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Just found out there is another mall/plaza popping up in Salmiya right across the street from Laila Gallery (next to Omnia Mall and Sultan Center) called The Cube. Based on the rendering it looks like it’s going to be another restaurants project similar to Bidaa and The Village but my biggest question is where will everyone park? The street is already heavily congested and the only proper parking spaces nearby are behind Sultan Center and Laila Gallery but those two lots already get super packed. [Link]

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  1. 123 KDD says:

    Mark, you know Kuwait better than most of us.. The last thing any construction firm thinks about is parking.. look at the buildings (Apartments) in Hawalli across Rawdah on King Fahad’s road.. the’ve been empty for YEARS since they have NO parking

  2. Baqdonis says:

    well the render above does show parking in front of the building. Not enough but they did give it “some” thought. It’s better than blocking one lane with concrete pots like what the Marriott did in the city.

  3. BB says:

    can somebody explain to me one thing: why Kuwait does not impose on all new projects to have sufficient parking place…

    Developers should build a parking building next to every new build… see how residential buildings on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai have connected parking buildings to them…

    can you imagine Dubai without those parking places…

    • Mark says:

      Not sure, my building which was built in the 80s has 30 flats and 3 floors of underground parking lot enough to hold at least 3 cars per flat. There is a building across the street that looks like it will have more than 30 flats and doesn’t have any underground building and probably enough parking spots for 10 cars on the outside.

      That’s corruption for you.

  4. sarah says:

    This looks like it should be a school, not a mall. I haven’t been to Salmiya in years because of the traffic conjestion, so if they don’t have parking they can close shop before they even open. Kuwair=t causes their own problems, I’ve learned.

  5. Asif says:

    Well Avenues has the largest parking lot all over kuwait but even though its not enough to accomodate parking during weekends and even more crowded on occassion.

    • Mark says:

      Could be a lot of reasons for that. Could mean they didn’t plan it properly and need more parking lots. Could mean they do have enough parking spots but people are having difficulty getting to them. Maybe they did account for this much traffic but all the extra spots are in Phase III which is still under construction.

      • Randy says:

        Have you seen how many handicapped spots they have at The Avenues?? Every time I go I count at least 20 -30 empty handicap spaces .. and that’s just under Phase II

  6. Andy says:

    Kuwait needs more shopping malls like a fish needs a bicycle.

  7. armando says:

    What parking the new moda now is to have the driver drive just to the front of the door, stop all tragic while madam get in and out at her slow past then he drive off just for the next one to drive another 10M and do the same, meanwhile the rest of the drivers wait on double parking in the parking lot waiting for a place to park and you regular driving person eat Sh%&*T and good luck

  8. Longhorn In Kuwait says:

    hahahaha… talk about parking problems…. the 2 new restaurant complexs in Mahaboula is going to have horrid parking too! The one adjacent to Spoons but on the other side of the white villas(which are still not occupied) is going to be a really nice place to visit but the customers may be forced to park across the buy ass seaside road. The other new one that is going up called “Levels”, which is about 100m uo the road from Applebees complex, looks like the customers might have to find their own parking as well. I can’t forget about the other one on the border of Abu Halifa and Mangaf near the traffic light by the Hilton Beach Resort, they have stalled on working on that one.
    When my wife and I was in Salmiya this last weekend we noticed the complex being built on the water side of Gulf Road that looks almost like the Marina Crescent complex. More and more restaurants….

  9. Klakooo says:

    Basskom akil ya naaas!

  10. Proud Kuwaiti says:

    Are we turning into the restaurants nation?

  11. Mannan says:

    Hi.Can aybody provide me the contact number of the CUBE company or the marketing company for it.

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