Recycling in Kuwait

Post by Mark

There is a company in Kuwait called MRC (Metal & Recycling Company) and they’ve got a recycling program called New Air in which they recycle paper, cartons, plastic, metals, PET bottles, water cans, aluminum, boilers, kettles, taps, door handles, electronic items, etc… Now the best part is that they can give you recycling bins for your home so that you could also help the environment by recycling.

All you need to do is get in contact with MRC (details below) and they’ll send recycling bins over to your house. You could then either set up pick up schedules (for example once a week) or the better more environmental friendly option is to call them once your bins are full and they’ll then come by pick up a full load.

So if you’re interested in recycling just give them a call on 97285044 or send an email to

Thanks NJ

Note: This service is provided to offices, educational segments, industries, government, complexes etc.. and not only houses

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  1. bodii88 says:

    aaaaaaah !!! Finally recycling in kuwait !

  2. Pickles says:

    MRC has been here for a while. and no am not giving my trash for free. they can buy it if they want. greenwashing at its best.

    • Mark says:

      you’ve been giving it away for free all your life so stop being greedy

      • blackswan says:

        Actually you are paying a monthly fee to the municipality (baladia) for garbage collection, if i`m not mistaking.

      • Pickles says:

        It’s not me who is being greedy, it’s them! I’d be glad to segregate my trash for municipality to collect, but not for a privately owned company that will make millions out of our trash. They are in business and last time I checked the business dictionary, I couldn’t find the word “free” in it.

        Once I see some service being offered to the local community such as: bus stops made from recycled material, benches, parking shades, etc. then I might change my point of view towards local recycling companies.

        I hope you understand where I’m coming from.

        • Aidan says:

          They deserve to make millions for standing up and making a difference to the environment. Mind you, they don’t need to collect paper from houses. Just roam around the corniche and clean up the mess people leave after their ‘family’ picnics or walk up and down the 5th collecting the trash thrown out of cars! That’s millions of $$$ right there!

          See the positives in these initiatives Pickles – don’t just jump on the negatives.

          • Yeni says:

            They are not doing this for the environment. They couldn’t give a damn about the environment. They mostly sell off all the collected trash to recycling companies in Oman and UAE for a handsome profit. In fact they cannot even be considered a recycling company, they are really a collection service.

            Personally I will never use them. I prefer throwing my trash away the traditional way and benefiting the poor Bengali guys who sift through it and recover the recyclables then sell them off to those greedy bastards. In fact I often separate cans and bottles anyway just to make their lives easier.

            • Phoenix says:


              You seemed to be well informed about the topic.

              Taking your Oman/UAE assumption, can you please enlighten us how much profit is being made from collecting and selling household trash after subtracting the following: local pickup and transport, handling, segregation, packing, loading & unloading and finally freight?

              If you want to help Asian workers, there are quite a few charities you could contribute to instead of throwing your garbage for them to skim through, how charitable indeed.

              • Yeni says:

                I’m not trying to say that I’m being charitable by throwing my garbage away. I’m just saying I would rather the ones who sift through garbage get the money than this “recycling company”.

                • Mark says:

                  It’s not about the money, it’s about the environment. I’m throwing my trash anyway out for free but if there is a company that will take my trash to get it recycled let them take it as long as I don’t have to pay for it.

                • Phoenix says:

                  Mate, everything costs money.

                  As you said, trash is valuable but in order to move it and process, it’s also expensive.

                  In the end it needs to make sense to all parties involved.

                • Yeni says:

                  Hello again Mark. I see we both have a very light workloads today. LOL.

                  I agree with you, it is about the environment. I just choose to give the recyclables pre-sorted to poor people who make a tiny bit of money out of it.

                • Phoenix says:


                  Since when is it a good thing to encourage people to swift through garbage?

                • Yeni says:

                  Since my garbage is pre-sorted I am not encouraging anyone to do anything. They sift through it anyways to make a tiny bit extra money. This is not just here in Kuwait, even in the US where recycling is much more common, you will see homeless guys with bags full of cans which they collect from the trash. The encouragement to sift through garbage comes from the fact that companies buy recyclables.

                • Phoenix says:

                  So what I understand from you is that there will always be enough trash for everyone and that the companies are now to be blamed for recycling waste :)

                • Yeni says:

                  Yup, exactly what I’m saying. LOL

        • mars says:

          fighting over garbage, seriously?

    • Phoenix says:

      @ Pickles, what are you doing with your trash? :D

  3. BuYousef says:

    I’ve had a separate bin for cans and newspapers (no longer subscribing so this one is empty) for the past 5 years at least. There are people who go through rubbish bins separating out cans and cardboard to sell on. I stopped one of them in 2006 and asked him not to go through my bin… He picks up his bag of cans every second Friday and sells them on.

    Batteries on the other hand I’ve kept in a box at home and refused to through them in the bin. Wel’ll only end up being poisoned by them in the future. Will call MRC and see what they do with them before I hand them over. I should really switch to rechargeables

    The municipality should take initiative and earn their damn salaries by setting up a system country-wide. We’re in 2011!! The UK (which was late in the game) have been recycling since the late nineties!

  4. Ansam says:

    I am working on recycling project with some companies at the moment… and will update you with all the info I have soon :)

  5. Marzouq says:

    I will try them out and see what they have to offer! I’m also curious as to how they recycle exactly and what they do!

    • Newair says:

      We are one of the leading recycling company in Kuwait. We collect all the materials like plastic, paper, carton , electronic items. We treat and segregate these materials as per the international standards.

  6. Taiba says:

    I called the company a while ago, and it took them 3 weeks to drop off the cardboard bins. When I called them for collection, it took them a month! I am sorry to say they have horrible service, so now I switched to The Green Target Company. They are a group of young Kuwaiti guys that started up the business on their own. They are prompt and very friendly, not something I can say about MRC… My experience.

  7. MyBloogle says:

    Mark, any idea on how/ where to recycle CRT monitors? those big bad boys take up plenty of space, and should not just be tossed near the dump due to the content inside them.

    • Newair says:


      We collect these CRT monitors and all Electronic items.

      We used to collect these electronic items from most of the houses and companies.

      Please send us your contact details to our email.

  8. Jotkat says:

    I tried them and they don’t come to pickup as often as one might need! After a few weeks the bins were full and despite my constant calling nothing happened! I threw it all in the municipality garbage.

    My advice, if you live in a small place avoid this service, however if you have space and can afford to keep collecting for weeks in row then go for it.

    • Newair says:

      We apologise for this happenings.

      We would like to welcome to our Newair family again. As we are revamping our system to make sure all the customers are fullfilled.

      Pls email us your details.

      • Carolina says:

        Same happened for me. Newair is a disaster. I have called Newair at least 5 times during the last 3 weeks to collect my recycling. they always come up with a different excuse and always promise me to come back, but never happens. All my neighbours have the same problems and their bins are all full. I strongly advise against using them if you are thinking of recicling.

  9. Mathai says:

    I used to keep newspapers and old electronics in boxes till I could find a way to dispose them but since I live in a small apartment I had to dump them all in the neighborhood dumpster. Next day I saw that some people had gone thru all the bags and scattered its contents on the road and around the dumpster.

    I try to segregate my garbage so that the collectors will have an easy job but since there’s no way to mark the bags they probably will dump them all together.

    Here’s an interesting video about garbage segregation in Japan. I hope we get a system like this.

  10. Anonymous says:

    None of the companies mentioned are punctual or professional. We have yet to recieve our boxes since May.

  11. Desert Girl says:

    I think they are an Agility subsidiary if I’m not mistaken.

  12. NJ says:

    Awesome, thanks for spreading the work Mark.

  13. Hudhaib says:

    There is a waste management conference & exhibition which will be held on 18 – 19 October 2011 at the Hilton Hotel. details at

  14. Sam says:

    does anybody or co. recycle organic waste.rotten foods n stuff. ty

  15. Waqas says:

    Will we be getting any return?

    Will there be any money given in return of paper waste.

    KD/KG ??

    or any other incentive ?

  16. Ranwa says:

    MRC, or Newair as they are now called, are absolutely terrible, they are the worst recycling company in Kuwait.
    They rarely come on time, and when you call them to inquire when the pick up is, they give you false timings and never follow through! My apartment complex started complaining from how much pile up their has been.
    Each customer service representative lies and promises regarding the pick up timings, and they never give you a straight answer. Absolutely TERRIBLE! They are going down the drain, they are unorganized and unprofessional.

  17. Gopal says:

    I chanced upon this post while searching for alternatives to MRC.

    Being the first adopters in our building we were proud that we were doing our bit for the environment. Not any more.

    While they had been prompt last year (2012), this year they don’t turn up even after half a dozen calls and reminders.

    Is there any other alternative as GTC Kuwait site seems out of action?

    For those who need guidance on composting vegetable / kitchen / organic waste pls email me agkrish at the rate of gmail dot com. I can guide the budding home gardeners.

  18. moe says:

    Their service is extremely bad. I had them for almost 2 years then they suddenly stopped coming. I called and emailed with no reply. I am now looking at other companies that do the same. Any suggestions?

  19. Carol Hill says:

    I have been using New Air for sometime now and must say that thier service though initially very bad has been consistently good this past year. They come promptly every two weeks to my apartment for collection. As a teacher I must also say that field trips to the recycling plant are a great way to educate Kuwaiti Youth on the benefits and methods of recycling. Call ahead to arrange a trip with their PR department.

  20. Steve says:

    Dear All:

    I have come to this blog by chance, while researching Plastic Recycling in Kuwait. It has been something on my mind for the past two years.

    It’s interesting to see such willingness to recycle in Kuwait, but that it was sadly returned with horrible service.

    I am currently planning to launch a recycling company in Kuwait, learning from the best, as well as from the mistakes of local companies, hoping that I succeed.

    Would be happy to have feedback, or even co-investment interest at


  21. Laetitia says:

    Thank You SO SO MUCH for this info. I will contact them today. Yeahhhhhhh

  22. Laetitia says:

    I emailed them 2 days ago and I’m still without a response… Is anyone know if they are still in service?
    Thank You.

  23. Nicolas says:

    I just received a letter saying that starting 6-11-2014 they stopped working.

    so , there goes our recycling.

  24. Laetitia says:

    It is official… It’s UNFORTUNATELY closed!!! No more recycling… I am just so sad.
    If anyone has found a replacement don’t hesitate to share.

  25. Reem Adnan says:

    Thanks for the information but unfortunately none of the above links is working! i’m working on site and you can’t imagine how many containers they need to throw away papers and plastic bottles! I really want help in taking all the wasted items for recycling! right now I’m taking them by my self to the Municipality containers but I don’t know if I’ll continue or not.


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