Pepsi RAW

Posted by Mark

I just tried the Pepsi RAW and it didn’t taste that bad although I wouldn’t have it again. Pepsi RAW is like regular Pepsi except its made with all natural ingredients and free from artificial flavoring, colorings, preservatives and sweeteners. I found it at Sultan Center for 490fils and it tastes much better than RedBull Cola.

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  1. faisal says:

    coke and natural ingredients don’t match for me

  2. marzouq says:

    Thats ridiculous !!

  3. KTDP says:

    still not better than bawls…..

  4. Frankom says:

    tried it few days ago
    tastes like

    عرق سوس

  5. tried it last week ,,, didn’t like at all ,,,
    and heads up ,,, don’t try the new (SOBE) at sultan center ,,, the one called (lizard fuel) … it’s the same place as the (RAW)

  6. Roxas says:

    redbull cola tasted like shit :P i tasted it in switzerland thinking it wa cool but IT WAS SHIT

  7. A.Albaz says:

    Which branch of Sultan? I really want to try one

  8. 490fils for a bottle of coke?good god man are you rich?

  9. A.Albaz says:

    Thank Mark, I will be picking up 3 tomorrow for sure!

    Pepsi is alright before an exam but coke before an exam, is something else

  10. Jaber says:

    I’ll try it soon, thanks for posting :)

    does anyone know if Redbull Cola is available in Kuwait? thanks

  11. Nasser says:

    I got Pepsi RAW for 300 fils. I’m 190 fils richer.

  12. Khaled says:

    is it imported? what’s the deal here?

  13. Mark says:

    imported from the UK

  14. Khaled says:

    only store than bothers to import here is Tamimi Safeway and they do a bad job at it :/
    “Hey Tamimi, we want more IBC root beer” … …. …
    Saudi Arabia based distributors & dealers (for everything) are lazy. They just import the lowest end of any product and mark it up so high. hm, i just said that on twitter..

  15. Mark says:

    urgh gross, IBC root beer is shit. A&W FTW!

  16. Khaled says:

    both are good, everything else is crap :/

  17. Sarah says:

    I bought a can of RedBull Cola in Sultan Center yesterday. I never tasted anything so horrible in my life. I would not recommend anyone to try it.

  18. Khaled says:

    do it the manual way, Redbull (or your drink of choice) + soda of choice. don’t mix and enjoy

  19. ABX7X says:

    Mark You do have a horrible taste still i think RedBull cola is way better than the Pepsi EAW Sorry RAW

  20. Moey says:

    I wannnnnnnnnnnnt!

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