Two wrongs don’t make a right

Post by Fajer Ahmed

So I got a parking sticker yesterday for parking illegally, let’s talk about this from a legal perspective and a legal perspective only:

1) The constitution says no crime or punishment only by law. Can you please show me where in the law it says the punishment for parking in a no parking zone is to stick a sticker on the violating car?

2) Punishments are to be carried out by police officers. Mall and campus security are not police officers.

3) Do you know that it’s illegal to stick stickers on cars? Even your own car.

I take full legal responsibility for my actions and call for the law to be executed upon me. I know what I did was wrong and a no parking ticket would have been worse than a sticker, it would have cost me more anyways. But I just get bothered when someone does something illegal in the name of the law, don’t do something illegal to let me know that I was illegal! Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Post by Fajer Ahmed – Legal Counsel
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The legal opinions expressed in this post are those of the author Fajer. Opinions expressed by Mark or any other writer on are those of the individual’s and in no way reflect Fajer’s opinion.

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  1. The Real Burhan says:

    In a private area (like a mall parking lot), the management is free to impose their own restrictions – such as slapping stickers on cars; it is the same reason they can ban scooters and enforce a dress code; even though owning and riding a scooter is not illegal.

    I was told its illegal to obscure the vision from the car; which is why its illegal to cover the rear glass with stickers or tint; and only now after a GCC consensus, a limit has been put on the amount of tint that can be applied to cars (it was completely not allowed earlier).

    If putting stickers on cars was illegal; no bus, delivery vehicle would be allowed to have advertising on it. They would also impound every car and the printing press wouldn’t be able to keep up with the demand for ticket books during the Hala February holidays; and bumper stickers would be outlawed and every shop that is printing vinyl to stick on cars would be shuttered by order of the ministry.

    Parking illegally is not a crime, its a misdemeanor. It is a lesser offense.

    As to your second point; putting a sticker on your car is not punishment. It is the same as if someone told you “Hey, don’t park here”. Except it has the added effect of annoying you – so the cost of the offense is more; in hopes that you won’t do it again.

    Finally, your post offers no legal perspective on the topic – other than you were perhaps personally offended that someone put a sticker on your car.

    • Mark says:

      Burhan I have to disagree with you here. I had a friend who had his car impounded because of a small TapOut sticker on the rear window of his car. A sticker maybe measuring max 10cm wide. Stickers on cars are illegal. Delivery vehicles need a license to be branded.

      • The Real Burhan says:

        You are right that delivery vehicles (well, commercial vehicles), need to have license to show ads.

        However, I am not sure how “illegal” it is to have stickers on your car. You friend got impounded, but every day I see cars with stickers running around.

        I think the worse thing is not enforcing the law.

    • Butters says:

      Putting stickers on cars IS illegal in Kuwait. But not for commercially licensed cars.

    • Fajer Ahmed says:

      1) yes they are free to impose restrictions, through their regulations, if I was working in that mall or if I was a student then they have every right to impose ADMINSTRATIVE and ADMINSTRATIVE only “punishments” on me.
      2) You were told. But I read and I went to law school and the law is clear sir, read article 35 for law number 52 promulgated in 2001, the 8th point. Stickers are illegal.
      3) Now for commercial use there has to be a permit with exactly what is stuck on the car, even the colors and the font have to written down before they get the permit. I own a company, we had problems with the colors we chose.
      4) I never said parking illegally is a crime. I used the word crime once to explain an article in the constitution, and I meant the sticker was a punishment for me.
      5) It cost me money to remove the sticker. It is a punishment. If they wanted to serve me a notice that’s not the way to do it
      6) I really appreciate your input. I love arguing as a lawyer, I am not offended by the sticker or by your comments. I am a believer in freedom of speech (if it is legal) so pls feel free to reply back and prove me wrong, if I am so.
      7) And im not bothered about the sticker, I was wrong I deserve more than that. I said why I was bothered in the post.
      8) I made three legal theoretical arguments but if you think there isn’t any legal perspective that’s your opinion sir.
      Thank you.

      • The Real Burhan says:

        #1 – they can impose restrictions on whoever uses their property (such as enforcing a dress code, forbidding photography, the use of scooters, animals, etc.) because its a private enterprise and private property. It is not restricted to their employees. This is like saying I can only forbid my employees to smoke in my office.

        #2, #3- Stickers are illegal; agreed.

        #4 – You said that crimes should only be punishable by law; and then you further argued that there isn’t any law that states that the punishment for parking illegally is a sticker on your car. I don’t think I need to say more to equate that you attributed illegal parking as a crime.

        #5 – They are free to serve notice how they please, because again – its a private property. At some places, they announce it over the public address.

        #6 – I did not mean to offend anyone, it just seemed that this article had a personal bent to it (unlike your other excellent posts).

        I think that if the police were to enforce parking laws in private enterprises, then this sticker business would cease. It is because the police won’t do it in private establishments (for good reason, I might add), that companies have taken to themselves to give notice to people. Of course, if there was an overall respect of the rule of law, I think a lot of problems would be solved.

        I would say that putting a sticker on your car is up there with other policies such as towing away the car if parked illegally. That isn’t illegal either.

        I admit, they should post the rule of slapping stickers on your car if you are parking illegally – then you would have to consent to it (just like you do when you read the other disclaimers like having your car towed away for parking overnight, clothing, photography, no pets unless service animals, etc. etc).

        • Fajer Ahmed says:

          I feel like you misunderstood a few points, so im taking the time to reply to you.
          1)All the things you mentioned are telling me not to do things, not telling me if you do this, then this will happen to you. Kicking you and your car out is fine, not allowing you in ever again is fine, administrative punishments are fine, but anything else is not legal and that is because of point 4.
          2+3) thank you. I can provide you with the law (in Arabic)
          4) no I said no crime or punishment only by law. English its not my first language and I don’t know how to explain this grammatically but when I use or, its for two different points. Or at least I thought so.
          5) by civil procedures law there’s a whole section on how to serve notices, notices are not served by stickers. I have this law in English if you want to look at it.
          6) yes this article is personal instead of giving a solution to someone’s problem I posted about something that bothered me, so I understand where you are coming from.
          You are absolutely right if the police were to enforce punishments then they wouldn’t need to stick stickers, but that’s not an excuse for them. I needed to go a meeting on time, but not an excuse for me to park illegally.
          Thank you again for your input and please feel free to email if you ever want to discuss something or if you need legal advice.

          • lolguy says:

            Cops have no jurisdiction in a private parking and mall management has no authority to impose a fine. How then do you suggest management deals with cars paked badly? It sounds like things can get quite lawless and there isnt anything anyone can do, except have marshalls stationed at all times to put erring drivers in their place.

      • The real says:

        I think it’s fab that they stickered your car and caused you a major headache.

        What about the 200 other people who obeyed the rules who may have been hindred by your selfish action.

        You will think twice for parking illegally again.

        Hopefully this trend takes off and teaches some much needed discipline in a kuwaiti society that is becoming above the law.

  2. Butters says:

    You are on a private property and by entering you agree on obeying what the sign at the entrance says.

    That’s what I think of in defense of the stickers. I hate those stickers but I hate people who park illegally more.

    • Fajer Ahmed says:

      i dont like it when people park illegally too. i dont mind the stickers, its not that expensive to remove. but if you want a clarification on the private proerty point you made please read my reply to Burhan. Thanks

      • Marcel says:

        Hi Fajer Ahmed
        please help me out, cause I don’t get it.
        If I understood it right you’ve parked your car ‘wrong’ on a privately-owned parking spot. Basically a spot without legal traffic regulations. So how can you be fined?

        Were you aware of this ‘punishment’, executed by the staff of this private owned company, before you took the decision to park your car at their property?
        Was there a warning sign at the entrance for example?

        And if they’re allowed to damage you’re car with a sticker (which seems to me a violation to the right of undisturbed ownership), what’ll be the next step? Paint all wrong parked cars purple?

        In short; at what point becomes the punishment an unlawful act in this case?

        Thanks in advance.

      • TiminKuwait says:

        Then why don’t you quit bitching like a little girl and just take for what it’s worth? You were wrong, period! In fact, I detest a lawyer who breaks the law even more than any other citizen because you SHOULD know the law. And if you did know it at the time then you violated it willingly, probably because you thought you could get out of whatever punishment was imposed. So a sticker gets put on your car and you get a little inconvenienced. Boo-freaking-hoo!! Grow up!

    • 3azeez says:

      I think with the exception of the Avenues, all malls in Kuwait are built on public properties. and the walking inside a mall is like walking on the streets outside. That is why the security is so loose they cannot handle people. it has to be by police officers.

  3. dougmacho says:

    wow…..yours one of those guys……sad

    • Fajer Ahmed says:

      I am a female. pls. i keep getting emails with dear sir. no im not the type that parks illegal, it was my first time. i didnt even see the faded out black and yellow. and again i take full responsibility.

      • dougmacho says:

        where i come from, its acceptable to use the term “guys” when referring to men and women. but i’m in a foreign country, so i take full responsibility in calling you a man.

        • Fajer Ahmed says:

          LOL guys for together or guys for any one female and any one male? teach me please.
          Its just a lot of people have been emailing me with dear sir.

          • dougmacho says:

            Like when I refer to a single male I use “guy”, but if there’s a group of guys and girls then its ok to say, “you guys wanna go see a movie?”.

            Sometimes I say guys and gals, if I think they might get offended……..but then using gals they might think its weird too……idk

  4. Samuel says:

    That explains the wrong parking.You are free to go,Excuse accepted.

    • The Real Burhan says:


      I’ve seen more guys park illegally than girls – especially in malls. Her gender has no bearing on the post.

      • Fajer Ahmed says:

        I dont think Samuel is excusing me because of my gender, i think its the fadded paint part. Either way there is not excuse and again i want the law to be enforced on me.

        • Samuel says:

          LoL,I was just being sarcastic,Anyways I will have to applaud Fajer Ahmed for her knowledge on Kuwait’s laws.We need more intelligent people like her in Kuwait.Keep up the good work!!!

  5. dougmacho says:

    You should try this in Texas………

  6. AlHindi says:

    These stickers are trending all over Kuwait!!

    (personally I like it! coz at least it will stop people from parking wrong and giving trouble to others, however some cases are extreme – i have seen cars with stickers on 2 windows and yet wrongly parked day after day!)

    So about the trend, Gulf university has it, Marina Mall has it, ok i get it these are private properties, how come Hamra has it? the parking next to Hamra tower is owned by the ministry of finance(or correct me if i am wrong), only managed by the Hamra team, but still they stick stickers on cars wrongly parked! so does this justify that which ever parking is managed privately, they can use the stickers as a way to punish you?

  7. aaa says:

    What about stickers on cars parked in a parking area? The office depot in Shuwaikh puts NO PARKING if you park there, shop there, but then go to the starbucks.

  8. mariam says:

    my god mark. does your narcissism have no bounds? you are bitching about a sticker on your car? be thankful thats all you got, instead of having your car clamped or towed. blog needs better subjects dude. seriously. ridiculous.

  9. Buzz says:

    I think the malls take the law into their own hands because the police are not there to do their job. Still, it doesn’t make it right. Maybe effective, but not altogether right.

    • aaa says:

      I thought it’s not the job of the police if it’s private property? It’s why you don’t have cops patrolling malls.

    • G says:

      Actually I’ve seen police roam around in some malls parking lots just giving out tickets, but that isn’t the case all the time and it is the job of these guys to make people park better, and this is probably one of the only ways to do it effectively.

      What’s really annoying is when someone parks vertically and the person that parks next to them is forced to park vertically and it goes on and on and on…

  10. Fatima says:

    Well Mark…sad that you had a sticker slapped on your car.. too bad.. but i guess the managements have to take such steps rather than wait for a cop to come down there and give you a parking ticket. and what if there is no cop around? If everyone waited for cops to come, people like you would just casually drive off, without even realizing how much inconvenience you had caused.
    And be thankful, coz the trend in other places is to deflate your tyres if you park in a no parking zone. With a sticker on your car, at least u could drive back home.
    so i guess you should take this as a lesson, rather than debating over what they did was right or wrong. They punished you for not obeying their rules.Law comes later, this is more of a social and civil thing than a legal one.

    • M2M says:


      didnt u read mariam’s comment? or who wrote the article? or at least look at who is replaying to the comments?

      I guess these things happen sometimes ;)

      anyways. Fajer ahmed wrote it

    • Fajer Ahmed says:

      It wasn’t mark post, it was mine. I wasn’t debating if I was wrong or right. I admit I deserve a parking ticket and I have said I take full responsibility. My debate was over the legality.

  11. Kuwait Expat says:

    I’m not a law expert but here are my simple comments from a common sense perspective.

    1) The constitution says no crime or punishment only by law. Can you please show me where in the law it says the punishment for parking in a no parking zone is to stick a sticker on the violating car?

    I would assume that there are none but can’t the establishments impose their own rules the same way you could impose rules on your property. Can’t malls/campus do the same thing?

    2) Punishments are to be carried out by police officers. Mall and campus security are not police officers.

    Do you really expect the police to spend time catching illegal parking violators on malls/campus rather than enforcing more important laws. If putting a sticker is illegal, then why is it being implemented to date? I’d assume the police left that responsibility with the malls/campus.

    3) Do you know that it’s illegal to stick stickers on cars? Even your own car.

    It doesn’t really bother me since I don’t park illegally. If you were late for your appointment which forced you to park illegally, then it’s your fault for coming late. You should manage your time very well next time.

    And geez, it is only a sticker, get over it. There are more important topics than this piece of crap. Dura lex sed lex.

    • Mark says:

      I don’t think you can impose your own rules and punishment on your own property. That would mean I could decide the punishment for smoking in my house is to throw you over the balcony and it would be legal… In my house :D

      • Steven says:

        +1 if it was legal lol

      • hellppp says:

        you cannot throw someone out from your balcony but yes you can stop him from smoking or just ask him to leave.
        sticking a no parking sticker is not compareable to throwing someone out of balcony if they had broken your car yes.

      • Khalid says:

        “Trespassers will be shot”

        Its legal in the USA to kill anyone who enters your property without your permission. Except police of course.

    • Fajer Ahmed says:

      1) nope
      2) what I expect and what is legal are two different things unfortunately
      3) it doesn’t bother me either I know I deserve a violation ticket which is worse. You are right there is more important topics but that doesn’t mean two wrongs make a right.

  12. Steven says:

    Hi Fajer,

    Is there a law that prohibits anyone smoking in malls or private areas? Do malls, restaurants etc where general public congregate is considered “public places”?
    If there is no such law, what can the people running the place do to stop someone from smoking even after politely asking the person abuses and doesn’t stop? If it was up to me, i would love to sticker their faces lol. I have to admit that i get personal satisfaction when i see stickers plastered on idiots who park in wrong places.

    • Hazmat says:

      lol, me 2

      • bob says:

        +2 I always want to carry a small fire extinguisher and just hose down smokers in public places. But I accept that in polite society you simply can not do that.

    • Fajer Ahmed says:

      There are misntry regulations for certain public areas. And then the malls can have their own regulations but with out punishments. Will get into detail about smoking in a post in the future. You can always email me also.

  13. 3azeez says:

    Placing a sticker on driver or passenger side window… wont that put u at risk of getting in a car accident? can’t we sue?

  14. 3azeez says:

    So a lawyer was breaking the law? LOL
    reminds me of that law student I came across a while back at the avenues. so happy to show off that s/he a law student by having law school logo all over hir car. but then parked at handicap parking spot in front of ikea!

    i wonder if thats Fajer as well. lol

  15. Khan says:

    I think the idea of sticker is similar to that of giving you a walk of shame.

    A lot of people can just laugh a fine 20kd off every now and then.

    I think its effective and it works.

    • Matt says:

      Agreed. Most people will not do the right thing unless there are negative repercussions of doing the wrong thing. Sad, but true.

  16. Qster says:

    One time I spotted a car parked at a handicapped zone. I got so angry I let the air pressure out of his tires. Don’t regret a thing, if i had my way that would the punishment for everyone.

  17. Omar says:

    In America, entering a private property is illegal, he (the owner) can do whatever he wants with you. Including shoot you. And nothing can be done to him. You made the first mistake.. i see no difference here. You entered (parked) without permission. They did something you, in this case.. a sticker on your car.

    • rosy says:

      The difference is that this isn’t America.

    • Chris says:

      that’s America bro.. ” Ain’t America With KuwaitiPoliticians “

    • Dougmacho says:

      Uh, no… cannot shoot people unless your state or county has those laws. your dumb.

    • D. says:

      Laws are not uniform across America. Not all states allow you to overreact like that.

    • TiminKuwait says:

      Ummm…not quite. IOW, I cannot shoot someone who enters my house just because I want to. I had better damn well be able to prove they were breaking into my house or otherwise meant me and/or my family harm. Definitly not the same case with a private business. They can’t just shoot someone because they entered their place of business and wore clothing the owner didn’t like. Or some other equally stupid reason. They have to be in the process of committing a crime in order for the use of force to be legal.

  18. Gizmoshow says:

    There is a big difference between a rule and the measures taken in case of breach of such rule.

    1) Any person may impose his/her own rules for people visiting his/her property. Such rules, if not written and published, follow the general common sense and local customs. the beauty of the common law system is that, even with the lack of a codified law, some common sense rules have the power of the law if acknowledged by a case precedent. Kuwait does not follow the common law system, this is why ppl tend to apply any rule they think is appropriate and many times are abusive. There are little provisions under the constitution governing the rights of the owner of a property and yes, property is protected just as in the US (@rosy), but mainly, it falls under the local customs which stem from Islamic laws. However, Islamic law is not clear about the rules for parking a car on a property. This is why, in such circumstances, we should follow the spirit of the original law, the father of all laws, CONSTITUTION. if you intend to apply some rules on your property, there should be a list of such rules and the list should be public, it’s called a visitor’s policy. (the visitor may sign it when entering or it can be posted on a board in a visible place just at the entrance and stating that “by entering inside the campus you agree to comply with all the rules and policies stipulated by the University’s administration.)

    2) breach of the policy: the policy itself, will mention the measures that the administration will take in case of breach of the policy. Such measures should not in any way cause any damage to the other person’s property because also his property is protected by the law.

    3) in the case of Mark, the questions would be, was there a policy posted on a visible location? did it include the measures that they may take in case of breach of policy? Second, did the enforced measure, cause any harm or damage to your car? (Note: in case you are afraid of getting a ticket from the police, it is in your control not to go out before removing the sticker and it is not the responsibility of the University’s administration.)

    4) Finally, in case Mark is mad and wants a remedy or compensation of what he thinks is unlawful harm caused to him. The problem in Kuwait, is that, if it was just a matter of sticker, and there is no real material damage, no one would listen to him and the only authority for that is the police station who are not trained for such circumstances and would not receive his claim, while under the common law, there is the common law court where you can claim for equity. UNLESS, you are customer to one of the commercial malls and you are completely sure that you are not aware and that there is no way you may be aware of the constraining measures applied by the mall. In such case, you may file a claim against the mall’s administration at the consumers protection department of your area in your capacity as a customer to the mall (and the parking which is difficult to prove if you don’t have an entrance ticket or some receipt etc…)

    5) Conclusion, in the lack of a proper authority to solve such small issues, the system is not efficient and no justice can be made to Mark. This is why, ppl are still doing it and no one is stopping them, even if what they are doing is inappropriate. On the long term, such inappropriate behavior becomes a practice and then, everybody will be doing the same.

    Good luck in your life Mark. (by the way am a lawyer too)

    • MM99 says:

      Typical Kuwait – you as a lawyer and never noticed that this sticker was not on Mark’s car? Pathetic.

    • Mark says:

      This isn’t my post

      • Wishbone says:

        Mark, I thought lawyers always read the fine print, how ever much of it there is.

        Guess this one skipped a few posts ….

    • Marcel says:

      Are you a practicing attorney or prosecutor?

      Either way, extended comment, but…. do something with your knowledge instead of complaining about the lack of a good functioning system. It´s up to juridical educated people like you who should take responsibility by urging for laws, which should guarantee an equal, fair and plain treatment for all individuals and parties.
      Why also downplaying the inconsistencies in a failing jurisdiction?

      Read the comments, almost none of the readers has any idea which rules- or laws are applied in a parking garage.

      If relative small legal deficiencies are being marginalized, how can you reasonably expect that serious problems like wasta and corruption will be contested successfully?

      The problem, as in many countries, is the lack of skillfull lawyers, as well as politicians who are willing to implement laws for a better- and transparent functioning legal system.

      Simply prohibiting or ignore everything which is difficult to handle, will never lead to a sustainable solution. It´s just a choice for the easiest way out.

      Note: the owner of the parking garage has many ways to deal with the problem of wrong parked cars. Never heard of removable bollards (?).

      • Gizmoshow says:

        Am just a visitor here and not a citizen. I trust that you are aware that here only citizens may lobby for new laws.

        I wish I could urge for new laws just like Mark wished he could run for Municipality, and avoid comments like, “this is Kuwait and not the US” type.

        As you noticed, I suggested some solutions comparing with our legal systems.

        It is not the lack of skillful lawyers but sometimes it is the lack of qualifications of the officials in public authorities.

      • Fajer Ahmed says:

        Is this for me? Cause I like your post.

        • Marcel says:

          Initially it was meant for Gizmoshow, who I like to thank for his reply, but I’ll appreciate your comment.
          Tnx. :)

  19. Matt says:

    And the moral of the story is……do not park illegally.

  20. ibnturab says:

    I thought collecting as many different stickers on your windows from all the different malls was the ‘thing’ to do now.

  21. TweeZ says:

    Here is a question for Fajer:

    Is it true that the cops can’t site a fine to people that park illegally in a mall’s parking? Basically cops have little to no jurisdiction in a mall’s parking?

    which explains why we don’t see police patrolling or fining people when they park in handicapped zones or double park or park on top of the sidewalk?

    I would be grateful if you could get an official response from MOI. THanks & keep up the good work on educating us with these every day questions.

    • Fajer Ahmed says:

      I can find out for you officially but as far as my knowledge goes, police are not allowed on campuses (except for rare incidents ) and religious sites. But I will check that for you (not in my office right now)
      And you are very welcome

    • pipin says:

      I got ticket when i parked my car in 360, for wrong parking. It was full and it was parked adjacent to the pillar.

  22. Matt says:

    When people park illegally, what they are saying is, “I am too important to have to follow prescribed rules. It is beneath me to adhere to the same standards as everyone else. I cannot be subjected to the torture of looking for a proper space where I may have to walk a few meters. The entire world exists only for my convenience.” Sorry if this offends anyone, but I thought some tough-love was warranted here.

  23. Wow, all this verbage and debate over a sticker? Moral of the story is: *drum roll please* don’t park illegally therefore you will get no sticker. I am amazing :P

  24. Traveler says:

    Forgive me for being Western… but what is a “Security Probing”? Sounds painful.

  25. M! says:

    Moral of the story is Fajer did something wrong and is bitching about it because she didnt get away with it :)

    Typical way of Kuwaiti thinking… If they did something wrong (park illegally)
    then i will do something wrong in retaliation (sticker on car)

    The above in brackets can be substituted with a lot of other things ;)

  26. Yousef Khaja says:

    Typical kuwait.

  27. Spoiled Q8 says:

    lol lawyer who doesnt respect the law

    gtfo imo

    • Fajer Ahmed says:

      I’m pretty sure telling me to gtfo can be illegal. Just saying.

      • 3azeez says:


        Mark, seriously, its time to ‘ban’ Fajer. She’s starting to bully us!!

      • Spoiled Q8 says:

        and even if i did live in kuwait i would have no problem telling you to gtfo while providing my IP address for you to attempt to do something about it.

        Learn 2 park plz

        • 3azeez says:

          Oh yeah… I’d say GTFO too since I’m not in Kuwait as well. LOL

          Mark, if I get sued, you’ll blog for me about it ok? I’m still boycotting Benihania and so is my whole family because of what they did to you!! ;p

      • Spoiled Q8 says:

        i only wish the sticker was much bigger.

        lawyers breaking the law and posting about, nothing can be sadder

  28. ei says:

    Can’t be bothered to read all the comments, i personally despise anybody who parks illegally and think that in addition to the sticker they should flatten the tires and syphon out the gas too, basically anything and everything that would annoy the driver as much as it annoys anybody who bothers with following the rules

  29. sami says:

    I approve of the sticker. After her post and the arguments that it generated, Lawyer Fajer will never forget this incident. It will be forever etched in her mind, it will haunt her whenever she drives into any parking lot for the rest of her life. Yes, it is an excellent punishment.

  30. Huh? says:

    I’d take a legal action against those fu*king bastards!

  31. People take all the time to draft out answers long enough to make JR Tolkien jealous, but they do not take a fraction of the same amount of time AND effort to actually read who has written the post.

    Love it :D

    • Gizmoshow says:

      Using the name “Mark” was just a random name I picked in my answer. I could have used Joe, Tony, Frank etc… but then that would also be absurd

  32. Ray M says:

    It’s been a while since I lived in Kuwait. In Kuwait, can owners of private parking space(s) post a sign stating that the vehicles of parking violators will be towed to an off-site storage yard and the cost of the tow and storage will be the responsibility of the vehicle owner? Where I live now, in Canada, that is the normal practice, be it in a mall parking lot or in a small space beside or behind a neighbourhood shop.

  33. Wishbone says:

    Reading all the posts I deducted the following:

    1) Fajer wrote the post and not Mark … Funny how many missed that.
    2) We have a lot of laws in Kuwait but not enforcement of these laws
    3) There is a fair number of, let me pleasantly word it, low IQ individuals
    4) There is a backlash thats slowly emerging from people being annoyed at the lack of law implication, like using stickers. With time it’ll get worse.
    5) There is no fear of the law
    6) We need more new laws, enforce them for 2 weeks then forget about them
    7) Everyone who condemned all those for parking wrongly have, with a 99% certainty, broken A driving law ( if they drive )
    8) I’m always right

    • baderb says:

      for your third point I actually wanted to say that since like for ever, just didn’t know how to phrase it without being rude.

  34. Security Adviser says:

    At the Avenues I have seen cops give tickets aswell as wheel lock cars in the main parking in front of IKEA for parking illegally and on pavements. But they never bother to do the same for the same offences at the parking areas at the back or underground . wonder why is that.. Personaly though I like the idea of putting stickers on offending vehicles. What makes them so special that they think they can park anywhere they want illegally or worse yet in a handicap zone just bcoz they are in a mall. Matter of fact instead of just the drivers window they ought to stick one in the center of his windscreen as well as the rear window .

    • 3azeez says:

      “What makes them so special that they think they can park anywhere they want illegally”

      Because by law a building owner is supposed to provide parking spaces enough for the building occupants. Building owners don’t comply with this regulation. and people will have to park somewhere.

      • The Real Burhan says:

        You can park outside, across the street and walk. This is not an excuse.

        The real reason is disrespect of the rule of law; and lack of common ethics.

  35. i wot m8 says:

    >2012 + 1
    >intelligence measurement
    >still believe in IQ

    Simply put, you violated the law missie. What did you expect would happen? The security guard(s) coming your way and giving you a light pat on the shoulder complimented by a sincere smile and him saying, “next time don’t park illegally, mmk? :D”?

    Trying to justify your wrongdoing using big words ain’t going to cut it.

    What’s in store for us come 2014? An influx of feminists influenced by the West? I can’t wait!

  36. Ron says:

    Just to mix this up a bit – is there actually any law against prostitution ? I get approached so much, seems I want to wear an abaiya (but just pleasantly say “no thanks” )

  37. TiminKuwait says:

    I bet you are also one of those who can’t be bothered to park between the lines either, right? You park diagonally and take up two spaces because you’re just THAT important!! Are you Kuwaiti?

  38. Meee says:

    Just buy/make hundreds of these no parking stickers and go crazy with them… Stick them on the university windows, completely cover cars with them (especially those that are behind using these stickers), stick them on the floor tiles/marble of the university. Just absolutely go spastic with them. Soon a lot of people will start complaining and making a fuss about it.. Police get involved. Then police ban these stickers… Voilà!!!

  39. mel965 says:

    loooooool the comments are a trip , 7imdella bs

  40. Security Adviser says:

    “Because by law a building owner is supposed to provide parking spaces enough for the building occupants. Building owners don’t comply with this regulation. and people will have to park somewhere”

    Even if Mr. Al Shaya in addition to the existing parking areas were to build a dedicated 7 storey car park with 3 basements and were to some how connect it to Phase 3 and the Grand Avenues building You still will get dumb asses parking like dumb asses. In any case nobody would park there any ways cause it would be just too much of a walk; and we all know how much people in Kuwait like to exercise or break a sweat considering Kuwait being number 1 on the world’s fattest people list.

    • 3azeez says:

      “You still will get dumb asses parking like dumb asses”

      Reality of life.

      “In any case nobody would park there any ways ”


  41. Faisal says:

    or we could all marvel at the fact that a legal counsel parked illegally, got punished, and is complaining.. lol only in Kuwait..

  42. xandra says:

    the sticker itself serves as a notice! so you wont do it again…why? it cost money to clean it!
    it is WRONG blogging about a WRONG doing special to others and other’s property..that includes their parking areas. LOL!

  43. GoingKuwaiti says:

    Malls are private property and they dictate where you can park. W.r.t sticking stickers, they cannot tell everyone where to park their cars, as all parking and non-parking areas are clearly marked.

  44. Bashayer says:

    This is an interesting post, would love it if u could help me understand a couple things:
    – I get what you’re trying to say in point 1: an act can not be considered a crime unless the law stated so, and no punishment can be imposed unless it was stated by law.
    Does thismean that those owning/ in charge of private properties don’t have the power to make regulations and put restrictions on those who are in their property?

    If they can, how far can these regulations go? Can they ban acts that are not considered as crimes? How can they impose these regulations?

    You also said that they can impose adminstrative penalties in one of your replies, does the law specify these penalties, or atleast give examples of it?

  45. pickles says:

    These posts (by Fajer) could have been written in a more useful and informative way. sorry, but you suck Fajer.

  46. Mrs. X says:

    The other day I went to visit my friend that lives in a building. There was no parking for visitors so I started driving around looking for a parking space. This is an area where they have buildings and houses. Most houses have a parking area on the sidewalk. I found a house that was located on the corner and it had a parking area in one street, but a normal sidewalk on the other. I parked on the street where there was no parking slots thinking that anyone had the right to park there. I found a sticker on my car saying not to
    do so. Since I am not from here, I want to ask “is it illegal to park in front or on the side of someone’s house?”. If it is, where should I park since there is no public parking lot?

  47. Bash says:

    Hi Mr.fajer

    i woke up this morning and found a ticket on my car for no parking and also noticed that it mentioned that my number plate was taken. i looked at my car and both my front and rear number plates were taken.

    i would like to know if this is a new rule i am unaware of?

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