Bob Dylan live at the Royal Albert Hall

Posted by Mark

bob dylan

Last night I got to see the legend Bob Dylan perform live at the Royal Albert Hall here in London. I think the last time he performed there was back in 1966 which is 47 years ago. The hall is beautiful with a ground level seating area surrounded by higher stalls and then balconies that are located on top of that (here’s a video). Getting tickets for this performance wasn’t easy, even though there were people selling tickets online there weren’t that many for sale and the prices were just insane. I managed to find pretty good tickets last week, first row of the stalls and center stage so I did pretty good. Just to give you an idea on expensive tickets were going for, tickets for the ground floor seating area were selling between 400 to 800 British Pounds on the online ticket marketplaces.


We weren’t allowed to take photos or videos during the event but I managed to get a few shots and shoot the video above of Bob Dylan performing “All along the watchtower”. It was the last song and people were standing up and shooting video so they couldn’t stop all of us. Sadly he didn’t play some of his classics like “Mr Tambourine Man”, “Hurricane”, “Like A Rolling Stone” or “Blowing in the Wind”. He also didn’t talk to us! I think he just said good evening at one point during the performance and that was it. But he did perform for 2 hours which was great although time flew by so quickly that I could have easily sat through another 2 hours all over again. That was Bob Dylan live, unreal.

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  1. MB says:

    Sweet video!! Rock on Bobby!

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