Tim Hortons opening in Kuwait

Post by Mark

Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons will be opening up in Kuwait. Back in 2004 I took the picture above in Salmiya, supposedly Tim Hortons was opening up there but Dunkin Donuts ended up opening instead. [Link]

Thanks Omar

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  1. S says:

    That’s so exciting!!
    It’s kind of confusing at the same tho, cause I know that Tim hortons was strictly canadain. They didn’t even have a branch in the US (except on the borders) but since last year they opened up branches in US.
    We asked a couple years ago if we could open one up in Kuwait and we got a no lol
    But I’m so glad to hear their opening one up now :)

  2. +_O says:

    yay ice capppps

    i *heart* timmies…

  3. Yeni says:

    Timmies is crap. Only two kinds of coffee (regular and decaf). Plus shitty donuts that taste like cardboard, and Timbits that taste like testicles. I can’t see it competing with Costa, Starbucks, Second Cup, Krispy Kream, and Caribou.

    • Amar says:

      It will compete, I dont doubt that every single one of us Canadians in Kuwait will be there every day sustaining the timmies business at a very minimum lol

    • Nael says:

      Oh come on man, you know you’re exaggerating. You gotta be fair.

    • SSD says:

      Stop being ridiculous. I don’t a single person who ever tasted Timmy’s donuts and timbits and said they tasted like crap. Every one who tried it here in Canada loved it because of the taste and the cheap price. It could compete with other brand coffee shops if they keep prices low in Kuwait. But since this is Kuwait, I highly doubt that.

  4. Qaiss says:

    more coffee shop, bas wala kuwait is full of these places.

  5. exactly what kuwait needs, more coffee shops.

  6. Grit says:

    Guys stop complaining. Some people are looking forward to seeing Timmies open up. Why don’t you just adopt a live and let live approach on that front eh?

  7. Amar says:

    This is awesome!! Cant wait to have timmies, it will just be like a taste of home in Kuwait!

    Timmies isnt just a coffee shop, its a culture :-P!

  8. Sita says:

    Amazing!!! Vanilla coffee…. I ve been wanting them to come to Kuwait for ever!!!

  9. Longhorn In Kuwait says:

    Well this doesn’t pertain to timmies but I got a email notice from 248am or pm and some knucklehead commented that Planet Hollywood is opening tomorrow. wish people would do some research first. i just called them to ask and they said no but soon(like if i really want to go there anyways).

  10. Musaed says:

    Starbucks killer.

  11. Nael says:

    Well it’s a big thing here in Canada, but are there lots of Canadians there in Kuwait or people who are familiar with the chain atleast?

  12. Jim says:

    For the last five years I was ordering all my raw coffee from Tim Hortons. So it is time to have it fresh directly from the source.

  13. dan says:

    Tim’s coffee is pure crap and anyone that says it’s a Starbucks killer is a complete coffee idiot. Seriously there is nothing that touches Starbucks’ Sumatra and I’ve tried the overrated Konas and Blue Mountains.

    • jim says:

      I am an Americano lover and the best coffee I can find here in Kuwait sorted best to worse:

      1- Coffee bean
      2- Coffee Republic
      3- Costa Coffee
      4- Gloria Coffee
      5- Caribou
      6- Starbucks

      so your Starbucks is at the end of the list.

  14. Mahi says:

    Oh my goodness I can’t believe this. I work at timmies here in Canada and will be soon moving to kuwait. Having Timmies in Kuwait will be like home away from home :’).

    • Amar says:

      Agreed, :-)…You work at timmies? When are you coming to Kuwait? Can you bring me some timmies peach juice, a couple ice caps, and 20 dozen everything bagles?

  15. Adam says:

    although it may be special, but the market’s saturated with coffee chains! don’t you think?!

  16. jim says:

    Although Tim has a variety of items between coffees, bagels, daunts, cakes, soup and sandwiches, however it depends on mass sales. Most sold coffee is the brewed fresh coffee that expires within 20 minutes and must be changed after that. The price also is a factor here, the small cup of coffee in Canada is a round 1.20 CAD = 350 Fils. A fair price would be 500 Fils, this will be affordable twice a day.

  17. Nael says:

    It’s the poor/middle class choice of coffee chain, but some rich Canadians still go to it because it is after all, a national icon.

    Starbucks, second cup and the rest are directed mostly towards the middle/rich classes.

  18. Amar says:

    Actually, this brings me to a question for all of you…

    Can you buy non frozen, ie fresh, bagels anywhere in Kuwait?! I know Second Cup has bagles, but they are expensive if you are looking to buy in bulk for breakfast. I think its 750 fils for bagels, thats 7.50 KWD for 10…crazy.

  19. Rockafella says:

    Sweeet…Timmis in Kuwait……perfect for us Canadians!!! definitely gonna be drinkin all dem ice caps throughout the 50 degree summmers……cant’ wait!!

  20. Khaled says:

    Ohh yeaaah..
    Double double pleaassee..

  21. Abid Hasan says:

    As a Canadian I gotta say. Best thing ever!

  22. faithq8 says:

    i doubt it! i tried bringing it to q8 but they refused on the grounds that they want to be exclusively canadian!

  23. Longhorn In Kuwait says:

    so has this place ever opened? I have been craving some different things for breakfast and to munch on in general, and te only way to have it is from a place know for their quality bagels! Just catching up on “How I Met Your Mother” season 5 and they are in a Tim’s in Toronto!

  24. Reham says:

    did this restaunrat open in Kuwait
    if yes where please and when

  25. Ally says:

    Guys Tim Hortons is going to open at Avenues phase 2. It will open in first week of August

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