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Pantry Tips: The Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker

I’m not normally a presents kinda girl but I did ask for one thing last year; the Anova. If you aren’t familiar, the Anova is a home sous vide machine. With sous vide cooking you stick food in a vacuum sealed bag and cook it in a controlled water bath to ensure your meats (typically) come out at optimal juiciness.

The Anova is a great kitchen tool for anyone who loves home cooking. It’s extremely affordable at 100USD and super easy to use. You can control the temperatures from the app on your phone and the cooker itself will easily attach to anything from pots, to big plastic Ikea containers if you’re planning on going to town.

The results are amazing but it does take time, so don’t expect to be using your Anova daily. Though I have made sous vide eggs, which were spectacular, I’ve only done it twice in the past year. Why? Because it’s a 45 min process and lets be honest, eggs are eggs, and ain’t nobody got time for that.

The Anova is amazing though for proteins, your steaks will always come out picture perfect and your chicken breasts juicy as ever. I have a bunch of friends that have gotten Anova’s recently and they all seem to enjoy it too, it’s a tool that really makes you feel like a pro-chef in the kitchen at a fraction of the cost of most other kitchen gadgets. [Amazon Link]

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Usually you sear off the proteins for color or a crispy outer layer at the end but it’s not necessary and you can choose to omit that step. The point of the sous vide cooker is to ensure precision cooking of the meat so the heat is equally distributed throughout. As for bags you can use resealable freezer grade ziplocks or if you want to invest you can get a foodsaver vacuum sealer and seal things to size. The anovaculinary site has a whole lot of info about why to sous vide and varieties of bags to use i’d recommend you check it out if you are interested in the technique.

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