Go Karting in Kuwait in 1964 and more

Posted by Mark

I was trying to find information on the Anglo American School of Kuwait and by chance ended up finding a whole bunch of old photos of Kuwait dating back from 1960 up till 1984. I hadn’t seen any of them before and the one that grabbed my attention the most was the one above of a karting track in Ahmadi back in 1964. Most likely the first go-kart track in the region. There are a ton of photos, some are more interesting than others but all help paint a picture of life in Ahmadi back in the 60s and 70s. Check them out [Here]

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  1. mustafa says:

    thanx for the post.It did bring back back luvly memories.

    found this documentary on Old Kuwait.

  2. Akbar says:

    Ahmadi was and is as cool as ever. Let me know about the school when you find more please.

  3. Nathan says:

    Colour photos for the 1960s are pretty rare. Must’ve been one hell of an expensive camera.

  4. ~LE~ says:

    Every day I ride my horse in Ahmadi, I thank God a million times that I live there … I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in Kuwait!!

  5. mcfly12 says:

    they are great pics for ’64, its a wonder no photos ive ever seen even from 78 when i was born are this good random or what, no?

  6. BuYousef says:

    Very nice collection. Found pictures of oil equipment that would look great in presentations :)and offer a good story.

  7. dougmacho says:

    Love these trips down memory lane, love hearing about the history and culture of kuwait!

  8. woow, these are priceless pictures

  9. Kuwait says:

    This is a treasure trove for me and anyone else associated with KOC or Ahmadi in any way. Thanks dude.

  10. mushroom says:

    that’s what you call go karting.. like a boss!

  11. abdou says:

    The only reason I find these pics appealing is because I can imagine what it was like when my dad landed here.

  12. Nixon says:

    Looks much better than the prokart track, and I bet the karts are faster!
    I heard about it before, but first time seeing it. It was built by the english people who were in Kuwait, I also heard that people are taking their cars to that track…
    Thanks Mark for sharing.

  13. كويتي says:

    الكويت … للكويتيين

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