The most powerful Kuwaiti women – 2014

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Arabian Business released their “100 most powerful Arab women 2014″ list and 9 Kuwaiti women made the top 100. Last year 11 Kuwaiti women made the list with the most powerful being Suad Al Humaidi who came in at number 10. This year Suad dropped down all the way to 46th place leaving Shaikha Al Bahar (pictured above) to take the top spot by coming in 21st place. Below is the current ranking of all the powerful Kuwaiti women who made the top 100.

21 – Shaikha Al Bahar
27 – Maha Al Ghunaim
43 – Rasha Al Roumi
46 – Suad Al Humaidi
50 – Faten Al Naqeeb
67 – Sara Akbar
78 – Donna Sultan
89 – Hanadi Al Saleh
99 – Ghosson Al Khaled

For the full top 100 list, visit the Arabian Business website [Here]

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  1. Naif says:

    the 2nd most powerful women is Saudi :)

  2. Sami says:

    Almost a quarter of the list (23 out of 100) are women from the Emirates. That’s a pretty big percentage considering that Emiratis are only about 1 million people out of a total of 300 million Arabs.

    But then, it’s an Emirati Magazine.

  3. Kuwait says:

    ‘Powerful’ is different from ‘Rich’

  4. Anonymous says:

    Maha Al-Ghunaim is still on there?

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