Blue Zero Non-Alcoholic Vodka

Post by Mark

This has to be the strangest thing ever. What the hell is alcohol free vodka? How is that even possible?

Blue ZERO is specifically targeted for Muslim consumers worldwide since it is Halal approved.

Blue ZERO non alcohol vodka tastes and looks exactly like traditional Canadian Vodka.

They also have alcohol free Tequila, Whisky, Rum and Cognac! It’s gotta be a hoax. Even if it isn’t I highly doubt airport customs would believe you if you told them it was alcohol free. [Link]

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  1. Ahmed G says:

    mark.. the link does not seem to work..

  2. daily says:

    so you add eth to it then……

  3. Ahmed G says:

    i always thought the whole point of drinking was to get drunk..

    • Mark says:

      true which is why i dont understand why people drink non alcoholic beer

      • Ghadeer says:

        I think ppl drink none alcoholic beer because it’s good
        For the kidneys
        But halal vodka !! LoooL !! What’s the point??

        • Cyberpope says:

          I want all of it — non-alcoholic vodka, whiskey, tequila — then I’ll stock up a nice bar with the real stuff, too, & start a weekly poker game; encouraging all to dare to keep up with my drinking! (mine being non-alcoholic, theirs being regular &/or extra-strong)

      • Cyberpope says:

        I drink LA Beer(“Less Alcohol”) when I want to enjoy a beer without buzzing. . .
        I like the taste of beer; LA Beer is my soda pop of choice. . . (not less calories, but less sugary tasting); in a pub, I’ll order lite draught beer because it’s cleaner (compare a glass of lite with regular — the regular has little ‘floaties’ swimming around in it)

    • Qster says:

      that is pretty much the reason why anyone drinks either to get drunk or get a good buzz going, no other reason, alcohol isn’t some wonderfully tasting elixir.

    • Wendy Peterson says:

      I love making vodka pasta but as A recovering alcoholic I don’t want regular vodka in my house this would be awesome to be able to cook with and still have the same flavor I just wish I knew where to buy it besides online

  4. J says:

    To cater to former alcoholics? kind of how oral fixation occurs with some smokers who are trying or have just quit smoking.

  5. Fatboy says:

    Is it available in kuwait?

  6. BAJS says:

    Looks like a good way to smuggle alcoholic drinks into the country…if customs were actually idiots lol.

  7. TweeZ says:

    this is a classic case of Mishtihi bes Misti7i!

  8. Sam22 says:

    this is silly, why can’t all the alcoholics in kuwait start a riot already pleeeeeeease I’ll be your mascot! I think it’s about time kuwait legalizes alcohol. just sayin..

    • Qster says:

      or how about Kuwait doesn’t bend over backwards just cause u like to poison ur body? just sayin..

    • C says:

      I second that!
      Whoever wants to drink can and to those who don’t.. no one’s forcin ya!

      • Qster says:

        Yes your drinking might impact me or someone who is close to me. According to another blog in the 1st half of 2011 there have been 242 traffic accident deaths, this is while Kuwait is a dry country, so multiply that by alcohol and how much do u get?
        Alcohol impacts a society and not just the individuals drinking it, i already have to suffer through second hand smoke when in Kuwait i do not want to suffer through drunk drivers too.

        I’m not religious to me its not a religious issue but a logical one, what does society benefit from introducing alcohol?

        And for any1 who points to the small health benefits of moderate alcohol consumption, i tell u this, no respectable doctor will ever tell his patients to drink let alone drink moderately. The minute health benefits u get from drinking moderate amounts of alcohol can easily be replaced and enhanced by exercise and a good diet.

        • aama says:

          Society benefits through the psychosocial impacts of alcohol (the feel good factor). There are of course negative factors too, but alcohol prohibition is not the solution.
          Alcohol prohibition simply allows organized crime to benefit instead of society. Are you happy that criminal gangs are financing themselves through alcohol smuggling, manufacturing, and distribution? Wouldn’t you rather see criminal gang finances decimated by the removal of their market? Additionally, millions of dinars flow out of Kuwait during weekends and holidays in search of alcohol. Wouldn’t you rather see those millions of dinars stay in Kuwait to finance health and education?
          You mention drunk driving. Is Dubai overrun with drunk drivers? Beirut? Bahrain?
          And you are very wrong when you say that no respectable doctor will tell his patient to drink. Kidney patients are often told to drink a small beer a day. Heart patients are routinely told to have a glass of wine a day.

          Careful legislation, tight regulation, honest education, and reasonable taxation are the best ways of minimizing the negative effects while allowing all the positive psychosocial benefits of alcohol. Prohibition does not work.
          Prohibition is like using an RPG to kill a mosquito in the kitchen. You might kill the mosquito, but your kitchen is not going to look very healthy afterwards.

    • Chris says:

      umad? with all the illegal drinking and other crap going on, enough trouble..

  9. Dj Hams says:

    Not everyone drinks to get drunk! This is only something believed by college students and people who are deprived of alcohol. Maybe with Vodka, but I am more of a wine drinker. Many of my friends and I go to wine tastings, and enjoy the taste of different wines. I never cared for vodka, gin or whisky, but I would believe those to be alcohols for drunkards. I do know a few people who love different types of whisky though. For me coffee is coffee; I drink it to stay awake. I dont care if it is generic or Starbucks. That is probably how some of you feel about alcohol; Just something to get drunk with.

  10. LongLiveTheQueen says:

    please check the above.
    Alcohol-free in uk has 0.05%

    it is important to note that for people who are thinking about buying similar products that are “alcohol-free”

  11. A.N.A.M.S.B. says:

    Btw this is not halal , as u read on their website ,, they say (which means) 10 years of research to bring the alcohol level to a minimum , minimum does not mean non , and in a hadeeth from Prophet mohammed (9llah allah 3lyah wasalam ) he said , katheerah moskir 8aleeelah haram ,, which mean if a lot of it will make u drunk , just a little it haram ,, this thing has a little , a minimum but that doesn’t mean non so also if it had 0.001% alcohol if I drink a million of it , it will make me drunk

    • gktlondon says:

      You will need to take a million litres together to make you drunk which is not possible for a normal human being? So is it allowed now?

    • aaa says:

      “A variety of breads and soft drinks were tested and found to contain low concentrations of alcohol.”

      Guess you have to stop eating bread

      • Acerboy says:

        even the cough syrup has good alcohol !

        • Qster says:

          yes but religion excuses the use of alcohol for medicinal purposes

          • RUFR says:

            Yay for Medical Marijuana then?

            People do take it for medicinal purposes as well and it doesn’t contain alcohol, it contains something called THS which doesn’t get you drunk but high, so can I get high if it’s gonna make me feel better or if I’m sick?

            I don’t get these people.

    • Grumpy Dad says:

      You can become intoxicated (drunk) by drinking a large amount of water. Perhaps that is one hadeeth that is worth reviewing, unless you are willing to give up drinking water?

    • aama says:

      Human blood naturally contains approximately 0.01 to 0.03 mg of alcohol/100 ml.
      Diet 7 Up has .075%, Diet Sprite .051%, Dominos Raw pizza dough .42%, etc…….
      Natural yogurts and laban can contain as much as 2.5% alcohol (less than 1% on average).
      I think your .001% is taking things a little bit too far. But, judging by their size, I suspect a lot of Kuwaiti kids are trying to get drunk on pizza!

  12. qeight says:

    You can go to space, without lifting your foot off the ground.

  13. Ali wadi says:

    How sad do you have to be to even think of drinking this?

  14. aaa says:

    Guys non alcoholic booze is usually for cooking purposes. A lot of recipes use wine, sake, scotch, beer etc. to cook or fry meats. When cooking, the alcohol evaporates very very quickly anyway (much lower evaporation point than water) so you don’t actually need the alcohol in there for a lot of the recipes, just a hint of the taste it provides. A common example is the french using Wine to cook their chicken to give it a bit of a sweet/bitter taste and keep it moist.

    A lot of the time in the US if you’re below 21 and cooking you need to buy alcohol free ingredients – Vanilla essence for example is usually alcoholic, Kuwait imports the alcohol free version. Some places will not sell you vanilla essence if you are 20 years old because you want to make cookies, so you buy the alcohol free version.

    Hell most of the people here who go to London and enjoy their fish and chips probably don’t know the batter they use has a lot of beer in it. Even if you tell them they’ll pretend it’s not true so they don’t have to stop eating it lol

  15. TW Men says:

    Just reading some of the posts and it’s really sad how in Kuwait, you can’t live and let live. Shame…

  16. Desert Girl says:

    Wow. That would be really easy to ferment with a little turbo yeast and freeze distill.

    • aaa says:

      During the Prohibition in the US they used to sell Grape Juice with a “warning label” that if they let the juice sit aside in a jug for 21 days it would turn into wine SO DON’T DO IT GUYS OK

      Increased Juice sales, lol

  17. LizQ8 says:

    @desert girl…. Was thinking the exact same thing lol!

  18. Najib says:

    Non-Alcoholic Vodka? It’s probably just water lol.

  19. Salman's PR agent says:

    0.09% :)

  20. esz says:

    Laban contains alchohol ;)

    I never wanna see alchohol legalized here. It will bring a lot of crimes with it. I lived in russia for 18 years and trust me, you will regret it later if its legalized here. If you are desperate to drink, bahrain is the closest country. gl

  21. Desert Girl says:

    In general, I wish they would legalize alcohol here for several reasons (including personal). Kuwait is never going to achieve its tourism goals for one if it doesn’t open up.

    In reference to traffic fatalities, I think if alcohol were legalized (like UAE and Bahrain), there would be control measures to enforce drunk driving laws – and we probably wouldn’t see as many crashes on the way back from the chalets on the weekends. UAE is pretty strict on drunk driving, for example and people there are taking taxis like they would in the US or Europe.

    • Jasim says:

      Clearly you have not lived here long enoug to know that people already drive like animals and dont follow laws. And now you want them to have the freedom to get drunk??

      Atleast you should respect our belifs that alcohol is sinful and it corrupts society.

      • TweeZ says:

        or how about we control our urges and not drink? Because I think as adults we should be capable of making rational decisions.

    • Qster says:

      I actually don’t like how the UAE and Bahrain somehow makes an exception to foreigners. Allowing foreigners to drink while discouraging citizens to do so will only create a sense of dis-entitlement to Kuwaitis. IE “How come they can drink, but we’re discouraged from doing so?”
      On the other side of the coin i don’t like how Saudi blocks expats in walled up camps isolating them from the population. Kuwait the way it is imho is fine, i just hop MOI would do its job more often and indiscriminately.

      Fact remains that the majority of the Kuwaiti populace is against Alcohol legalization, therefore it wont happen.

    • LizQ8 says:

      I agree with you on every point but honestly Kuwaiti people are different to Emeratis and Bahrainis. They like to do everything in excess and introducing alcohol would be a disaster (even though, trust me I WISH WE COULD HAVE IT!!) I often go to Lebanon and stay at a particular hotel that is occupied by other Arabs. The staff have often said that a Kuwaiti that drinks, will never leave a bottle of booze for the next day. He will drink & drink until the bottle is empty. A number of hotel staff have shared stories of how they carry the same customer to their room almost every night. They also said even though Kuwaitis are probably the worse in these circumstances, not far behind are the Saudis! This is a delicate situation and the bored young youth can’t handle the booze. Saying to keep it just for foreigners is unrealistic as wasta will always come into play!

      As for me, see you at embassy for happy hour! 

      • Qster says:

        What a bunch of insulting and gross generalizations. And u once said my threads were insulting and offensive! I advise you to keep your stupid insults about Kuwaitis to yourself.

        • LizQ8 says:

          OMG NO ONE CAN WIN! then forget what I said. Legalize alcohol! FYI ITS NOT generalization, it happened! I gave an account of something that HAPPENED! That equals FACT!

  22. Conformy says:

    It’s a trap. They call it saturating the market and desensitizing principled people by breaking their hymens to be impregnated with idea of alcohol.

    They can easily relabel it so it does look like cheap alcohol or even has the name associated with it.

    First they try to rape our mods with artificial shemales laying a trap, and now they want us to drink our problems away while having a reach around.

    Total mind fuck to change our culture. Welcome to aggressive style marketed
    products that will enter your life insidiously like cigarettes becoming a gateway to other sick obsessions.

    The only solution is pre arranged teenage marriage. Get them when they are younger before they are tarnished by such tomfoolery.

    • Jasim says:

      Exactly. I dont know why some forigns want to implement their own ideas and wants onto our socieity? Its sick..

      • Mark says:

        It’s NOT sick, it’s normal! These “foreigners” like me call Kuwait home. We have a right to our opinion as well. Every time a “foreigner” says something you don’t like you automatically tell them to leave. That’s not how it works. We are part of society, we live here, we work here, we love it here so why can’t we complain or want things?

        • Jasim says:

          I agree you have a right to your opinion. But not when that opinion is counter productive. Alcohol causes all sorts of deaths, crimes, family problems, and anarchy. Even in “Modern Socieities”.

          So to express such a lousy opinion, idea, or want, that would cause further corruption to Kuwait or anywhere else, is for sure SICK.

          • Mark says:

            I’m not arguing for or against alcohol here but I think you’re being too dramatic. You sound like you’re talking about heroine or crack and not alcohol. So ALL the countries in the world other than Kuwait, Saudi and Sudan are are dying and falling apart because of alcohol?

            Regarding your last point.. expressing an opinion is expressing an opinion. You can’t say only express an opinion if it matches mine.

            • Jasim says:

              Actually yes, all countries that have alcohol are being affected negativly. I did such a study during my collage years.

              Do you have any idea how much government spending goes up because of the examples i gave you before? Insurance prices goes up. More people in prisons, which also adds costs. How many kids die from being hit by drunk drivers. There are tons of statistics.

              If I say so and so people should all die. You be ok with such an opinion?? And yes, saying alcohol should be allowed is just as bad for the reasons I mentioned before.

              • Mark says:

                So what you’re saying is that from all the countries in the world, the only ones that are actually performing good and are actually the best places to live in are the countries that don’t have alcohol which are:

                Saudi Arabia

                • Jasim says:

                  I did not say that.

                  My point is that alcohol makes things worse for all people. No matter where they live.

                  Anyone who risks their life or others for a little “fun”, is plain ignorant.

        • Abdou says:

          According to him, they are doing you a favour by letting you work, rest and play here. And of course, all foreigners are getting money for free here.

        • Qster says:

          Offcourse u are entitled to your opinions but within limits of respect to the host country’s religion and culture.

          There are many non Christians who are living in the US and other majority christian nations, should they impose their will and say “well we don’t believe in Christmas so that’s it our host country should respect our minority opinion and do away with Christmas”. They don’t have that right nor imo should they.

          Alcohol isn’t the worst drug around, but its not exactly anointed holy water. There are more negative impacts from alcohol than positive therefore the majority Kuwaiti population don’t want it and every1 else should respect their opinions.

      • aama says:

        Are you saying that alcohol is a western invention??
        Sudan wine making evidence around 1700BC.
        Babylonian (Iraqi) evidence beer making around 3000BC.
        Egyptian wine making evidence around 3500 BC.
        Iran wine making evidence around 5500 BC.
        Hardly some kind of evil western plot to corrupt us. The Middle East invented the bloody stuff!!

    • aaa says:

      Uh do you have sexual issues or something seriously? Breaking their hymens? rape? Shemales? Get a proxy man

      • LizQ8 says:

        @aaa ignore him! Unless you totally agree with him, he becomes insultive! He can insult you but God forbid you disagree with him! He doesn’t understand that blogs ate about expressing an opinion. He takes everything too seriously and he isn’t even living in Kuwait!

  23. FUUUUU says:

    The fail is strong with these comments … (Including this XD)

  24. TweeZ says:

    after reading the comments above regarding why alcohol should’nt be legalized in Kuwait, I think it is hereby safe to conclude that most people, if not everyone, suffer from the “Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde complex”.
    And that probably includes me as well.

  25. Yeni says:

    Alcohol is every where in Kuwait. You can make it yourself very easily. Legalization has no effect on availability. If anything I drink more in Kuwait than outside.

  26. Mark says:

    Jasim: Out of curiosity how does one “risk their lives” by drinking a bottle of ice cold Corona?

    • Qster says:

      I think what he meant was that in the grand scheme of things society will benefit negatively from alcohol. And as an educated person u should know that.

      • Mark says:

        I guess I’m not that educated since I don’t understand how society in Afghanistan or Sudan is benefiting without alcohol.

        The point he was trying to make is that alcohol would bring negatives into a country yet the countries that don’t have alcohol are:

        Saudi Arabia

        So I guess if you were educated you would see the irony here?

        • Qster says:

          Ok these countries have different histories and are not that successful for geo-political and historical reasons, if you’re comparing them to western nations off-course.

          But the counter argument here is did countries like the US, UK, France and Germany succeed cause of alcohol?! I must’ve missed a lecture during my Western Civ classes but no one ever cited alcohol as a reason or even measure of success.

          Society is negatively impacted by alcohol, even an alcoholic can tell you how much alcohol has screwed his life and the lives of the ones around him.

          • Mark says:

            You haven’t provided any solid argument that alcohol will cause a nations demise. The reason is simply… alcohol isn’t that bad.

            • Qster says:

              Where did i write that alcohol causes a nations DEMISE???

              I did’t write this in any post that i have contributed to this thread or otherwise.

              I did write that it doesn’t benefit society nor is it a measure of society’s success. Its as bad the people it affects, the son of an alcoholic and the casual drinker will have varying degrees of opinions to how bad it is.

              In your next post please refrain from putting words in my mouth and debate the points that i raise not the ones i don’t raise.

          • TweeZ says:

            Mark 1 – Qster 0

            • Qster says:

              not really since mark didn’t argue any of my points

              • Qster says:

                Oh yeah and one last thing, i like my blue moon on tap with a slice of orange on the side.

                • RUFR says:

                  Yeah exactly they don’t get it Qster, Mark a gentleman like yourself drinks a corona with a slice or lemon or lime depends on your dramatic taste, or a nice blue label on the rocks whatever it is, most people here thinks the more the better with everything, so since everyone knows everyone is getting it, why do you want it to make it legal? clubs? that shit won’t happen.

                  So really there is no one good reason why Kuwait should legalize drinking, I think we have enough problems with 3geedi’s i’ve already had a few problems back home with drunk 3geedies who drink jackson, if it got legalize people won’t pay price of a blue label for shitty liquor like red label, fuck red label and fuck whoever bring it in here man.

                  and Yes man these mother fuckers drink red label, so if they got any finer liquor, bye bye Kuwait, gulf road full of drunk drivers.

        • Jasim says:

          Tell me how do these countries benifit with alcohol???

          drunk driving (death), wife beating, no self control, cancer, alcohol addiction, brain cell damage.

          Will these risks help those countries?. If not, then why would you want to introduce such a thing to them??

      • aama says:

        I am educated. I don’t know that. Your argument in the form of an ad hominem attack(“an educated person should know that”) is a logical fallacy often employed by the witless (I can play that game as well.).

    • TweeZ says:

      risk getting their asses kicked by Duff-Man maybe?

    • Jasim says:

      Alcohol one of the lead causes for, drunk driving (death), wife beating, removes self control, cancer, alcohol addiction, brain cell damage, ect ect ect.

      “Not that bad”??

      And dont say drinking only in moderation, you cannot garantee that anyone will drink in moderation. Because there is no good reason to drink at all.

      • LizQ8 says:

        Actually it’s PEOPLE who are the causes of drunk driving, wife beating etc NOT alcohol. These type of people will blame anyone rather than accept responsibilty. I have been drunk and have never Drunk driven a car, bashed anyone or raped! Alcohol is an excuse.

        • Jasim says:

          Your very wrong. Tell me something. Is it even possible for a person to drive drunk if alcohol was not available?

          And just because you have been drunk before and nothing happend, does not mean it could not happen. Keep in mind, that you are also harming your own body. And self harm is clearly irrational.

          • Mark says:

            Does Jacksen count as alcohol?

          • LizQ8 says:

            Look naturally you don’t drive as well drunk as you do sober. And you should never drive drunk etc. But a headache, stomache can also cause you to drive irresponsibly. But that’s not my point. What I was saying is that if a person has it in them to rape, beat a person or intend certain harm, then that person has it in them! Alcohol doesn’t make you do stuff. It takes your inhibitions away. Meaning it’s something inside you! I don’t have it in me to want to hurt anyone and when I’m drunk I tend to LOVE everyone and everything. If you (I don’t mean you personally) are they type who can’t handle yourself, then you shouldn’t drink. That’s why you should never drink depressed. It brings out the dark side (if you have one)

            I grew up with alcohol around me and my family owned a distillery. I never saw my dad or mom drunk. My family have always had a drink everynight with dinner. My great grandmother died 15 years ago at the tender age of 103! My uncle ate well, never smoked, exercised and at 54 had a heart attack. He had his first red wine at 56 and is drinking every night. He is 92 in a week!

            For every story if alcohol abuse, I have happy stories!

            • Jasim says:

              Anyway, nothing good has ever come out of drinking alcohol for non-survival reasons.

              And drinking it is harmfull in every way. Thats a fact that cannot be disputed. And all of what I have said is not my opinion, but facts. And facts speak louder than personal experinces.

              PS: Berries > Wine

          • Abdou says:

            if you want to talk about harming your body ask the goverment to ban cigs. I guess that will never happen because Kuwait lives on cigarettes,,

  27. LizQ8 says:

    @jasim. PS. This is not an attack against your views just stating what I think.

  28. B says:

    Vodka is not supposed to have a taste, so technically this product is already available in Kuwait as Aquafina Bottled Water.

  29. B says:

    To those thinking that alcohol is bad for the body, this is not true by itself. Alcohol is a naturally present product in the body even if you have never had any in your entire life. Also, the body will naturally produce alcohol when certain foods are consumed so that the body will break down and properly use some of the nutrients.

    Alcohol in small quantities is good for the body in some situtations as several respected studies (particularly Red Wine, though White Wine has also proved beneficial to lesser extent).

    The problem is that a large number of people do not consume just a small amount of alcohol and Anything that is taken in excess can have negative impact on the body.

  30. basil says:

    I curiously read over comments. Alcohol does have debilitating effects on humans, and is commonly used and abused. It can be a pleasurable social thing to do, if used in moderation, not excess as it dulls the brain and confuses the senses. All sorts of terrible things can happen, when someone slips ‘a little something extra ‘ into a casual beverage. I totally admire places where alcohol is banned. Monkey see, monkey do.

  31. Kristof says:

    Nice discussion here.

    But has anybody a website link where to buy it ?

  32. carolyn says:

    Where can I purchase Blue Zero on-line or retail? In Massachusetts.

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