Happy National & Liberation Day

Post by Mark

Don’t forget to STAY OFF THE GULF ROAD!

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  1. Frankom says:

    am about to go there not for celebrations of course but heading to a restaurant wish me luck hehe

  2. Purple & Gold says:

    Seriously, maybe the best ever stage production in Kuwait’s history

    simply breathtaking and spectacular brings me to tears always

    Those truly were the good old days “old is gold”

  3. Jj says:

    Dude my destination is the gulf road hehehe

  4. hassan says:

    my cousin and my aunt are in this video :D

  5. RoXaS says:

    Bleh im just gonna be at the avenues for the weekend

  6. wi-fi says:

    its weired u didnt translate the song .


    اجازه سعيده

  7. rad-dude81 says:

    Mark, what do you think about reviewing the museums/landmarks in Kuwait? There are plenty for Kuwaitis and expats to learn about the rich history of Kuwait. Since there is a lack of media coverage for these places, your well-known blog could provide all the necessary information. You could review the following:

    1-Kuwait National Museum (next to the National Assembly): Covers pre-oil Kuwait.
    2-Kuwait House of National Works (Al-Shuwaikh): Covers the Iraqi Invasion.
    3-Al-Qurain War Museum (In Al-Qurain): Is the war torn house of the Q80 resistance.
    4-Al-Ahmadi Oil Museum (In Al-Ahmadi)
    5-Dickson House (In Sharg): Violet Dickson’s house.
    6-The American Hospital (In Qibla): 1st Concrete building in the Gulf.
    7-Bait Lothan (Besides Marina Mall): Art House
    8-Tariq Rajab Museum of Islamic Art: (In Al-Jabriya)
    9-Tariq Rajab Calligraphy Museum (In Al-Jabriya)
    10-Bait Al-Bader (In Sharg near Soug Sharg): Old Q80 house
    11-The Red Fortress (In AL-Jahra): Built to defend from the Saudi Invasion.
    12-Kuwait Maritime Museum (In Sharg inside Shargiya School): Includes maritime materials
    13-Kuwait Maritime Museum2 (In Alrawdha, house of Al-3asfoor)
    14-Sadu House (In Sharg near Soug Sharg): Includes biduin arts.
    15-Soug Al-Mubarakiya (In Qibla/Safat): Old Q80 market
    16-Behbehani Building (In Al-Watiya next to the Church), which includes Dar Al-Funoon.

    Hope this helps.

  8. Mark says:

    thanks, there are a ton of places on the list i haven’t even been to!

  9. rad-dude81 says:

    OOPS! Forgot to add The Modern Art Museum Near Soug Sharg.

    Muchas gracias, Mark!

  10. Hielda says:

    @Purple & Gold ,, I 100% agree & my sis is there too ,, what HAPPENED NOW ?? Where is the old Kuwait !!!???

  11. ~LE~ says:

    I think am gona cry! T_T

    God I miss home so bad!! And this song really just burst the bubble! ='(

    I swear people will never know the meaning of Kuwait until they leave it.

    3z ya kuwait 3z.

    a final note, I just wish Kuwait would return to the days of that video clip…thats how we should celebrate our independence and liberation, by having fun..unlike now the maseera’s are no what they used to be, i mean you cant even stick your head out the window and wave your flag! =S

  12. Mathai says:

    whoa thanks for that list rad-dude81!
    I’ve been to Qasr Al Ahmar (red fortress), which was pretty informative . How do I get to Al Qurain war museum?

  13. rad-dude81 says:

    You’re welcome, Mathai! It’s in Al-Qurain area. I think you need to take Sabhan’s bridge (the one after Sabah Al-Salem’s) if you are coming from Kuwait City. Then follow the signs. It is actually a house of a member of the Miseela Resistance with documents, weapons, portraits of the martyrs & cars on display. It’s a reminder of the brutal attack of the Iraqi Army. Don’t miss it.

    @ LE, you’re right, bro. The video shows the pure and simple Kuwait & I miss those days.

  14. Dr.BlueQ8 says:

    5 simple steps to get to the the Memorial museum in Qurain:
    1. take the King Fahad highway heading south
    2. once you reach Shabhan bridge -> go up & left
    3. turn right before reaching/at the traffic lights
    4. 1st roundabout -> straight ahead, 2nd roundabout -> go left, 3rd roundabout -> go right
    5. take the 1st left turn -> Qurain memorial museum!

    Intrance is free…
    but you gotta bribe the security guy (1KD) if you want him to open the gates to the Soviet/Iraqi enriched-uranium-polluted tank, for your kids to take some picture they’ll never forget!

    you read it right, enriched-uranium!

  15. Othman says:

    The full video is over 6mins btw >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcUqr_dphSM

    i miss the good old days as well.

  16. JJ says:

    Just got back from Khairan and the Gulf luved it :D

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