it F-Off and don’t visit it.

    Moey fyi, design was NOT done by Dahan. Dahan executes only, it is not a design house.

  49. Equalizer says:

    What is going on here? Its just as a !@#$% opinion !
    That Kuwaiti prick that talks as if he just landed on the moon is a very good example of why Kuwait sucks! I am Kuwaiti and could walk around and say it in a very loud voice, because if there is someone that needs to be kicked out its that idiot!! I have many expat friends and its just shocking to listen to what happens to them while dealing with Kuwaitis. I largely lay blame on the government that taught people that whatever you do you will still get a job (on paper) and receive a salary regardless of what you do. It is called mass political drugging. We have expats working here because some lazy ass Kuwaiti can’t do the job! Who builds houses, buildings roads, etc? Yeah I think you know that without them we would be living in tents.

    Anyhow I think DD is great, Krispy Kreme is really overrated, its only when you eat it real fresh that gives it that oomph. I’ve been to KK several times in the US and its usually me standing in line and an old lady holding a cane. So whatever makes you happy go for it.

  50. S says:


    Suddenly everone started talking about kuwait and how they hate it. But its not really that bad. And if it is you just gotta ignore all these things and live with it. i respect all ur opinions and i respect marks opinions cuz he never said anything unrespectful. Everyone has a different view so just respect eachothers opinions and stop it..

  51. Toxy says:

    Hmmm…I’m off to test out these donuts. I think the last donut I ate was about 14 years ago or something…

  52. Booyaka! says:

    I saw Mark and Nat there on the day of the opening and they actually had seats!! What time did you get there buoy???? Opening Day was too crowded for me. Went to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf instead. I love their cookies, service, ambience, ginseng tea *sigh* yummy.

    Went to DD yesterday. The donuts were crap. Yes I got the freebies, so what? Yes I got the free donuts. They were crap too. I wanted good donuts, not massageable freebies and free shit donuts. Gave them the donuts to my friends at work today. The coconut donut was probably the best one there.

    It was crowded downstairs. It was empty upstairs. Counter personnel were quite pleasant although they did take a little long getting my order together. The counter needs more cash machines.

    The ambience is crap. The colors upstairs are just depressing and the deco way too “symmetric” hmmm “proper”(?). The couches look so sad sitting there in that terribly lit room. There’s barely space to walk between tables upstairs. Whoever did the design (not Dahan), lighting *puke* and furnishing did a horrendous job. The flushes in the ladies’ room didn’t work as per the observation of a friend of mine. Someone probably ate too many donuts and dropped the mother of all donuts in there. The mens’ room was filthy. Someone tried to paint the wall with his paintbrushpenis. I didn’t dare touch the flush.

    My advice? If you want decent donuts, deal with the non-smiling old filipino lady at Planet Donut.

    I’ll give DD one year before they down their shutters in that location.

    My two cents.


  53. Toxy says:

    Booyaka…If you don’t like DD! Get the hell outta Kuwait!


  54. Booyaka! says:

    And lose the opportunity to whine some more?!$!@ Nooooooo!

  55. bornandlive inq8 says:

    hmm well this blog is interesting
    1st I found out that DD is affordable and not a rip-off like other cafe’s
    2nd bout how people come to q8 for the money and say it sucks… to be honest the ppl really need to treat Asians like humans, I’m a student and i have seen so many incidents where Kuwaitis have abused Indians and Filipinos or any other Asians just read the news paper sometime then talk about “treating us like like shit”

  56. Troy says:

    Im regular consumer of donut.I buy dunkin donut in Petrol station Jebil ali dubai near gate 5 Free zone dated 20 August 2007. But when i started to eat this donut i eat one single long hair and its very disgusting.To the management please be clean to your food next time you will poison us.UNDERSTAND!

  57. Errol Fynn Wheeler says:

    Oh yeah right! Are you smoking crack? Kuwaits not bad at all,…If you don’t mind teperatures so hot you can fry an egg on the sidewalk, and no potable water out of the taps, no alchohol, dead camels all over the damn place, terrible air quality, hardly no vegetation except where there is irrigation, a rediculously conservative culture, and on top of all things no damn breakfast sandwiches at DD. Of course I do like some Arabic music though so I could only wonder. Did the DJ take requests? In all reality Kuwait is a nice place. And all the people here that I’ve met have been nice. Someone just needs to open a real nightclub or two up somewhere. The weather just sucks………And there’s not breakfast sandwiches at DD.

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