The Wolf of Wall Street – 50 minutes censored

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Turns out the new movie The Wolf of Wall Street was completely butchered for the Gulf the region. It seems the movie distributor censored the movie before sending it out to movie theaters across the GCC where local censorship also cut scenes from the movie. The original movie is 180 minutes long while in UAE its 135 minutes, in Qatar 134 minutes and in Kuwait 130 minutes long. Kinda reminds me of the story of how when Basic Instinct came out in Kuwait it was a short film.

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  1. Ahmed says:

    Don’t watch it in cinema, this movie is basically a porno. There is more sex and nude scenes than any film I have ever seen. I don’t know how they are releasing it in the cinema in the first place. Its a good movie, but not comfortable to watch with family.

  2. Lucky_dude says:

    I already saw it full through torrent, it has shitloads of nudity. But all these scenes adds nothing to the main plot about how one poor guy became rich. I found them pointless and too exaggerating, restricting younger audience’s opportunity to watch a movie with a pretty nice story.

    • says:

      ” But all these scenes adds nothing to the main plot about how one poor guy became rich.”

      Completely disagreed.
      First, most of the scenes are funny as hell so they act as comedic elements and thats why it may have felt exaggerated. Second, the entire movie is depicting this person rising to fame and all the things that happened. They are trying to tell the story as it is. They contacted the man the movie is based on and got his full story, so the movie is showing you how excessive and crazy it was to be a wall street broker in the 80s and all the things depicted in the movie actually happened (or close enough to happened). The sex was a big part in this guy’s life and it wouldn’t be true to leave it out, plus it makes for an interesting movie that lots of people will want to see.

  3. ahmed says:

    Here in Kuwait, I always see 5 year old kids at 16+ movies, so I think censorship of nudity and swearing is necessary in countries where they don’t enforce the age restriction laws. When I was 12 in the UK, they didn’t allow me to watch a 15+ movie (Atonement) even though we already paid for the tickets.

    Cinescape has no intention in doing that, they just want to rip people off.. as usual. They’re all about profit.

    • Hama says:

      funny you’re saying cinescape is the one ripping you off when you paid for a ticket in the UK and wasn’t allowed in because of your age. If the movie has a age restriction they should ask how old you are, if you are buying from a digital machine (the ones they have on the walls in odeon cinemas etc etc) they should have an age input for movies that require it. People always seem to want to look at things MORE negatively in Kuwait than outside. I am studying in Brighton UK.. Odeon Cinemas are ripping you off, not cinescape.. all information about movie length is available online, and it is well known that it is censored so it is at your own expense that you are buying the ticket with knowledge of it being censored, so don’t complain about censorship in the film when you are informed that it is beforehand, you have a choice to not pay for the ticket and wait for the download.

  4. Buzz says:

    “The Wolf of Wall Street” sounds like a knockoff of “The Shark of Kuwait.”

  5. Q8Path says:

    I watched it in Kuwait. Actually it’s rubbish. I went to torrent and downloaded the full movie. Most of the scenes are cropped and muted.

  6. Nand says:

    I am just wondering what would happen to Fifty shades of grey…

  7. spikz says:

    WOAHH !!! 50 minutes censored.

    I am so downloading this movie now.

  8. Matt says:

    I fail to see why a ratings system is beyond their capability.

    • Hama says:

      don’t want those images to be shown to anybody, in a high context culture such as is relevant in kuwait and most eastern countries, china etc etc. more collectivist society means more family. And for high context cultures explicitness is not taken too well. If you don’t like it, download. Simple you have a choice.

      • Matt says:

        LOL. Yeah, that idea must be true. Especially when you think about all the Nobel Prizes and top rated universities that come out of “collectivist” nations. You’re pretty funny.

        • Hama says:

          where in my comments did i criticize individualistic – low context cultures? stop thinking out of your a** i was just pointing out the difference in cultures, didn’t anywhere in my comment say one is better than the other.

          • Matt says:

            Come back when you’ve passed your TOEFL Exam. You’re still funny. There are differences in cultures? I never knew that. LOL.

            • Hama says:

              i’m really confused about where you’re negative notions about my simple statement are coming from lol. You obviously can’t read or understand a simple sentence properly. Please, i’m in my second year & term in Uni at only 19, get a life instead of trying so hard to ‘own’ a kid. Went to an english school since KG, english is not perfect but still seem to be able to understand english better than you do, judging from your responses lol.

              Someone please explain to this guy what i meant if there was any simpler way to put it.

              • Matt says:

                I was just teasing. When someone uses terms like “high context cultures” and “collectivist”, it’s usually an adolescent who learned some new words in college. I wish you well in your studies.

    • swear says:

      They’re not a competent organization. The management is too weak and corrupt.

  9. Desert Girl says:

    I saw it in the States. It should have been titled, “Titties and Drugs of Wall Street.” I can see how it would be heavily censored in Kuwait. It still had a few comedic moments, however.

  10. Sauce says:

    why censor anything, just implement the PG system and card people at the cinema

  11. Ali Sleeq says:

    Hookers and blow? Hell yes.

  12. swear says:

    The movie has more swear -ords than any other movie ever made in the world. That’s a record.

  13. hellppp says:

    there is a lick of the swearing words used in this movie and its really BIG

  14. Duke says:

    well obviously. The movie had to be cut for NORTH AMERICA as well so it doesnt get an NC17 rating. I saw it in canada and the amout of full nudity really is too much. I wouldn’t be surprised if out of the 50 minutes cencored a good 30 minutes was nudity and 20 just topless scenes.

  15. Andy says:

    Funny how no one censors violence in this country yet, to me, that is way more destructive than nudity. The real porn is violence not the naked human body.

    • aaa says:

      They absolutely do censor violence, not sure where you got that idea. Action movies are basically unwatchable if they are violent enough.

  16. Burhan says:

    I already knew from the director that this movie would be chopped to hell so I watched it online.

    Granted there is a lot of nudity, but its not porn (there is a difference).

    Most of the scenes depict the life of debauchery that was rampant in the 80s in Wall Street and the whole idea is to give you a slightly exaggerated (if not by much) view of the chaos that was the stock market.

    I think the movie does a good job of it. There is a lot of comedy to it and the secondary characters really round out the film.

    There were a few scenes that really didn’t add much to the storyline (I won’t spoil it for you, but they were for sure cut out here).

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