Pimped-Out Envoy

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envoy pimped

My friend told me about this place in Kuwait that can pimp out your car by making your doors open vertically instead of horizontally.. like Lamborgini’s. I think he said it costs KD1000 per door or something. So today on my way back home from work I saw this pimped out envoy with the doors open and I took a quick picture.

Oh and earlier tonight I was crossing the traffic light (walking) behind this old Ford Bronco when I saw a sticker on his rear window that said “Don’t Look Inside”, so I looked inside and wow, the guy had the whole interior of the car laid out with speakers on the bottom and the amps all around the inside windows. There were atleast 12 subs and an equal amount of amps all laid out. Really cool shit.

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  1. nibaq says:

    The guy is pulling your left with 1000 per door that just nuts. Your car just costs 750Kd for both doors


  2. Entrepreneur says:

    sweet… ive seen BMW 300s too, and a porsche the other day too! carrera… they park in the johnny carinos parking lot around f6oor time

  3. i know which ford you’re talking about haha i’ve seen it as well once!

  4. 3baid says:

    The things people are willing to do to get attention is phenomenal.

  5. The Stallion says:

    You can get it for less than the price Nibaq said but it all depends on how fancy you want it!

    As for the Bronco, that is an amazing set up!

  6. SAF1 says:

    You can get that done by KROMOZONE at Yusuf Alghanim. Call them and ask for Amit! He can pimp your ride any way you want. Watch out for KZ (Kromozone) peeps.

  7. Kohli says:

    Envoy’s complete audio system was done by us at Zaharat Al Naseem in Kuwait City.
    Its been hooked by Audiobahn.

    Check out some of the installs done by us


  8. melhem says:

    am the owner for this envoy and the door cost me 600 for both you wanna see it just call me 009657842288
    my anther E-mail is K_M_B_R_2002@yahoo.com

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