Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s something else!

Post by Mark

Symphony Mall have placed their logo on top of their building but I have no idea what it is. Anyone have a clue? Kinda looks like a falcon maybe? The whole thing looks kinda squished up there, not enough room for it. It’s like I mentioned last time, building signs always seem like a sloppy last minute addition here in Kuwait.

Thanks Issa!

Update: Turns out it’s Doctor Zoidbergs claw!

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  1. Bu Yousef says:

    They had to add ‘the touch’! Looks horrid.

  2. Kuwait says:

    Looks like a fish on fire :)

  3. K.theKuwaiti says:

    Symphony is owned by Al-Tijaria .. same people as the previous sign. I guess they have a thing for large ugly signs on top of their buildings.

  4. Danderma says:

    Chinna the red character from sonic the hedgehog riding a matching red skateboard?

  5. Rockafella says:

    yeh thats definitely butt ugly……kuwait’s architecture is amazin and then they screw it all up at the finish….retarded investors!!

  6. Frankom says:

    i think it is a bird

  7. Rockafella says:

    looks like a chili on fire!! lol..

  8. JB says:

    it’s a red rose with the profile of a female face… and no…u r not suppose to get it right away… definetly room for improvement though

  9. FYI says:

    fat dude surfing.

  10. Mood says:

    It looks like a predator bird holding a fish in its claws.

  11. az says:

    the sad thing is it seems that companies/investors spend millions of KD designing, planning and constructing the buildings but then when it comes to signs or basically just the overall detail and finishing, they want to be as “cost efficient” as possible. why….if your gonna do it…do it right…right?

  12. MSM says:

    That building looks fugly with or without the sign.

  13. Debbie says:

    looks like a butterfly

  14. Abdullah says:


  15. Ansam says:

    dead bloody bird!

  16. Hatch3r says:

    A red smurf on a skateboard lol :D

  17. Realist says:

    Really shows how the company feels about their real estate investment.

    BTW its the same owner as the other building you posted about.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s a quill on its stand, a pen that is made from a bird’s feather.

  19. katukoa says:

    I can confirm JB’s reply, it is a female profile in rose petals. The branding looks refined and classy in print, but the execution here does not reflect it at all. I would have only used the logotype on the building and restricted the logo on print and small size displays only.

    Thinking about what I just said, I now think the designers must have specified no use of the logo on the building, but client probably insisted on it.

  20. Mark says:

    do you have a better picture of the logo?

  21. katukoa says:

    I do but I can’t share it. But now that its up there its probably going to surface in papers soon.

  22. Mohammed says:

    im guessing its an upside down red rooster biting a red chili pepper. pretty practical.

  23. Louka says:

    doesnt look too bad at night ey?

  24. ABGD says:

    just what we need , ANOTHER FUCKING MALL!

  25. s. says:

    it looks like a lobster claw loooooooool

  26. Mark says:

    You’re right! It’s Dr Zoidbergs claw!

  27. JR says:

    Ahahaha Zoidberg! man that one eyed chick from futurama is hot

  28. OBL says:

    Dr.Zoidberg is sexier and many phat people dream of becoming him by having KFC !

  29. JR says:

    @OBL….. WTF!?!?!?!

  30. nasser says:

    i think it’s a music note that got ripped of during the wind couple of days ago

  31. q8travelbud says:

    I was walking the other day on the sc walk and stood for a while trying to figure it out … !!

  32. Confused mama says:

    hey can someone tell me where in the world is this mall? and from what iv’e read in the past blogs about it (2006) is it really the way? Most expensive mall, assistants carrying ur bags and foot massage in the bathroom?
    I live in salmiya but sadly havent come across this. Pls pls gimme some direction, landmark, some indication that I dont live in isolation !!

    oh ya and when I get there i’ll surely check out the logo :)

  33. Sara says:

    I think its super man board skating and his red cape is flying. Thats how I see it

  34. louka says:

    @Confused mama: you cant miss it, once you get to the scientific centre (the actual building) just give your back to the sea, and you’ll see it, its big enough to spot

  35. shahou88 says:

    I look at it everyday :P and yaaah it looks weird i was just asking my friends about it and we all stared at it “” Its a thing … … … … … “” =O

    who is the designer ??? X(

  36. Dr. Zhivago says:

    @confused mama its across the street from AUK towards the Gulf Road.

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