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Padel Inside a Mall

The padel obsession has gotten so out of hand that courts are starting to pop up inside malls. Symphony Mall in Salmiya now has a padel court inside and oddly, I don’t think that’s even the weirdest place a padel court has popped up in Kuwait. I think the weirdest is the one located inside a car paint protection center and then there is another one located inside a car garage. I don’t think padel is even a thing anymore, is it?

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come visit salmiya block 10. An Abandoned parking lot was converted to padel court. An old football ground too was changed to padel court.

Padel is so overrated, who even cares? And what will they do with these courts once people stop using them?

From what I’ve seen, they’re still making more padel courts. They’re already building one next to the vacant lot in Salmiya that’s next to Thuraya Mall. I’m surprised schools haven’t implemented padel courts as they could be good for PE lessons.

They are slowly coming down and slowly other courts are getting less crowded as coop societies have started to make their own padel for their respective areas which is way cheaper than the private ones

Padel will come back to life again for a few months in winter as the weather is better then I think it will die lol next season we might see hockie haha

We need more car parking space ! As it is they sanction multi-story building in densely populated areas without proper parking facilities. The confused minds will sleep till they realise the danger of changing empty grounds to sports arenas. The in roads are worse than those you can find in the third world developing countries. Everything is fine as long as the grilling machines remain hot.

Padel isn’t going anywhere. It’s getting bigger and will continue to grow in Kuwait and the rest of the world.

Try it once and you’ll be addicted.

Mark just pop in to see Padel project or 1540 Padel in a mall near bin nisf…you won’t be disappointed 😅😅

Definitely still a thing. I thought it would die down but every court in a convenient-ish location is fully booked post-work hours between 5-9 pm, you have to do some digging to find a court at those times. It’s been two years now.

On the one hand it’s great that people are finding an active pursuit or passion, on the other the padel courts are sprouting like mushrooms everywhere and I honestly wonder if this is sustainable

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