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Spotted these 4 streaks in the sky on the way to Kuwait City this morning. No idea what they are…

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  1. instantcravings says:

    Santa’s sleighs heading back home..

  2. djgold says:

    They are jet tails formed when you travel at high velocity. Ofcourse you will need a jet fuel that burns.

  3. Mathai says:

    Probably vapor trails left by jet engines. Since its very cold maybe they don’t dissipate back into the air fast enough.

  4. Maz says:

    Saw them today on the way to work. They seem way too low for Jet engine wakes.. Very weird..

  5. Ali Sleeq says:


  6. Ali Sleeq says:

    If that code didn’t work then here

  7. S. says:

    someone did it using one of those airplanes.. these streaks are a common sight in the UK.

  8. 3azeez says:


    but I would say its vapor trails. Airplanes coming from europe and heading to neighboring GCC countries will take this route (by Kuwait beach from north to south). And if they were heading back north they’d fly again same route i think but further into the sea… like a highway! heh

  9. Adam (the original one) says:

    Those are contrails

  10. Troll McTrollster says:

    These are obviously cloud formations.

  11. Abdul says:

    those are artificial clouds made from condensation caused when the air is sucked in the red hot combustion chambers in the engine and exhausted out,as the outer air is colder and gives rise to condensation to the water vapor in the air.it is mostly dependent on the humidity,temperature etc.

    these three-four lines are above the sea,because that is the main airway for aircrafts, just like how we have Ring roads in Kuwait. there are way points for the aircraft to navigate,some way points are in the sea like floating on surface as they give direction to flights flying to Dubai,Qatar,Bahrain etc.so there are numerous aircrafts flying in line without even getting noticed as they are at high altitudes at around 30-40,000 ft.so there might have been 4-5 aircrafts flying in same or opposite direction only being difference in altitude.

  12. P.J. says:

    They’re the ghosts of Saddam, sending a prudent reminder of Scuds….

  13. Said says:

    These are chemtrails. Google it

  14. NBN says:

    They are jet tails. I saw the jets today. most of the days around 8am you can see that.

  15. Jojo says:

    These are chemtrails look them up and be aware

  16. Aziz says:

    i have been tracking them for years. These started in Kuwait the day after revolution in Bahrain, they are chemicals dispersed from military planes not commercial. The clouds do not disperse like contrails, instead they get bigger and more diffuse as the powder spray falls to the ground. It is used as a tranquilizer, you will notice on certain days in kuwait after heavy musky spraying eveone feels quite lathargic and angry.

    The so called “dusty” weather we have had in the last 3 years is actually these trails.

    People in Kuwai are a community, that means we have a chance to band together and stop this.

    FYI they are sprayed from military planes in Qatar belonging to American airbases, not Kuwaiti pilots. If you drive out from kuwait city you will see the clouds only cover population areas.

    Good luck those of you with eyes to see. Keep informed and help others less visionary,

    • Mark says:

      What have you been smoking?

    • ATC says:

      so you’re being serious here!?
      Just to let you know, I’m working as an Air Traffic Controller (Radar control) and believe me, there are no aircrafts that fly over Kuwait airspace without a clear purpose and permissions.
      We do keep an eye for any aircraft which doesn’t follow the air routes and our instructions and we haven’t had any such occurrences as you have mentioned.

      • Aziz says:

        @ATC. Yes I’m being serious.

        I inquired local pilots. And correct me if I’m wrong but nato has open skies access to kuwait. Meaning military aircraft pass freely. Also it is easy to see that the planes responsible for spraying are not following normal flight paths by the coast. Often you will see them flying directly over urban areas and out to sea. Then they circle back and criss cross to fill new areas. I am certain not civilian planes.

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