360 Mall Flight Experience Video

Post by Mark


Blogger 7ajiDude posted a video of his experience trying out the Flight Experience simulator at 360 Mall which I posted about awhile back. It looks and sounds pretty realistic. Here is a link to his post, it’s in Arabic [Link]

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  1. Keith says:

    Sweet! Reminds me of my flying days.

  2. ifas says:

    mega cool I’m doing it on friday

  3. Babble says:

    Wow, wow, wow!
    I totally want to do this!

  4. Abdul says:

    lovely,i am an aviation enthusiast, i love this simulator

  5. PFunk says:

    This looks cool but it doesn’t move at all WTF? Even the crappy arcade video rides move and even used to go upside down.

  6. SSD says:

    I wonder what it would show if you crash.

  7. PedroDashT says:

    i will do this soon inshallah… mark do you know how long they will be there ?

  8. 7aji says:

    Thanks alot for the Ping Back Man .. Appreciate it :)

  9. Abdulla says:

    This seems so exciting , i cnt wait to try it..

  10. Nick says:


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