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Post by Fajer Ahmed

The majority of the emails I get are regarding employment rights or should I say the lack of. I completely understand why I am getting all these questions. I am personally tired of how every time I walk into a store and ask an employee how long their shift is I get ridiculous answers like 8AM to midnight!

I realize how tough it is to go and speak out to your employer about a violation since I’ve been in that situation before. I also realize how bad Kuwait’s reputation has been over the years because of the way employees are being treated.

Recently I was hired by a company to help with some employee issues. The owner of the company stated that he didn’t know how he was supposed to treat his employees so I made an easy to read table with all the obligations of an employer as well as the rights of the employees. The full version of the law is hard-to-read and long so I rewrote it into a more direct and easy to understand language and placed them in a table for you below.

The law articles are mentioned in brackets for easy reference and the full version of the law is available [Here]. Click on the link below to view the rest of the post that includes the easy-to-read the table.

      The bare minimum that needs to be offered to employees by law
  Work Contract Content   Work contract needs to be in writing and must contain:
a) Signing/effective dates of the contract
b) The amount of remuneration
c) The term of the contract if applicable
d) The nature of work (Article 28)
e) Probation period (Article 22)

Note: Needs to be in writing, but even if it is not written it is deemed to exist!

  Work Contract Copies   3 copies should be signed. One for each of:
1) Employee
2) Employer
3) The Ministry
(Article 28)
  Work Contract Language   All employee contracts shall be written in Arabic. Any other language may be translated, but in case of dispute Arabic will prevail. (Article 29)
  Term of Contract   Can be:
1) Not specified
2) Specified, if so should not exceed 5 years
(Article 30)
  Renewal of Contract   If the contracts term is specified and both parties continue to implement it, then the contract is renewed for the same period with the same conditions. (Article 31)

Note: Renewal does not affect the workers entitlement under the previous contract! In other words the employee still deserves his entitlements. (Article 31)

  Probation Period   Needs to be written in the contract and must not exceed 100 days, either party may terminate without notice throughout the probation period. (Article 32)

Note: If the employer is the terminating party then they must pay end of service benifts.

  Maternity Leave   70 days paid leave provided that the employee gives birth within this period. (Article 24)

Note: Employer can not terminate employee on maternity leave

  Breastfeeding   An employee that is breastfeeding shall be entitled to a two hour break everyday (Article 25)
  An employer in general is not responsible for transportation or accommodation. An employer is only responsible for transportation or cccommodation free of charge if:
a) The employees are working in a remote area
b) If the employees are working on the execution of a government project.
(Article 34)
  Penalties   Penalties can not be imposed on an employee unless he/she have been informed in writing of the act attributed to him/her, an investigation is held and their defense is heard. (Article 37)
  Deduction   An employee’s penalty should not exceed more than five days deduction in one month. If the original punishment exceeds five days, then it is attributed to the next month.

Example: Punishment 10 days deduction. 5 days are deducted in July and another 5 in August (Article 38)

Note: The employer shall keep the proceeds of all deductions from remunerations of workers in a fund allocated for use in the social, economic and cultural matters that benefit the workers. (Article 40)

  Right to Terminate (employee)   The employee shall have the right to terminate his contract without notice and still be entitled to end of service benefits if:
1) The employer is not abiding by the terms in the contract
2) If the worker was assaulted
3) If continuing to work will endanger safety of the employee
4) If the employer cheats, commits a crime or does something morally unacceptable.
(Article 48)
  Working Hours   It is forbidden to allow employees to work more than 48 hours a week or 8 hours a day. (Article 64) Workers cannot work more than 5 hours without a 1 hour break minimum that is not included as a working hour. (Article 65)
  Overtime   The overtime hours shall not exceed:
1) 2 hours a day
2) 3 days a week
3) 180 hours a year or 90 days a year. The employee shall be entitled to a 25% increase pay for the overtime hours. (Article 66)

Example: I make KD10 a day, for working 5 hours, that’s KD2 an hour. So my overtime rate is KD2.5 per hour.

  Weekend   The employee is entitled to a paid weekend which is equal to 24 continuous hours after 6 working days. (Article 67)
  Official Holidays   a) Hegeira New Year: 1 day
b) Isra’ and Mi’raj day: 1 day
c) Eid Al-Fitr: 3 days
d) Waqfat Arafat: 1 day
e) Eid Al-Adha: 3 days
f) Prophet’s Birthday (Al-Mawlid Al-Nabawi): 1 day
g) National Day: 1 day
h) Gregorian New Year: 1 day (Article 68)

If an employee works on a public
holiday, the employee is entitled to double his/her pay and another day off (Article 68)
  Paid Leave   Every employee is entitled to 30 days paid leave after working for 9 months. (Article 70)

Employees: If you think your rights are being violated, my next post will be about what do to do about it legally.

Employers: If you are in violation of the law, please STOP. Here is a check list for you, please be honest with yourselves. [PDF Document]

Post by Fajer Ahmed – Legal Counsel
Have a Kuwait law related question? Email me at ask@fajerthelawyer.com

The legal opinions expressed in this post are those of the author Fajer. Opinions expressed by Mark or any other writer on 248am.com are those of the individual’s and in no way reflect Fajer’s opinion.

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  1. Fatemah says:

    What’s the difference between a full time job and a part time job?
    Where’s the Human Resources to discuss about this since you somehow got in contact with the manager?
    What are the policies and procedures of the work which has a signed contract proving that the employee understand the rules and whatever following of the job?
    Has there been a breach of violation of the policies and procedures?
    Are you sure that the employee that you met working are the same employees or the ones that have been mistaken due to unable telling the difference between Asian employees who happen to be part timers?
    Have you ever conducted an interview with more than one employee ?

    • Frederick says:

      Lady, it’s either your in denial or just plain blind. Majority of low income jobs here in Kuwait does not experience the full protection and benefits of the law. There is a noticeable improvement, but we still have a long way to go.

    • D. says:

      1) The hours. More specifically the number of hours.
      2) What?
      3) What?
      4) A breach of violation? What?
      5) Are you even trying?
      6) ” I am personally tired of how every time I walk into a store and ask an employee how long their shift is I get ridiculous answers like 8AM to midnight!”
      This sentence would make no sense if she’d only talked to a few. Perhaps you should suppress your kneejerk reaction to defend Kuwaitis from any accusations of abuse from the non-Gulf Arabs we know you hate until AFTER you read and make sure you understand what was said?

      • Ebrahim says:

        hi everyone,
        currently im working as a sales executive in a shipping company few days ago i have resigned but now during my notice period my sales manager wants to switch me to other division ie. company messenger and office work for 3 months of my notice period is this act valid.
        According to Kuwaiti law what are my options. Thx

  2. Neo says:

    Thanks Fajer. Awesome Post.

    Would like to know with regards to the Paid Leave Clause : –

    Is it mandatory to work for 9 Months after every leave to be entitled to get leave & leave salary ?

    Suppose an employee wants to take 30 days paid leave just 5 months after his previous leave , due to unavoidable circumstances. Will he not be entitled to a any leave or leave salary ?

    • praetorius says:

      it’s called an “emergency leave” and is deducted from whatever “leave days” balance (if you have any), otherwise it’s considered unpaid leave.

      • Neo says:

        Praetorius, Am aware what an “Emergency Leave” is and not asking about taking an Emergency Leave.

        In my company, they enforce a rule saying that ” Each Employee has to work for 9 Months (Mandatory) after each annual leave , and then only will he / she be entitled to annual leave ” So is this correct ?

        What I know is that the 9 Month Rule is applicable for New Employees who have joined , and not for the existing employees.

        Would like Adv.Fajer’s take on the issue. Thanks

        • praetorius says:

          you mentioned “due to unavoidable circumstances”, hence my assumption that it goes on ’emergency leave’ clause.

          fwiw, i work in a government institution and the rules say you can take a vacation every:

          1. 6 months after your last
          2. anytime as long as there is no conflict with personell and staffing needs at the workplace and that you have enough balance leave to avail.

    • aaa says:

      The company is not required to give you paid leave before the 9 month period. Most companies will usually let you leave if you need to but unpaid.

      • Neo says:

        Hi aaa,

        What I know is that the 9 Month Rule is only applicable for New Employees who have joined , and not for the existing employees.

        In my company, they enforce a rule saying that ” Each Employee has to work for 9 Months (Mandatory) after each annual leave , and then only will he / she be entitled to annual leave ”

        Would like Adv.Fajer’s take on the issue.


        • aaa says:

          No that’s bullshit, you don’t need to wait 9 months between leaves. That’s meant for new employees.

          • Jordan santos says:

            Hi.. I just want to ask if how much do I pay if I will resign to my company here in Kuwait I will just finish 1 year then I will resign.. Thanks

    • Fajer Ahmed says:

      you not entitled to any days leave only after 9 months of work, you can not rightfully take a day of until then. but if your boss is generous then he can let you.
      and if your boss is not very understanding then its just unpaid leave.

  3. hzahid says:

    What is the standard rule for calculating the End of Service Benefits?

    • praetorius says:

      equivalent of 15 days per year, for the first 5 years (calculated as 2.78 month worth of salary) and full month salary for succeeding years.

      • hzahid says:

        Thanks for the reply. Please explain the 2.78 month worth part a bit more.

        • praetorius says:

          it’s actually 2.88

          15 days per year x first 5 years = 75 days
          75 days ÷ 26 days (paid working days in a month) = 2.88 months worth of your salary.

          so let’s say you have 500kd as salary monthly. you will receive 1,440kd as payment for the 1st 5 years. add 500kd per year after the 5th year of service.

    • Fajer Ahmed says:

      I can tell you in boring words, but I really want to share my table

  4. Ali says:

    I just want to confirm. If the probation period is not stated in the contract then there is no probation period? My contract makes no reference to any probation period but at the end does state that the contract will abide to Kuwaiti labor laws in anything not stated within the contract. So I wasn’t sure.

    • praetorius says:

      imho, probation starts on your 1st day and not to exceed 100 days.

      • Ali says:

        I get that the law states that. But based on MY understanding of that part of the law it seems that if no probation period is stated in the contract then there is no probation period whatsoever. Now I’m not a lawyer so that’s why I was asking. Also, if you look above you will see that Fajer wrote “NEEDS to be written in the contract and must not EXCEED 100 days”. This just supports what I thought but I wanted confirmation. I do appreciate your input though so thanks.

        • rt says:

          Company can give you more than what is mandatory by labour law but can’t deduct anything from mandatory conditions… so even if probation is not stated, it is there as it is mandatory as per labour law.

    • Fajer Ahmed says:

      the law states that it has to be stated in the contract. so I guess you do not have a probation period if it is not written in the contract.

  5. George says:

    Our company makes us work overtime without any pay. We only get the corresponding overtime work as time off. Our company deducts expenses like telephone expenses directly from our salary without informing us. Also our company keeps the passports of all Asians. Is this right? Is there anything we can do for this? Can the company block your resignation and local transfer. I have worked over 5 years in the same company, but now I want to transfer to another local company in my same field.

  6. Matt says:

    I like the photo. I shows eight guys….none are actually working.

  7. Mohammad says:

    a great post thanks Fajer

  8. Samar says:

    I have been working in a private company for 3 years and since then almost 45 people resigned 5 of which had to go to court to settle their issues. we are never paid on time we work sun to thursday from 8am to 6pm with a lunch break from 1pm to 1:30 pm. I applied for my leave and this thursday is my last day yet they have not paid me my leave salary nor have they paid us for june and july. Many people have complained to the shaun and the company is still able to slide past all the accusations. They also take all our passports and refuse to pay salaries until we hand them in. I would complain but i feel until i go to court and resign nothing will happen. How is it that with all the complaints they have not received a warning from the Shaun aren’t there any penalties for such companies or if a company has “wasta” they are able to fly by?

    • praetorius says:

      you answered your own questions.

    • Bing says:

      Hi sir!

      Good morning!

      I’ve been working in my company for 2 years and 4 months and I’m degree holder.And now, new company hired me but they required me to get No Objection Certificate from my old employer, but unfortunately my old company is not giving me the No objection Certificate since according to them I need 3 years employment first before they will give the NOC.Is this correct? Do I need 3 years first before I can work in other company?

  9. Kuwait says:

    I hear a lot about employers forcibly keeping passports of employees ‘for safekeeping’ as though employees are 6 year olds. Please elaborate on this disgusting practice.

    • praetorius says:

      Passport is a personal property. anybody can demand to keep it with them but with the uncertainty of keeping their job? that might be the reason why expats are “forced” to handover their passports.

  10. nero says:

    thanks for this post…..

    can you please post some detailed laws governing foreign workers, especially domestic workers who are very prone to abuse in that part of the world?


  11. nero says:

    article 5 of the law you posted says it is inapplicable to domestic workers. many thanks in advance.

  12. nahin123 says:

    Thank You for this post. When I was working in a store in Avenues, my manager only gave us 30 minutes of break in between work and if I was a few minutes late he’d throw a fit at me. I was always furious about this but at that time I had no choice. I always knew there must’ve been a law like this. I don’t work there anymore, but I’ll print this out and make sure that they get their 1 hour break.

    Also, I have a question. On weekends, many stores give a 2pm-11pm shift to their employees. Is that considered a malpractice?

    Thank You again and will be eagerly waiting for your next post.

    • praetorius says:

      afaik, most of the time it’s a matter of keeping your head down and get your monthly salary, or be “arrogant” about your “rights” and find yourself out of work.

      most choose the former.

      the same argument can be made why the kafeel system is being frowned upon in ILO and elsewhere.

    • aaa says:

      Why would it not be? 2PM-11PM is allowed if you’re given a break in the middle, breaks aren’t counted as part of the 8 working hours. The break should be an hour though, not 30 minutes. Some sectors are allowed to not give breaks, I think Banks for example are legally allowed to not give you a break but have shorter working hours in response.

      The labor law says 8 hours a day/48 a week but it doesn’t say which 8 hours.

      My question is how some jobs only have 5 days a week but then make you work longer than 8 hours to “make up” for that lost day… the law makes it sound like that should be illegal.

  13. Neo says:

    Greetings Adv. Fajer,

    There is this rule that says Employers / Employees should give 3 months notice before termination / resigning from their work or else have to compensate accordingly ( In most cases I’ve heard is equivalent to 3 months of salary)

    With this rule in effect, how does it apply to a new employee who has joined and is under 3 Months Probation

    Would also like to know , if in the case

    a)His residence has been transferred , within the probation period


    b)His residence hasn’t been transferred, within the probation period.

    Should the Employer give him a 3 Months Notice before letting him go ?

    Suppose he is fired within the Probation Period , is he entitled to 3 Months of Salary Compensation ?


    • aaa says:

      No. Probation means that you can quit with no notice and they can fire you with no notice. You will not be compensated for 3 months, and they will not ask you to give notice if you want to quit.

  14. Rehab says:

    Its funny when a person in Kuwait speaks about law.

    My friend got jailed for 24 hour without any reason or case because he spoke against Kuwaiti employer for not giving proper wage.

    The Kuwaiti went to Police wasta maybe CID and locked my friend nor allowed him to make calls.

    If judiciary is corrupt then whom would you turn for help…

  15. Hanaa says:

    What if you’ve been with the company over 3 months, signed the initial offer but your visa still isn’t on the new company? Do you automatically enter into the permanent position or is there a formality in between? Doesn’t it have to be registered with one of the ministries before it’s considered final?

  16. SOS says:

    Let’s talk about this 1 hour break.. Is it included in the pay? For ex. We get paid for 8 hrs a day. Would this 1 hour be part of the 8? Or would I have to work 9 hours (with 8hr pay)?

  17. Saeed says:

    i am working in the company for 3years and 8 months and my leave balance is 50 days…. will company will pay me for these days or for 1 month only…..

  18. zian says:

    I am requesting for an emergency leave as my father is ill. Ive passed n submitted the requirements needed such as mdcal abstract of my father.his medical and test reports as well as pictures of him in the hospital. I have 2 guarantors who already signed as proof of my return.my question is do the company have the rights not to grant me my request?

  19. zian says:

    I have only been with the company for 10months..

  20. karen says:

    hello good day, I just want to know if can I resign in my existing private clinic but I’m just 7 months there. the working environment is not healthy for me already they let me overtime for 7 hours without pay before.for 2 times..sometimes we end up until 1 am.pls I need your advise for this matter

  21. Abood says:

    Please Help!

    My employers are deducting money from my monthly pay, claiming it cost too much to fly me into the country. So they are taking half my pay this month, and another half next month, which essentially accumulates to the cost of the flight that brought me into Kuwait.

    I work for a private company, and I am under contract. In regards to the law, do I have any grounds in getting my pay back? Do they really have any right in doing this?

  22. Lucas says:

    Hi There,
    I have heard that some people use day offs to “job search”.
    What is my legal possibility? How many days I can use?

  23. Arif says:

    Dear sir,

    I have been working for one private company since 11 years and my salary was 250 K.D and now they increased 50 K.D and they are saying this is only your increment and paying every month and they are saying that will not be added to your leave salary is it correct?
    Kindly advise me as soon as possible.

  24. aston says:

    please help me, i want to work to the other company, ive been 2year and 10mos. in my company, i pass my resignation 1month ago, but they refuse to accept my resignation ,what is the best move to do or best way ti get release from the company? thank you

  25. Sriramdoss says:

    Please suggest me on my issue,
    I was working in one company and I resigned because of another offer and the company refused to release and finally they told me to leave the company on the same day when I resigned. these all through mail only and the HR department sent mail that I will get all my payments as per labor law. But the company refused to pay my notice period amount (mine is open contract and am getting monthly salary ,am IT Professional) .I approached to lawyer and finally the Expat Committee gave that am not eligible for notice period amount and they will give only my leaves amount. But am not clear that how I am not eligible for 3 months’ notice period.

    Kindly i need suggestion from you to proceed further.

    Thanks and Regards,

  26. reasel says:

    sir. im under probition period. i will be 3 mos this coming june 05,2014 and i filed a resignation effectivity on may31,2014. but my employer wants me to pay back for the visa and ikama..? as under in probition period, should i need to pay anything to my employer..? thank u sir.

  27. reasel says:

    what are legal steps i should do..? please reply me.. thanks

  28. ivy says:

    Hi Sir,
    We are working 7months in kuwait and some of my colleague is working more than a year in alhajery company but we are still holding visit visa.whats the best thing we can do sir?do we have the right to ask release?and if we ask release,do we still get benefits from them…4of my colleagues deported to philippines coz they are block listed in airport…and some of us got jail coz we do not have legal papers or civil i.d..


    Sir pls guide me its possible to terminate local transfer employee visa18 after putting contract for 2years.i also completed probation period.they gave t reason for termination that they are not stasified in my work.i completed only 6months in this company.is it possible to get release.iis thera any possible to get any composiation as per kuwait labour law.they also didnt give me overtime for worked on fridays before they give me termination papler
    so pls guide me wat to do or shall i go to syoun.thank u sir.i belived on u only sir pls.my family depends me only.

  30. brins says:

    Hi im working here in kuwait for 1yr and 11 months and my contract will end in next month. I pass already the resignation letter 3 months before.does the employer have the right to terminate me.?

  31. rose says:

    Hi sir,commitment letter after widrawing ur resignation is legal or illegal? My compny dnt like to give me release that y i widraw resgnation and after dat i wnt to go vacation and dey told me dey will give if i will not make commitment letter.im.alredy 4years and 3months in my company

  32. David says:

    It seems to me that a whole bunch of bad things are happening to many of us. I wonder if the Kuwait government monitors any of the blogs that talk about what these companies do.

    I feel very bad for all of us.

    God help us all.

  33. Wats says:

    Hello sir. I would like to know if I can resign with my company? I’ve been 3 years 7 months working here. Before I signed, I asked my boss if I could resign she told me just submit a notice of my resignatio and give them 3 months. Now I’m asking them that I wNt to resign because I want to give my best to my familt and they are not accepting my notice of resignation. I have given at least 3 copies already. Now they are telling me they didn’t received my resignation letter. The reason why I am resigning is because I love them and to give tge best as a father. Hope to hear from you for advice. Thank you.

  34. camikole says:

    Dear all,
    I am nearing the end of my probation period.I started in may 19th 2014,it is now Aug 17th 2014 and so far no word has come from either my manager or HR dept.i work for a pvt company and as yet have not received a performance review or any other kind of appraisal regarding my work during the months served so far.
    Can i assume that they are going to extend my probation period till the month end?or will they notify me in person if my services are not going to be needed? If i am being terminated,will i be eligible for my final paycheck or can they withhold it? Your responses will be highly appreciated,much thanks!

  35. gem says:

    hi. Im finishing my contract this september 20, 2014. ive been with the company for 5 years…i started sept 11, 2009. My company wants me to sign the clearance in SHoon even before I receive my indemnity…which I refuse to do. Now, my company told me I should vacate the hostel (provided by the company) by Oct 1. And they are insisting that they will not give my indemnity unless I sign in Shoon. What should I do.? Hope you can help me. Thank you in advance.

  36. gem says:

    ***correction: Im finishing my contract September 30, 2014.

  37. Pink says:

    hi. I’am working in a company, i take a vacation leave for 30 days coz my mom is sick that day, suddenly i extend my vacation, but i didn’t inform my employer, so i was extend morethan 1month coz my mom was so sick, later she died. Then i decided to go back in kuwait after my mom died, they accept me to go back work but they said i need to change my contact, I’m goin 3 years in kuwait, if i will change contrac i can’t get my service money and balance money. PLS HELP ME!

  38. Pink says:

    i have rights not to change contrac??coz in kuwait laws ther is 6months before they cancel my visa…pls reply this message…thankyou so much! :(

  39. Mohammad Arfan says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I would like to ask 2 questions: 1. I am working in a private company since 15th July 1993. Due to USA strikes on Iraq in 2002 our company paid our previous indemnity and registered a new date of joining as 01-12-2002 without any discontinuation we all having new date of joining. Now i want to resign and want to go back to my home country. My Indemnity shall be calculated since 1993 and deduct the paid indemnity or from new date of joining?
    2. my monthly basic salary is KD=680/- + Fixed allowance of KD=90, shall i get end of services benefits with calculation of KD=680+90 OR only KD=680

  40. Mohammad Arfan says:

    Refer to above pls sugges law clauses linked to my issue.

  41. marilyn delos reyes says:

    I am working in restaurant for 2yrs and 2 months excluded the 6months 20 visa.they transfer me to 18 visa my salary is only 120kd without any increase yearly and working more than 10hours per day.I make annual leave without paying my annual.leave my ticket fare is for me .now i want to get release and resignation from them. they refuse it and they told they need sraff. but now 2months their not giving salary .i am waiter and cashier here.they took also my bank card and take the account number.

  42. Allan says:

    Dear Fajer,

    The Kuwait labour law requires a notice period of 3 months prior to termination of a contract,as per Article 44 on an unspecified term contract, for an employee or worker who is remunerated on a monthly basis.
    Can an employer determine or enforce a specific date for submitting the 3 month notice period?

    Thank you!

  43. yusuf says:

    I am working from past 5 months in kuwait.
    I was appointed for administration
    But they put me into packaging what can I do
    To get a release or go back to my country
    I am a graduate

  44. pallas says:

    To whom it may concern,
    I am working in the restaurant.i want to know well.i was 20 visa before my employer he bought me in the agency and he change my visa to 18.i worked his restaurant the salary of 90 and no.of working hours is 12 to 10 hours.and without day off…for whole month always working.not only me but all…hope u give me an answer what should i do.

  45. Nusrat Ullah says:

    Sir i am working one of a reputed organisation in retail market.in Kuwait. We r employee s are following the rule of comp. Last 12 years.before the releasing this new law our comp given us 80 KD.Now they are giving us full salary 150KD.As per your above comments accommodation and transport comp will provide those who is working in remote area.but according to our employment contract there mentioned no deduction in food transport and accommodation affected from employee salary.so plc tell me right path to claim against comp.for taking our previllege. Thanks.

  46. Kkk says:

    I’m working in a company since 2nd Jan 2013,now I would like to cancel my visa and go back to india(No transfer). And I’m hired directly from india by company. And now they say that I wont get any indemnity as I wish to discontinue. Is it true? And at the last time of renewal they gave me termination letter as the project is over and again they retained my service as they got a new job, have the letter for those act. Please help me in this issue

  47. eileen says:

    I’m a qhadama hre in Kuwait.. I’m staying hre 4 months but I have problem with my sir… Coz he asking me to show my body to him.. And knowing that it’s not allowed now I’m thinking if I’m going to terminate my contract bUT I’m afraid maybe he will make for me problem and send me back to Philippines.. But I want to know if I go my country am I going to be banned here in Kuwait even it’s not my fault

  48. Bob the builder says:

    Can you tell me what happens if an employer is not allowing you to leave to nurse your child? Are the two hours for the privTe sector too?

  49. Rose says:

    hello ser

    I need for advice ser im working in sweet shop and i need for release for my campany now he dnt give to bcos said im 20visa b4 and trasfer me in 18 but i coming 3 years thats why i resign now he accept my lettle now he said he dnt give me a realse plss hepl me ser what can i do may salary is not enough 120 no house

  50. Muhammad Azharuddeen says:

    Dear bro,

    Hope your are fine..
    I have a question regarding transfer of visa.My company which i completed my contract for two years says they will give only one month time period to transfer my visa, But the other company needs three months time period for transferring visa (after probation period).Can u suggest a solution pleas.

  51. Wiek says:

    I am a teacher at a private school and would like to know whether the school, by law, has to pay me for unused sick leave at the end of my contract.

  52. Angel says:

    Good day sir! I am working in a private company here in Kuwait for 7 months but I think I wasn’t able to finish my 2 year contract. I want to pass a resignation letter on september of this year. How much do I need to pay the company? Please give me idea about this matter. Thank you very much!

  53. working says:

    We are working in a restaurant newly open..since we open. 3 weeks we dont have dayoff. Some of the staff straight duty to 7am to 12:00am. We work 12 hours a day for 30 mins break or worst. No break…now its a ramdan we have a break shft fron 4pm to 2:30am with 1 hour break..do we have a rights to complain and where?..tnx.

  54. Max.i says:

    I am Max, working private company their said contract is two years o have finished one year and sent the resignation letter to the company and already proved to finish my tree months notice period When finished it can I fine another company here? Or is easy to me to get released? Thank you Sir. Seek of your Advice

  55. uzmi says:

    I worked in a private company.i went for anual leave but company did not give leave salary.i extend leave for 15 days by sending fax & email.when i returned i come to know my extantion leave was not approved and company terminaed me without any notice and did not give terminateion latter.i joined another company.however previous company gave me transfer letter and new company put “Aqama” ok.but when i went previous company to get leave salary it refused by saying that i left company withiout inform…please give me solution…thanks

  56. queen says:

    Above all the maids are the people that suffer most two month look like 100yrs passport and civil id is hold withsponsor no holidays working for 20hrs without rest can maid ask for annual holiday .pls do something if u can

  57. Maneesh says:

    Hi sir

    I’m working with private company my salary was low. I have soon visa my nationality was indian can I able to work part time job here pls reply me.


  58. ib says:

    please let us know whether maternity leave is applicable

    those who not completed 9months employment.

  59. raj says:

    Dear sir

    I m working in a private company. My d.o.j is 14-06-2015.
    But sir I m not doing job her I’m going back my country. Company not give my passport.

  60. marcia loquiano says:

    To whom it may concern,

    Good day. Im a filipino citizens working in kuwait for 3 yrs.. But not exactly i finish my 3yrs coz i went home due my father died and my egyptian employer want me back they gave me 6months vacation now the my visa will be null in sept. 9 its my 6months stay in phils. I cant able to come back with my employer coz one of requirements is a new contract which they dudnt send to me..now i want to apply again in different employer, can i have my new visa after my visa will be null (6moths on sept 9 already). Please im looking forward your reply sir/madam coz i have my new employer waiting now but they are worried maybe i cant get a visa under my new employer name..thank you.

  61. marc says:

    Hi good day sir or maam.
    I want to ask for advice..abput my working hour here is 12 hours evry day w/o pay the over time and now the problem is now im sick i want to leave the company but the employer he dnt wnt.i have already a medical records from doctor.THE DOCTOR advice me to find a job that its not istressfull alot..like a job that has 8 hour working time..

  62. pradeep says:

    hello sir,
    since i came here it had been four years here in kuwait i am working an same company which is recruit me from abroad, if i will come after five months from my vacation instead of one month than they have right to terminate me ? if they will terminate me i can claim to transfer my visa to another company or not

  63. Mommu says:

    Dear sir,

    I am an engineer working in kuwait. I have a contract of 1 year. If i wish to get release after 1 year of my joining am i eligible? if my employer doesnt agree to give release can i file a complaint..?

  64. simon says:

    I am a teacher working jn kuwait.we are made to attend workshops on friday anf Saturday in schools.the school working hours are 7 30 to 1 30 from sunday to Thursday. Can I be legally forced to attend the workshops?

  65. Ali says:

    Salam oalaikum
    I m working in one industry from since 10 years.my company not pay overtim money,Not incresing sallery even friday we work but thye not paid overtim and I have onther offer from outher company.my passport with then and tgey cheat with us and tgey sign us on paper its writing in arebic that thhe passport of my is with me so company keep pasport.i need relase butcompany not giving.wht is the leagal way if I go shoun I can get relese without passport n how can I get back my new passport if I get new passport from ambassy I can travel to india and come back without any problem. Please give me advise

    Regards ali

  66. shabu says:

    What is the procedure to emergency vacation i already completed 7 n half months. Still company is not giving leave am ready to give a garanter bt still they will not approve my leave for my sisters marriage please any one give me the suggestion to take leave.

  67. Gavieve says:

    I am working for reputed firm, I m moving out of this country to another by the end of July, I will submit my resignation by the end of March 2016. I would like know the below:
    * Can I take 2 weeks leave after my resignation?
    * Can I travel for these 2 weeks?
    * When does the company cancel the residency?
    * Do I get any extra days to stay in Kuwait after the cancellation of my residence?

    thank you

    • Nester Palix says:

      Dear Sir.I came to kuwait in 04th March 2015.Now i have decided to quiet the job and to leave back to my home country. I have given my 3 months notice period as per the Labour law.
      My 3 month notice will finih in 6th of April 2016.
      Do i need to pay the company. My contract period is 2 years.
      I need your help.

      Thanks in advace.

  68. Rohan Chougule says:

    Hello All,

    I have resigned from my company on 23rd December 2015 and serving notice period of 3 months but company has not replied with confirmation letter and they are ignoring me,please help me how should i go to this situation.

    Rohan Chougule

  69. shunna fi says:

    Our company is always giving delayed salary usually one week or more and iy sucks because u need to settle ur bills and payments at the end of month..im still 7months and i want to leave my job..can i use this as grounds to terminate my contract here?

  70. Jishnu says:

    I have a problem in my workpermit. My salary given in work permit is 12 KD but my real salary is 350KD. 4 months before i reported this to company but no actions taken.How can I slove this?

    Is there any way to change this by ourself?

  71. abdul says:

    hello sir,
    My question regarding 3 month notice period.sir i completed 5 years in the current company.i got an offer in the another company and they need to join within 2 month.the current company does n’t allowing to leave me whithin 2 month,even i agree to pay them also.could you suggest me a good way.

    Thanks in advance

  72. Rama says:

    Dear sir,

    This is Ram working as a mechanical engineer XXX company . I resigned my job (07/05/2016). I want to know during notice period i can get my salary monthly. or as per kuwait law i can get after finish my 3 month only i can get my salary .pleas advice me .

  73. Sam says:

    I just want to ask about how can i avail released to my current work im a local hire hear in kuwait im now 6 months in my work it is possible for me to resign and get a release now but i have a contract 1 year

  74. liberta says:

    Hi Sir Good Day,
    Please help i need your advice , my name is liberta, as per i know the Kuwait Labor Law, before 3 months working in that company if i can continue to work i can leave ? I’m joined last March 26 2016 for now more than months. in i inform to my Moder i’am leaving, then i Not give letter for resignation he said just give the paper release so they release me , but my new company for now as per he told should work for a least month or before can i get the paper,My old company Not accepted he will make me case to the Shoon. Please help Me… its my pleasure .. to hear you..

    • liberta says:

      Hi Sir , ites me Liberta,
      i want ask if there are some company not follow the Kuwait labor Law the 3 months probationary period? Because they make me a case in Shoon ii’am not report now i stop i already inform that im leaving No resignation letter as per my moder just give the Tanaseel to sign the Kafil But the new company told me not for now. then now i let them to talk the old comp my HR and then my new HR .
      THEY ARE FIGHT.When i went thier my new comp suppose to get my paper.. i need to hear your answer… thanks you in advance …

  75. William says:

    I am a school teacher and approaching the end of the school year. Some teachers have been paid their summer pay and i have not. I wasn’t told why yet, but i am assuming because I have not completed some things that need to be done as far as curriculum planning is concerned. Can they not pay my summer pay? Is this legal for them to do so. I am a western expat. There are still a few more days to go till the end of the year.

  76. mildred says:

    hello sir,
    good day what if this law is not implement on some company, do we have right to complain?

  77. hafeez says:

    Hi Sir,
    I am working n Kuwait in an industry (Glass), since November 2014. still I wont finish my agreement for 2 years.i am an mba graduate and my employer giving me low compensation. so I want to cancel my agreement visa and want to come with the new visa. my civil id expires this november 2016. so sugeest me what I have to do? my employer wont gave release and cancellation. for that I have to stay in india for 6 months / on expire date of civil id. my details will delete from the system automatically. can I get new visa again….is it possible to come to Kuwait again…give me any one reference…plz

  78. adnan ghori says:

    I resigned and work only one month to my old company gives me only one month timing to transfer the recidency but my new company needs two months to transfer the recidence.but my old company is not giving me more one month timing for residency transfer so what exactly I need to do in this situation

  79. May says:

    I have a question. I have tendered my resignation letter of 1 months notice. Now the company said as per kuwait labor law i have to render 3 months upon resignation. They said i need to pay them 2 months of my salary because I will only give them one month notice. Do I really have to pay them that much? When i cannot afford it? I have been working here 2 years 4 months already. I only have signed 2 years contract with them.

    I dont know what to do. I dont have that much money and time to tender them. I need to go home after one month.

  80. Janelle says:

    Good day!

    I just want to ask if the company will allow me to resign with three months notice but on that three months notice I will use also my remaining annual leave so that they will not going to pay me for this, is that possible? Meaning 2 months plus one month annual leave pay.


  81. Ququ says:

    Hi sir,
    I hd email u twice.. waiting for ur answer.its about release.
    I am here in kuwait for 2yrs & 9 months on oct 2016 and will be 3yrs on Jan 2017.my question..do i need to finish 36months then i wl file my resignation for 3months notice ? Or on oct 2016 (3 months before 3yrs) thats the time to file resignation?coz i want release ..i got offer to othercompany.

  82. Santosh says:

    Hi sir,
    I finished my three months notice period as per kuwait but my company file a missing case . What should be done?

  83. Kamal BAsha says:

    Hi sir,

    i resigned from my position and i want to leave after 50 days of notice period but manager not approving even after I am ready to pay remaining 40 days due.
    Is it possible to leave.

  84. Mohammed khurshed says:

    Dear sir
    How are you today i would like to ask you july 1st i joint new jobs and this company already transfer my visa again with in 20 days i got another’s new jobs i can transfer my visa 18 in company

    Best regards
    Mohammed khurshed alam

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