Al Busal: Selfie Star in Ebola scare

Post by Holla


Famous “Daloo3” the selfie star chimpanzee was apprehended from the Kuwait local zoo on Sunday for resisting arrest after being confronted with the serious offense of allegedly spreading the Ebola virus to 2 innocent local children according to reports from the Ministry of Health.

The investigation began when the 2 victims, who are brothers, were taken to Adan hospital for treatment of water diarrhea and violent vomiting and were put on a Pepsi and Sprite drip to aid in electrolyte absorption and stomach disinfection until their condition stabilized. Once they recovered they indicated to the hospital doctor and staff that they felt the incoming symptoms shortly after their interaction with the infected monkey after they took a selfie with him feeding them for fun as a joke. But, their parents thought that they were just lying as usual to get off school until their condition worsened to near death which prompted them to call the driver to take them to hospital.

Thanks to the valiant efforts of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of the Interior, further investigation of this mysterious case led to the swift discovery and rapid arrest of the sick criminal monkey who was the local zoo entertainment star and often posed for selfie opportunities with fans. The Egyptian handler M.H was also arrested and referred to the relevant authorities for smuggling the infected monkey from Egypt by sedating it with powerful heroin drugs and hiding it in his underwear while passing through customs undetected. Both the animal culprit and human handler are awaiting trial and sentencing and will be scheduled to be deported back to Egypt after serving their prison stay.

It is now suspected that as many as 10 cases of Ebola that were discovered this past year were all due to this monkey but they were never verified since the source has been unknown or ruled off as foreign in nature of course since Kuwait is usually totally disease free. The zoo is currently closed down for complete animal elimination and for the bony stable renovation expected to debut in Jan 2017.

Post by Holla

Al Busal posts are 100% fictional, satirical and in no way be taken seriously.

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  1. Kuwait says:


    Man this is just what 248am needed!

    • blackswan says:

      That just made my day. Thanks
      It`s like reading The Kuwait Times & Arab Times mixed together, in a serious way. :)
      Keep them coming.

      • Mark says:

        I should probably add a true or false poll at the end of each post and have people try to guess if it’s a real story or made up one lol

  2. Yousef says:

    Not bad at all! The language could be a bit sharper, less casual, as I read from the Arab Times.

    I always love reading that the officials dispatched immediately from the operations control room to rush to….

    one time last year they rushed to a loose camel.

    • Holla says:

      Hi, thanks for the feedback but I tried to make some of the language casual on purpouse as a nod the how unprofessional the Arabic newspapers are too in reporting local news especially the crimes and accidents section. One of their common headlines translates to “American hits Japanese!!!!1!!!” To describe a collision between an American and a Japanese car.

      Both English and Arabic journalism here has so many funny faults and like Mark said above, it’s hard to believe that they describe a real incident!

  3. James says:

    Hilarious. Nice to have a funny edge to the 248 repertoire!

  4. Mathai says:

    This actually sounds more believable than some of the real news from Kuwait :D

  5. AJ says:

    Hilarious. Might I suggest your next story involve the police ‘rushing to the scene to infiltrate a den of vice’!

  6. Vinson says:

    It was not as hilarious as I thought it would be. Even though it is fictitious, it bears much resemblance to the happenings in this place. Looking at it from the diligence part, everybody concerned could be pulled up for creating satire out of everyday life in Kuwait. A similar situation arose for youngsters in Dubai who went out of the way to create satire with the local behavior and attitude to mix it with their life which became life threatening to the point of landing in jail and fortunately deported to their country of origin. Better not to throw caution to the wind!

    • Mark says:

      Thats not what happened in Dubai, that guy didn’t get deported, he got jailed (ok same same) and it also wasn’t just because he was being satirical. In any case this is Kuwait, we’ve got a lot more free speech here and they also can’t deport Holla since he’s Kuwaiti although I don’t think he’d complain if they deported him to the States or Netherlands or something.

  7. Ipsom says:

    I think this is a great idea, and I know I’ll be laughing at some future posts. But this one doesn’t quite hit

  8. Dun says:


    Holla, you got your facts mixed up. The bony already got deported last year for refusing spell his name in a culturally sensitive manner. Also the monkey’s Iqama was on a different kafeel than the zoo, not that he didn’t have an iqama all together.

  9. mocman says:

    Holy crap, its holla.. wtf dude… where have you been hiding??

    Welcome back dude….

  10. Rt says:

    This is too real..

    Usually the ministry will plan to discuss and then discuss the plan only to implemnt it after they get the nod from cabinet which will be formed after elections

  11. DarthSully says:

    O5o el zag, Holla! Oh my god this is going to be great xD.

  12. manofthemoment says:

    Also ‘thieves were caught red handed with the swag’.

    Sounds like something out of Dennis the Menace.

  13. UnKnowN says:

    Good idea!

    Maybe a little editing on the post. Sentences are crazy long.

  14. kuweight64 says:

    This is hilarious. Felt I was reading a funnier version of the local english papers that never cease to entertain and baffle the way certain incidents are narrated. Holla, good work!

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