Big D – Morning

Posted by Mark

Big D is back with ANOTHER music video, his second this month. This is his latest video and according to his email he’s taking a Christmas/New Years break so my guess is this will also be his last new video for awhile. [YouTube]

If you’re a local musician and you release a new music video, let me know about it.

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  1. bob says:

    please no more. kid should focus on school. he has no future doing this

    • Sauce says:


      + 100000000000000

    • Don says:

      Other Kuwaiti Rappers and all these haters can not write 50% as good as you Big D. They loving your rhymes and they just acting like they are not liking it! Keep on rising and building your lyrical reputation in Kuwait trust me deep down they all like your music!

      • First protective “homie” post lol I bet Don is on speed dial to all the other KGR (Kuwait Got Retards)bros telling them to come and write some more positive posts for “Big D”….such a great support system.

  2. neoark25 says:

    That’s not bad.

    but I prefer Bro Jay.

  3. Nixon says:

    Did he say I’m the best in kuwait?!
    And I thought this video would be better than usual…
    But as long as he is enjoying producing shitty music and its making him happy, I think he should continue doing it.

  4. Badran says:

    Ooh this guy again.

  5. aaa says:

    Does the name Big D sound obscene to anyone else lol

    • FAMAJAH says:

      Maybe, but I think it’s one of those cookie-cutter rap names that can be applied differently to various rappers. You know, L’il X, Big X, etc.

      But if he were actually going for what you were thinking of, then I’m not surprised by it. His lyrics speak volumes about his creative ability.

  6. Robz says:

    i dunno – thought he was getting better for a while. but this is terrible. bad grammar, predictable lyrics, predictable theme, and some of it just doesn’t make any sense, ebonics or not.

    ah well…

  7. Khalid says:

    Scrolling down through the blog posts, any news on this guys always burns my eyes.

  8. dougmacho says:

    At this point he can only get better. Enshallah

  9. He can’t wait til’ the morning to cruise through Mahboula? He put Kuwait on the map? Obviously he hasn’t read the comments on this blog or the comments on Reddit which are pretty funny as well. It looks as if he has recycled the same house he filmed the fat contractor guy taking a phone call in. Did he say he can’t wait til’ the morning to start my crime or my crying? Someone get me Google translator quick. Is he in competition with “Big Mo” the other “Big” Kuwaiti/American rapper?

    Let’s wait and see what his protective “homies” have to say..tick tock….

  10. Dice says:

    Keep on doing your thing, cause you are getting better! Good luck big d

  11. Ahmed says:

    I for one Im not a big fan of rap especially this ERA. but if his skills reach as good as eminem or 2pac or works hard, yeah I would appreciate it.

    But his style is the new era of rap. Old rap Eats new rap.

    Oh well its just my opinion.

  12. D. says:

    He would have to make a new one, the last one got yanked. Even youtube couldn’t stand it.

    (yes this is a joke, don’t try to correct me about why youtube pulls videos).

  13. mishal says:

    lol at the youtube comments

    all of them are bots


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