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Post by Mark

The last strange Instagram business I posted about was the sheep seller. NeatKW isn’t as strange as the sheep seller but I still found it amusing. Basically if you’re too lazy to tidy up your closet, they’ll come over and do it for you. Seriously. [Instagram]

If you know of any strange/weird local instagram accounts share them below.

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  1. Mustapha says:

    @superdrylaundry on instagram, they have a service in which they will come and pack your bag for you before you travel

  2. G says:

    is there is an account to clean ma shit ?!

  3. Wishbone says:

    Theres a problem with that service ….

    If the client is messy due to being lazy how can you be sure he wont be too lazy to call and answer the door ?

    Wait a sec, he’s lazy how the hell does he have a job ….. Ah never mind thats half the public sector.

  4. D'fine says:

    Properly a few who have some skeletons they need tidying.

  5. l says:

    Mark, look: Kuwait has no intention to ban social smart phone apps


  6. Thank you mark for show casing our new project. You are right in that we tidy up people’s home but its much more than that. We focus on space management and aim to use the space at homes and offices effectively to store clients
    treasures. Our aim is to create aesthetically pleasing households in the sense that we design storage solutions, rearrange, and focus on the give away concept. We educate our customers to give away their unused items in order to feel lighter, focus on what is actually used, and help the less fortunate.
    We hope you continue to follow our progress and I can share with you testimonials about how our project has overwhelmed people and made them very happy. Our clients feel lighter and happier :)

  7. Thanks 500 . You can follow us on instagram to see our progress @neatkw .

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