8 07, 2019

Shop in Kuwait Violates Law by Displaying ‘Homosexual’ Logo

2019-07-08T09:19:34+03:00Jul 8, 2019|25 Comments

The Commercial Control and Consumer Protection Sector has issued a citation against a shop for displaying the ‘homosexual’ logo, reports Al-Rai daily quoting sources.

The daily added, this happened when a number of shoppers complained about the sign and the concerned commercial control department sent officers to run a check and the signboard was removed and the person responsible has been referred to the concerned authority.

The sources stressed the need to abide by the laws in force and its responsibility in applying the law in its context that does not allow any irregularities that conflict with the laws and regulations. Source

You guys have probably already come across this article that was published last week since it went viral on social media. It was pretty vague with no mention of the shop and what was actually removed. After doing a bit of research it turns out the shop in question was Louis Vuitton. I thought they might have had a special display to celebrate the LGBT+ community but I did a bit of googling and couldn’t find any information or photos on a special display LV was using in their stores for this.

So I decided to ask around locally and turns out the display that was deemed offensive was actually not related to the LGBT+ community at all. LV have a window display called the dream catcher which features colorful dream catchers and someone must have complained to consumer protection that LV was displaying the gay pride flag in their display and LV was forced to remove it. The picture above isn’t of the actual dream catcher window display that was removed but one similar I found online and as you can see the colors don’t even match the pride flag or the correct order of the colors. Yet, they were still asked to remove it. So weird.

16 03, 2014

Inside the Aladdin House

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This is an old post by blogger Crazy in Kuwait but I just saw it last night. The Aladdin house is located in Fintas and Crazy in Kuwait managed to get a tour of it and take picture. Super strange place and you can check out all the photos [Here]

26 12, 2013

What is this?

2013-12-26T14:41:49+03:00Dec 26, 2013|23 Comments


Spotted these 4 streaks in the sky on the way to Kuwait City this morning. No idea what they are…

11 07, 2013

Have someone tidy up for you

2013-07-11T13:09:05+03:00Jul 11, 2013|9 Comments

The last strange Instagram business I posted about was the sheep seller. NeatKW isn’t as strange as the sheep seller but I still found it amusing. Basically if you’re too lazy to tidy up your closet, they’ll come over and do it for you. Seriously. [Instagram]

If you know of any strange/weird local instagram accounts share them below.

19 05, 2013

Buy sheep using Instagram

2013-05-19T19:45:41+03:00May 19, 2013|8 Comments

After one of my images on Instagram went viral this weekend I started getting a lot of new (and mostly weird) followers on my Instagram account. One of my followers turned out to be a sheep seller. It’s such a weird account, just pictures and pictures of different sheep with a phone number to call if you want one. It’s by far the strangest thing I’ve seen so far being sold on Instagram in Kuwait. I tried calling the number to see if they deliver and how much a sheep costs but the guys phone was closed. If you’re interested you can follow him on Instagram under the account @sheeps_sell

18 06, 2012

Justin Bieber we love you!

2012-06-18T10:55:39+03:00Jun 18, 2012|27 Comments

Anyone else think the music makes it look like the video was put together by a 40 year old psychotic fan who has pictures of Justin Bieber on his bedroom wall with I love you written over them in blood? [YouTube]

4 03, 2012

Strange Octagon Compound

2012-03-04T22:38:10+03:00Mar 4, 2012|20 Comments

UPDATE: Never mind turned out it’s in Saudi Arabia! Don’t know how I missed that minor detail! Also turned out to be the King Khalid Military City. Pretty cool.

Does anyone know what this strange middle of nowhere octagon compound is? It’s located right in the middle of the Kuwaiti desert and it looks huge. The more you zoom in the more you realize how many buildings there and a ton of parking spaces. I’m thinking military but it seems too big to be just that.

You can check it out yourself on Google Maps [Here]
Don’t forget to zoom in!

Someone also made the video below.