Thirtieth Anniversary Macintosh

Post by Mark


Apple turns 30 on April 1st. When Apple turned 20 they released the Twentieth Anniversary Mac. It cost $10,000 and was delivered to your home in a limo. The system looked like nothing else at that time. It had a very small foot print kinda like the current iMacs and the sound system was designed by Bose. The Mac came with a remote control so you could turn it on and off plus control the volume. You could even watch TV on the Mac and change channels using the remote. Due to the price though they only sold 12,000 world wide. I was able to purchase a brand new TAM three years ago from a local dealer for KD150. I gave it as a gift to my parents who proudly display it and use it today. Even though the TAM was released in 1997, it still grabs the attention and curiosity of visiting guests.

If Apple would release a Thirtieth Anniversary Macintosh this time around, it has to follow the footsteps of the previous one. It has to look like nothing else available which shouldn’t be too hard for Apple to accomplish. It should cost $10,000 and this time they probably would team up with Bang & Olufsen. Finally every hardcore Mac user would want one but none of us would be able to afford it. [Link]

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  1. iDip says:

    check Al-Rai Al-aam page 19

  2. Mark says:

    cool, just did. need to pass by and check it out soon.

  3. Tata Botata says:

    You guys are talking about that new apple shop on shuwaikh?

    even their ad is well designed and very apple-ish.

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