Kuwait Law: Food Trucks are Now Legal

Post by Fajer Ahmed

I just heard the great news today, a bylaw has been approved from the municipality to allow food trucks to operate with a license. I know many of my clients are going to be happy as previously only restaurants with a physical location were allowed to have food trucks. This is great news for Kuwait but I hope they don’t put a limit to the number of food trucks like other GCC countries (one country only allows 10 at a time!).

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Post by Fajer Ahmed – Legal Counsel
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  1. Nour AlKawass says:

    Amazing news!

  2. Tastylicious truck says:

    Hello readers.
    Hello Mark, I dont know where else to punblish this, this isnt spam.

    I had a food truck in San Diego.
    Tastylicous truck.

    If any readers know of any person, or is themselves, serious to do business, i would like to work with you to make the best food truck in Kuwait. Expert in fried chicken, burgers, tijuana tacos, authentic tacos, and hand cut fries etc.

    Expert in how to set up, handle and process and take care of a food truck business.

    Looking for a investor or working partner.

  3. Buzz says:

    Do they have predetermined locations or zones or they can park anywhere they want?

  4. Halyoosha says:

    I like the feel and mood of the main photo. Cool capture.

  5. Zaitsev says:

    behold the Hot Dogs bubble now

  6. David says:

    i am against it, i mean traffic is enough over the limit

    first off, where is good parking space for them where other cars can park and does not make road stops.

    secondly, the fume of the truck as well other cars can be digested through food, or and affect ingredients, it’s health hazard.

    plus known the kuwait, it’ll be over expensive, and unhealthy

    • Mark says:

      What do food trucks have to do with traffic? And about parking spots, if they can have food trucks in cities like New York and San Fran where parking is impossible to find, then we can easily have food trucks here.

      Finally what are you talking about health hazard? You’re making it sound like Kuwait is inventing food trucks, they exist already everywhere in the world and they’re perfectly safe.

      • David says:

        First off, it’s cheap food truck usually parked for New Yorkers people that WALK, in here people won’t get off from their cars cause they are super lazy.

        secondly, it will create traffic by those super lazy people blocking the road by going there in a car, are you going to a food truck under 60 °C heat?

        based on ur logic, cigarettes exists long time ago, before it come to Kuwait, therefore why talk about health hazard they are perfectly safe.

        • Mark says:

          You’re the one with the flawed logic.

          Food trucks aren’t cheap, what you’re talking about are probably New York food carts. Food trucks food is usually priced normally.

          Secondly before a single food truck has hit the streets of Kuwait you’ve already made up your mind on them and assumed they would be expensive, they would cause traffic by people double parking and that nobody would walk to one.

          Food trucks have different purposes and they don’t necessarily have to work the way you think they do. They could park a food truck outside the Zain head quarters for example so that their employees could come down and order food. It doesn’t have to be for walk by customers like in a walking city like London or NY. Food trucks could pop up at specific events, they could pop up only in winter, it could pop up evenings in Bnaider, it doesn’t have to just be day time 60degrees Kuwait City.

          You’re just hating cuz you’re a hater.

          • James says:

            I think David has a point. Calling him a hater is harsh. We live in a country where people who will head to these food trucks are all driving v6 and v8 vehicles. I doubt anyone will be carrying more than the driver. The air quality in Kuwait is already amazing (let’s not forget the curse of dust) I’d go to one if they popup alone and in a well aired place. If they are a clump of other trucks, I’d stay away. David has a deep point which affects health. Introspect my friend.

            • Mark says:

              Calling a hater a hater isn’t harsh. Also, I’m not sure what the cars people drive in have anything to do with food trucks, your comment didn’t make any sense and I doubt anybody else understood either. Are you saying that people will drive to these food trucks and so cause pollution? Because people ALREADY drive to restaurants so not sure how they will pollute the air more by driving to a food truck instead…

              • James says:

                Leaving the car running, aircon on and munching, it’s the worst firm of pollution. Multiply that by the number of cars potentially in the immediate vicinity, and you’ll have the answer. Now if it’s a good day and the weathers fine, cars have to be parked 500mtrs away and force people to walk and sit at a common area, or stand, that’s my idea of a good setup

            • David says:

              he is being a child…

              he must hate indians like me :/

              • A says:

                Wow absolutely pathetic. How old are you?

              • Omar Shafiq says:

                I’m sure he does, Because only Indians can cook up stories like that. How old are you David? 23 going to turn 24? Have you bought your first used action cam yet? Does the disclaimer of your email say “Print only if necessary”

                Why do you have to be so controversial. Please stop pointing out little details and speculations for how Kuwait is.

                • James says:

                  Guys, David seems to have issues. He started with something and is trolling. Stop getting racist and move on.

              • Mark says:

                what the fuck? you dumb fuck how the hell do I know what nationality you are? go troll another blog you’re done here

              • James says:


          • David says:

            cheap as in cheap food, since there is no rent the food usually cost less.

            why would I be a hater, if I can afford it and afford the license to it, I would make it only after sunsets, so no need for car working, and external motor so that electricity run with fume far away from the food.

            but think of areas traffic all the time like Hawalli.

            inside residence would be perfect.

            like in Co-op loot

            • David says:

              i meant i can afford it, but the comma by mistake

            • Mark says:

              You’re a hater because you’re hating on something just to hate on something, thats what a hater does.

              Out of curiosity though, have you been or eaten from a food truck before? Like locally we have Nomad’s Kitchen and Eighty Six Burger (pictured above) who have food trucks, have you eaten from them before? Cuz you’re talking again as if Kuwait invented something new and you’re offering them tips on how to run food trucks.

              We have food trucks in Kuwait already, this new law now allows people who DON’T have a physical restaurant to open food trucks. Previously you needed to have a restaurant to own a food truck. So again this isn’t anything new and so not sure whats up with all your tips. Eighty Six burger and Nomads kitchen usually pop up in Bnaider and at events, there was a cute pie food truck that popped up at one of the last shakshooka events, we have food trucks to popup at other events as well and we even had a food truck even come to one of our diwaniyas. So again whats with all your weird tips and advice?

              • David says:

                I didn’t see these food trucks were successful to run on their own, only by sending them to locations, and hardly can make anything.

                you compare Kuwait, a desert full of duststorm, and overheat to places that consider garden of eve.

                are you lonely? you seemed very lonely and got no guy friends, cause all i see there is no point to ur argument. whatever we discuses here wouldn’t change a thing, that i a 100% right

    • Yousef says:

      *don’t feed the trolls*

  7. Taam-licious says:

    Food trucks in the business and banking district around So-MU and the eastern corridor of town around Al Hambra would be very welcome. Imagine food trucks by the likes of Pret-a-manger, Dean & deluca, Al Ajami, Barrakat shawarmrie or Mais Al Alghanem competing for business

  8. Anonymous says:

    I am not sure where the source is from however as far as i know…there will be a meeting soon regarding legalizing food trucks and creating permits since right now, anyone can have a food truck and sell food. No permit no nothing which is very chaotic. Hopefully they will legalize them but nothing set yet

  9. LuLu says:

    Brilliant! Personally, I can’t wait to try out all the different offerings once food trucks start popping up all over. I might even try my hand at since it seems like less of a commitment than an actual physical restaurant.

    Side note – Whoever came up with the name Chubby Balls needs to go drown themselves

    ^_^ Ramadan Mubarak y’all

    • Chubby Balls says:

      Wow, that’s harsh! but we realized a long time ago that you can’t make everyone happy…you’re not chubby balls. We’d love to share some with you though this Ramadan. Shoot us an e-mail at marketing@klgtc.com and we’ll organize everything.

      Ramadan Mubarak

  10. MarhabaCFK says:

    How much food would a food truck truck if a food truck could truck food?

  11. Neo says:

    Thanks Fajer, for the post…

    Is it possible for expatriates to own and run a Food Truck Business ?

  12. Viper says:

    legalizing food trucks in KTown is a brilliant idea! just hope the license requirements etc are easy and not complicated,,Food trucks will bring a much needed change!!! we need something different in Kuwait to dine out with frds/family! Something more happening / more lively than 100’s of burger joints or hitting the same mall/Rest time n again every week….I see a lot of criticism taking place here; climate,, pollution , v6/v8 etc,, Guys – This is KUWAIT – Why even stay here if ur so uptight abt these issues??? And if u wish to stay here,,then adjust or be the change rather than focusing on -ve rants about a concept for which majority of ppl crave for when they visit Abroad…. Personally looking forward to the Ft’s hitting the streets and im sure it will be HIT if the food n hygiene is right!~

  13. L'infant terrible says:

    I am worried more about the food handlers than the traffic food trucks would induce given that the Baladiya is in a state of suspended animation for the past quarter of a century. Only hope they don’t allow food trucks around schools and universities or public parks and beaches.

  14. Ntooya says:

    Still waiting for Kuwait to become the food capital of the world…
    Still waiting…

    • James says:

      You may have a long wait. 50+C five months in the year, crumbling infrastructure, anti-expat sentiments and efforts, nothing else to do, lowest rating in indices three years in a row, why would I pay top dollar for flying in even if we made it big in food. I would much rather spend the money and dine in Italy, Japan and India to begin with.

      • aaa says:

        I think Kuwait already has some pretty good restaurants depending on what you’re looking for honestly. I wouldn’t recommend it as a tourist destination but it doesn’t need to be.

        • James says:

          I was responding to your reference to food “capital” Many cities have great food… that does not make it a capital. A capital has other symbolisms. So without resolving some of the issues, it’ll just be a place with good food (and most franchises)

  15. Ahmedriod says:

    Mark lesh ma et7ee6 registered users for comment.

    A7san shai 3n el trolls

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