Playtime premiering at the Dubai International Film Festival

Posted by Mark

‘Playtime’ is a short film by Kuwaiti writer and filmmaker Hamad Al-Tourah. Last year I posted about him when he was trying to raise funds so he could make this short movie and he ended up getting all the funds and making it. Now the movie will be premiering at the Dubai International Film Festival as one of the 15 short films chosen to play at the festival. The movie is about Matthew, 10, who lives with his mother in Kuwait. One night,when his mother leaves him alone, Matthew finds company in Dalal, a Kuwaiti girl who lives down the street and eventually makes a plan to escape with her. You can watch the film trailer above. [YouTube]

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  1. Porthos says:

    Hi Mark,
    The film looks really cool, like a Wong Kar Wai movie. Couldn’t find it online. Do you know if it is available somewhere? Thanks

  2. 3azeez says:

    Got that kiddie porn feeling in it. hmmm…

  3. Rashisha says:


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